The Reyes Countdown #10 Week Of 5/28/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Deadpool #29  (Number 10 and Worst of The Week)
This might possibly be the worst comic book I’ve ever read ever. My god did I hate reading this because the art was beyond terrible and the story was so annoyingly boring and stupid I could barely comprehend what I was reading.  I almost stopped reading but somehow I finished the book in one sitting. I don’t recommend anyone read this title unless you’re an uber fan of Deadpool because this was that bad . The only reason that this issue isn’t getting a zero is because by seeing Dazzler is always a plus so that’s why this issue is getting a 0.5.
Flash #31 (Number 9)
Oh how fall The Flash has fallen since Robert Vendetti has taken over. I was so bored reading this book and it actually pained me to finish it. I like the concept of the Future Flash story but this is exactly the reason that I dropped Green Lantern because it got so unbearably boring. The art is great in this book and I had fun looking at the Future Flash’s outfit which is one of my favorite Flash costumes. I really hope that this book improves but I won’t hold me breath I just really don’t want to drop this book because I am a Flash fan. On another note I still don’t like this Wally West but hopefully he’ll grow on me
Futures End #4 (Number 8)
I didn’t hate this issue I actually liked a couple of parts of this issue but the main problem I had was with the beginning of the issue. I really was not interested in Frankenstein and Amethyst story at all and I felt disconnected from the book while I was reading. The issue picked up when Tim Drake was introduced, I was actually interested in that story and I feel Tim will have an important Role in this series at least for the time being but i’m predicting that he will suit up eventually. The Plastique, Key and Coil story was really fun but too short for my taste, and I constantly enjoy Grifter’s role in this series. I had no knowledge of who Grifter was before this but I’m really enjoying his role and I can’t wait to see what happens to him next issue. The only reason is scored so low was because of the horrible opening really took me out of the book as a whole.
Superman #31 (Number 7)
Every book after Futures End is a solid to great so keep that in mind. I’ve had a surprisingly good time reading this event so far and It just keeps on getting better. Superman is Doomed (Pun intended) and I’m super excited to see how this affects Superman for the long run, one can only imagine if this is the reason Superman is masked in Futures End. I’m really happy that this issue progressed the story and wasn’t just a time waster it got what it wanted done. The art was really great and I really liked how Scott Lobdell wrote Superman (Dare I say).
Red Lanterns #31 (Number 6)
Charles Soule killed it with this issue. I had a lot of fun reading this issue and I really enjoyed how Atrocitus was utilized in this issue. The panel where Guy and Atrocitus were staring off was so intense and I can’t wait to the inevitable first punch thrown by either one of them. This story arc is so damn interesting and I can’t wait till next issue!
Nightwing #30 (Top 5!)
After this issue I am now 10 times more excited about Grayson than I was when it was announced. You don’t know what you have till it’s gone and boy do I feel that way about Nightwing. This issue was very well done and I liked how Dick was characterized, It felt natural for Dick to react the way that he did and I personally enjoyed that awesome last fight between Nightwing and Batman. Bring on Grayson! Plus the cover of this issue is very Poster friendly so that’s a plus in my book! 
Thanos Annual #1 (Number 4)
This was definitely my surprise of the week because I usually don’t like Thanos solo books. I was so interested in this book that I had to read it again just to make sure I liked it. Past Thanos talked to future Thanos about future Thanos about Past Thanos… In a nutshell that’s what it was and It was brilliant. The only real problem that I had with this issue was that it got kind of slow towards the middle and really didn’t pick up until the last three pages. The art was superb and I really enjoyed the story.
Fantastic Four #4 (Number 3)
Marvel had some fantastic (<–See what I did there)  stuff this week and Fantastic Four #4 was great. The whole issue revolved around the Fantastic Four in a court battle against the city. This issue had a couple of guest stars like She-Hulk, Dr. Doom and a certain surprise hero at the end with a preference to fire. The issue was really fun and I honestly had a good time reading it. The Thing had weaker little stories in the court case than the other three so I subtracted a half a point for that.
Avengers #30 (Number 2)
Marvel really needs an old man Hawkeye series because I would pick that up in a heartbeat. This issue was very fun and hit almost all the points it needed to hit to make it an amazing issue. This issue also further solidifies my hate for Tony Stark, He is an arrogant egotistical a-hole who deserved that (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Punch in the face delivered by Old Man Hawkeye! The art was beautiful and it made reading it even better. If my number one pick didn’t come out this week than this would have been my pick of the week for sure. 
Batman #31 (Number 1 and Best Pick of The Week)
This was perfect in every sense of the word. I’ve been kind of Debbie Downer when it’s come to this story arc and I still stand by my words that this was a totally unnecessary arc and they could have used this time to either bring Damien back or progress the present Batman. But if I exclude all of that negativity this issue hit all major point to push it beyond a 5/5 score. The art by Greg Capullo was fantastic as always and Scott Snyder is a master at writing Batman. The final act started with this issue and it was great from the beginning with a young Bruce Wayne sitting in a classroom and seeing all of his classmates with gunshot wounds to the climatic ending with a young Bruce Wayne teaching his teacher a lesson. I loved this issue and I’m very much looking forward too the last two issues that are left with Zero Year

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