Zenescope Creators Speak… On Wonderland #25!

Zenescope Creators Speak… On Wonderland #25!

Usually to promote a book a publisher has a P.R. Director send out a solicitation in a press release written by the P.R. Director, but Zenescope Entertainment is breaking from traditional industry promotional practices and cutting out the middle man by allowing the Creators Speak with the fans about their July books.

With the Pre-Order deadlines for July fast-approaching Zenescope is letting you hear from the creators of WONDERLAND #25 Eric M. Esquivel (Writer) Manuel Preitano (Artist), and Leonardo Paciarotti (Colorist) tell you why you should Pre-Order this book NOW!

“The past seven years have been a delicate, carefully orchestrated chess match between Wonderland’s major players.  Issue #25 is when they flip the table over and go for each other’s throats.  The game is over, and it’s time for the real war to begin.”

– Eric M. Esquivel, Writer

“I’m better with pictures than with words, so I’d prefer to let the Queen of Spades speak for me:

– Manuel Preitano, Artist

“Fights, deaths, comebacks! Too much action on 22 regular pages of Wonderland? Well, imagine what we have in the double that! Yes, this will be WONDERLAND #25. Pre-order NOW!”

– Leonardo Paciarotti, Colorist

Calie and Violet have been fleeing from Wonderland for their entire lives… until now. In this double-sized, anniversary issue of Wonderland, the Liddle women wage war on Wonderland and the villainous Queen of Spades.

When the dust is settled, there will be a new ruler of Wonderland… but will it be someone who has Calie’s best interest at heart, or will an evil even worse than the Jabberwocky rise to power?

Cover A By: ARTGERM (MAY141750 F)
Cover B By: BENITEZ (MAY141751 F)
Cover C By: CHEN (MAY141752 F)
Cover D By: RUFFINO (MAY141753 F)
Cover E By: LEISTER (MAY141754 F)
In Shops: July 2014 SRP: $5.99

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All images are courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment

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