The Reyes Countdown #8 Week Of 5/14/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Batman Eternal #6 (Number 9 and Worst Pick of The Week)

There were a lot of really solid books this week… But sadly this was not one of them. The last three issues were awesome and told a damn good story but this was a rather serious departure from the last three. Everything from the art to the story was bad and I was bored through the whole issue. I really did not enjoy the character of Jim Corrigan at all and I hope him and Batwing don’t come back into the series.

Justice League United #1 (Number 8)

I really liked last issue and my expectations were very high for this but my expectations weren’t met. I didn’t hate this issue I was just very bored with what I was reading. The art was fantastic and I really liked the fight between Hawkman and Lobo but that fight was quite frankly the only part of the book that intrigued me. This is Jeff Lemire so I have hope that the next issue will meet my now lowered expectations.

All-New X-Men #27 (Number 7)

Yet another book that had an awesome last issue but utterly faltered this issue. The art is amazing but that was really the only takeaway from this issue. I really didn’t like Battle of The Atom and was hoping for a twist in this issue but nope the evil Brotherhood from the future is back in the center of the main story doing God knows what. I really did not want to see any of these characters again but I guess I have to deal with it, Thanks Bendis. There were however some good points in this issue. Mystique having a child with Professor X is very intriguing and hopefully this is brought up in original sin.

Superman: Doomed #1 (Number 6)

Charles Soule, Scott Lobdell, and Greg Pak put together can make some serious magic because this was freaking sweet. Doomsday and Superman duke it out and boy what a ride, I had a good time reading this book and it was a great jumping off point that launched us into a great event that will hopefully leave Superman humbled by the end. The one major problem I had with this was the art work. I really did not enjoy it and I’m hoping that Superman: Doomsday #2 is drawn by someone different.

Action Comics #31 (Top 5)

Doomsday chapter 1 A.K.A. Action Comics #31 was a fun starting point that is really meant to get us from point a to b. The best moment of this book and the reason it is ahead Superman: Doomed is because of that awesome scene with Superman and Lex Luthor, at first I wanted to be real and I laughed out loud when I saw it but in the end I was happy it didn’t happen because I actually really like that smug A-Hole. Another plus is the beautiful art by Aaron Kuder, he draws Supes so well.

Superman Wonder Woman #8 (Number 4)

In this issue Wonder Woman became a legit bad ass! This issue consisted of Wonder Woman confronting Superman at his apartment. this was my favorite issue of Doomed because of Wonder Woman’s straight up badassery and Tony Daniels art.

Avengers #29 (Number 3)

Captain America finding out that he was lobotomized (Magically of course) by the Illuminati is the only selling point this book needs for it to be an instant buy, and damn was this good. I’m really interested to see how this affects Cap’s role in the avengers and in the Marvel U in general. (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) I also can’t wait to see whats up with the Avengers getting teleported to the future! This book was fantastic and I liked it much better than I liked the first issue of Original Sin.

Fantastic Four #4 (Number 2)
Just because Johnny Storm can’t “Flame On” doesn’t mean he isn’t still a bad ass. For most of the issue was saw a awesome fight that was beautifully drawn by Leonard Kirk. I really loved the fight between the frightful four and the Fantastic Four with help from the FF. The ending of this issue has me super intrigued and Ii can’t wait to read the next issue of Fantastic Four.

The New 52: Futures End #2 (Number 1 and Best Pick of The Week)

Damn DC you had a really great week! The New 52: Futures End #2 was fantastic and it left me wanting so much more (thank god it comes out every week) If I was hooked after last issue then count me double hooked after this issue because this had everything I wanted in it  from Animal Man’s fantastic speech to Red Arrow decking Firestorm in the face. I had a really great time reading this book and I honestly had no problems with it by the end.

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