DC Releases 14 Batman 75 Variant Edition Covers For July

This year Batman is 75 and DC is going all out for the Cape Crusader. As a part of Batman 75 so far DC has released animated shorts, and has plans for Batman to be featured in all three of this years weekly events, but that’s not all. In July DC will be rolling out Batman 75 Variant Covers for their titles done by the top talents in the industry. Comic Frontline has 14 of them for you to check out.

Action Comics #33 (MAY140221) Features Art By: Kevin Nowlan
Batgirl #33 (MAY140250) Features Art By: Cliff Chiang
Batman/Superman #13 (MAY140235) Features Art By: Dan Jurgens and Danny Miki
Detective Comics #33 (MAY140241) Features Art By: Jim Steranko
Earth 2 #25 (MAY140205) Features Art By: Walter Simonson
Grayson #1 (MAY140157) Features Art By: Jock
Green Lantern #33 (MAY140259) Features Art By: Ethan Van Sciver
Green Lantern Corps #33 (MAY140262) Features Art By: Sean Chen
Justice League #33 (MAY140178) Features Art By: Darwyn Cooke
Justice League Dark #33 (MAY140191) Features Art By: Kelley Jones
Justice League United #3 (MAY140170) Features Art By: Mario Alberti
Superman#33 (MAY140207) Features Art By: Erik Larsen
Superman/Wonder Woman #10 (MAY140217) Features Art By: Karl Kerschl
Wonder Woman #33 (MAY140201) Features Art By: Joshua Middleton

That’s not all of them DC will also be releasing Batman 75 Variant Covers of the following:

  • Aquaman #33 (MAY140187) Features Art By: Graham Nolan
  • Batman #33 (MAY140231) Features Art By: Bryan Hitch
  • Batman and Robin #33 (MAY140239) Features Art By: Michael Wm. Kaluta
  • Batwoman #33 (MAY140252) Features Art By: Klaus Janson
  • The Flash #33 (MAY140195) Features Art By: Kim Jung Gi
  • Harley Quinn #8 (MAY140247) Features Art By: Dave Johnson
  • Teen Titans #1 (MAY140165) Features Art By: Joe Quiñones

Just as we did with the Five Years Later 3-D covers, this article will be updated as DC releases more covers.

I really like these covers, and what I love the most about them is the classic feel to them. Superman is in his Pre-New 52 costume in every cover he is in (minus Superman/Wonder Woman) as is Batman. I would have loved to have seen Wonder Woman in her classic costume as well though. Just take a look at Cliff Chiang’s Batgirl #33 cover with Oracle and Black Canary from the Birds of Prey in the cape.

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All images are courtesy of DC Entertainment 

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