At The Movies with Jay and Kat: June 2014 “Best Sellers, DinoBots, and more”

Kat and Jay are
both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month
to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay’s
thoughts on the key movies coming out in June. June has some big movies
coming out like The Fault in Our Stars, Transformers 4,  and more.

June 6th

The Fault in Our Stars

Kat’s Thoughts: This has to be one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Ever since I saw the first trailer I have fallen in love with this story. A girl has cancer and meets a boy who is in remission. She believes she is a time bomb waiting to go off, but he shows her how to live life.

If you have been reading our feature spot for a while you will know when Divergent came out I was really hesitant about the movie because I didn’t think Shailene Woodley could pull it off. When I actually saw the movie I was proven wrong. She humanized the character and that movie proved to me that she will do a great job as Hazel Grace in The Fault in Our Stars

I haven’t read the book on purpose. I want to see the movie first and have the total shock value of the story, but I am sure I will read John Green’s book after I see the film. We have to support the YouTube community. 

Jay’s Thoughts: I agree with Kat on this. This movie is going to be a big movie, from the first trailer I wanted to see it, and I usually don’t feel that way with these types of movies. Every month I talk about that Date Movie, and I think this is THE Date Movie for June.

Edge of Tomorrow

Kat’s Thoughts: This looks like a generic Tom Cruise movie. These seem to come out every year and every year I am not interested. I don’t think this will do great in the box office especially since it will be going up against the very anticipated The Fault in Our Stars

Jay’s Thoughts: This movie seems like a mix of Groundhog’s Day (Only for repeating the day) and Minority Report. Minority Report did pretty well, and this is from the director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, so the vision seems to be there, but does Tom Cruise wield the star power he once did? 

I think this movie has two things going for it: 1.) This is Action Movie Season, guys go to the movies more in the summer and they want to see action movies. 2.) It’s coming out the same weekend as The Fault in Our Stars. This is the total opposite of that movie and other than Transformers this is the only other big action movie out this month, so it could draw that crowd. I think this will be at least 2nd place for this week.

Obvious Child

Jay’s Thoughts: This is a Rom-Com that doesn’t seem like either. I don’t this appealing to the date crowd that a Rom-Com usually attracts, there isn’t enough of that romance for the girls, or the comedy for the guys. I didn’t laugh at one joke or one scene in this trailer. I think it might find an audience but I expect nothing major from it.

June 13th

22 Jump Street

Kat’s thoughts: I have heard great things about 21 Jump Street, and I hope to watch it before I see 22 Jump Street. This seems like a fun sequel. I hope to see this in theaters.

Jay’s Thoughts: I seen 21 Jump Street and it is a HUGE departure from the TV series, but I think it has it’s audience. This is coming out at the beginning of summer. Schools just let out, a bunch of teenage boys are going to be going to the movies and they want this type of comedy. This isn’t the Rom-Com, this isn’t the traditional comedy this is what I call mindless comedy, but not in a bad way. This is a comedy that deals with like fart jokes and physical humor that makes fun of itself also the kind of movie you want to see to just laugh and have fun. 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Kat’s Thoughts: I have not had the chance to watch the first How to Train Your Dragon, but I really want to see it because the sequel looks great and I have heard great things about the first one. I liked that they made the main characters grow with the audience. They are a little older and can’t wait to see what adventure they get into. 

June 20th

Think Like A Man Too

Jay’s Thoughts: This movie seems like that fun summer movie right along with The Hangover and Bridesmaids and is pretty much a hybrid of those movies. There are some good names in this movie so I think it will do well.

This is a Steve Harvey (as an Executive Producer) movie, the guy has been enjoying a good bit of spotlight now and I think his name on this movie will help get people in the seats, especially with the success of The Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Show, his Radio Show, and his books Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady. 

Jersey Boys

Kat’s Thoughts: Many years ago I saw Jersey Boys the Broadway show. It is still on Broadway and very popular, but I remember almost falling asleep when I saw it. It definitely has an age gap. I remember I saw the show with my grandparents and they loved it. 

I think the movie will be the same. Younger people who didn’t grow up in the time period of Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons probably won’t like the film. But I can see a lot of senior citizens filling out the seats.

Jay’s Thoughts: I kind of agree and disagree with Kat on this movie. I do think a lot of this audience is going to be people who lived in that era, but I think there is an audience outside of that age group. A lot of people are captured by that time like the people who watch Mad Men, and other similar era shows and movies. So I think this will do well across the board but it won’t make a huge splash either. 

The Rover

Jay’s Thoughts: Hmmmm this movie I don’t know. I don’t find the appeal in it at all. This seems like a drama/slow-action/suspense/thriller movie. The premise from the trailer is that this guy basically gets car-jacked and the brother of one of the car-jackers is left behind. The guy has nothing to lose and wants his car back so he takes the brother with him to get his car back. I don’t think there is much more to this story. The thing I think will get some people in the theater is the cast that include Guy Pierce and Robert Pattinson

 June 27th

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Kat’s Thoughts: I am not a big Transformers fan. I didn’t really grow up with the franchise, but I am familiar with the franchise and their big fan base. I saw the first two movies and wasn’t really impressed. But this does seem better than the first three with a new cast and a rebooted feel to the movie franchise. I don’t know if I would go out and rush to the theaters to see this movie, but it may be good enough for me to watch it on Netflix

Jay’s Thoughts: Michael Bay has killed the Transformers franchise” and things like that have been going around since the 1st Transformers came out, yet here we are with a 4th movie. Transformers is an unapologetic action movie. This is going to be big. This is coming out the last weekend of June, right before the big 4th of July weekend. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that this has the DINOBOTS in it? Yeah this movie is coining in on one of the most popular set of Transformers ever with the Dinobots so I see this movie doing really well in the box office. 


Jay’s Thoughts: I saw this trailer and I honestly could care less about this movie. Nothing in it grabs me and says “wow this is a movie I must see.” Basically we screwed up a global warming experiment and now everyone is riding on a train that circles the Earth. Then it goes Hunger Games on a train from there. Everyone is separated by class and there is a revolt. Like I said Hunger Games on a train, but I don’t think this has the appeal to that audience that Hunger Games does.


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