The Reyes Countdown #11 Week Of 6/04/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Action Comics # 32 (Number 10 and Worst Pick of The Week)
This is the worst issue of Superman: Doomed I’ve read so far and I really hope that it does not get worse from here. This event has been pretty good up to this issue and I’ve enjoyed it enough to continue reading every chapter. With that said this issue was very poor and it really shouldn’t have been. The art was god awful and the dialogue was very very poor. The best part of this issue was the ending (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) When Superman turned full doom and flew away. I’m excited for next issue but this issue was really unnecessary and felt very filler.
Batman Eternal #9 (Number 9)
Two unnecessary fillers in the same week the worst being Action Comics #32 but Batman Eternal #9 is not that far off. This issue started off OK and ended OK but the middle was very slow. I honestly don’t give two craps about Batman of Japan and the stuff with Catwoman bored me until (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) she was catnapped (Oh Gosh) by Falcone. The only reason that this issue was higher than Action Comics is because the art was a lot better but not by much. One thing that really bothers me is the noticeable absence of Stephanie Brown and this is really hurting this series for me. I was really excited for Stephanie Brown’s New 52 reintroduction but she hasn’t been in the book for some time. I want to see her story continue and please try to keep the Batman of Japan out of my comics for the foreseeable future please I can go a full lifetime without seeing him ever again honestly. 
The New 52: Futures End #5 (Number Eight)
After reading Batman Eternal and Action Comics this issue was a blessing. This issue wasn’t amazing or anything, it did have some boring spells mostly coming from the Mr. Terrific and Grifter stories. Another problem I have with this series kind of mimics my problem with Batman Eternal, Where the hell is Terry Mcguinness and why aren’t they using him. I really love Batman Beyond and I was so ecstatic when I heard he would be a major character in this event but so far he’s been almost non existent and I don’t appreciate that at all. Two of the four stories were boring and the other two stories were OK to passable. The cliffhanger was cool and I can’t wait to see how that is going to play out.
Green Arrow #32 (Number 7) 
Another passable book that I was actually looking forward too. This issue of Green Arrow is the worst I’ve read so far in the series and I’m kind of concerned about the future of this series. The art was great and I enjoyed the action but the cliffhanger was very predictable and I honestly have no interest in the Seattle story at all. I was hoping Ollie didn’t go back to Seattle and took a train to Star City but I can wish right? The Seattle War has kicked off and I’m not very excited, the best part of this issue was the use of C level villains that were sent to kill Oliver.
Moon Knight #4 (Number 6)
I really wanted to give this issue a four but after re reading it I honestly can’t do it. This issue was very well done and was super interesting but it ended way too abruptly and had zero closure. I hate the one shot approach and but if you’re going to have a one shot approach with a series at least make the ending interesting or at least have these one shots build to something bigger. This issue had such an interesting concept but the ending really killed it for me. With Warren Ellis leaving after issue six hopefully this series takes on a story arc. 
Earth Two #24 (Top 5!)
This issue was actually very well done but it had some dips here and there. The Batman Jimmy confrontation was hysterical and that was probably the highlight of the book for me the only rival being the Val and Jimmy talk at the end of the book. The Flash, Hawkgirl, and Green Lantern portion of the book was passable but didn’t hold my interest. I was hoping for Superman or Lois to pop up in this issue but they didn’t and the book kind of suffered from their absence. Other than those negatives this issue was solid at it’s best and passable at it’s worst.
Magneto #5 (Number Four)
Magneto #5 was fantastic and is deserves number four on my list. I say this every time I review this book but I’m going to say it again Magneto is such an interesting character and I love reading his adventures. Getting into Magneto’s head is fun and seeing how the people around him react to his being is even funner. Briar Raleigh was the breakout character in this issue and I can’t wait to see what role she plays in the future of this series. 
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider Man #2 (Number 3)
The follow up to the shocking cliffhanger of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider Man #1 is finally here and was well worth the wait. This issue started off great and continued to be great up until the end. The Art was magnificent and Miles personality continues to shine bright. The only real problem I had with this issue was that It felt way too short for the cover price. When it ended it felt like I missed a few pages but I didn’t and It was just very very short. hopefully next issue has a few more pages than this issue.
Nailbiter #1 and 2 (Number 2)
This series is fantastic and it’s right up my alley. I’ve always been so interested in Serial Killers motivations and I have always wanted to see how serial killers brain works and this series is exactly what I need. Nailbiter is a story about a town that has spawned the most serial killers ever. That tagline alone deserves a pick up and the pick up lived up to the tagline. These two issues were perfect in my book and I had no issues at all, the art was fantastic and fit the tone of the story also.  These two issues together read like the beginning of a great movie or TV show and I can’t wait for issue 3 and I suggest everyone hop on board Nailbiter.
Original Sin #3 (Number 1 and Best of The Week)
This issues was beyond fantastic and I gotta tell you it was hard to pick the awesome that was Nailbiter and the fantastic story that Original Sin told. I had to give it to Original Sin because this is the first Marvel event that is really keeping my interest in a long time and I have to give Marvel some props. The real star of this issue The Winter Soldier because he was so compelling and (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) he ends up murdering Nick Fury Sr in a crazy last couple of pages that left me utterly stunned and excited for the future of this event. This issue was fantastic it was drawn beautifully and written beautifully. The event could suck at the end but I will remember this issue just for shock factor alone.

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