Bendis Reveals Dazzler’s New Look

Today Brian Michael Bendis posted something on his Tumblr It appears that Alison Blaire, Dazzler will be getting a make over in Uncanny X-Men #24!

The reveal was made earlier today, Friday when Brian Michael Bendis usually shows upcoming covers of his projects. Bendis was asked for the cover to Uncanny X-Men #24 and responded with the cover that features Dazzler’s “Ultimate” makeover.

“Since it’s Friday and that’s when you show upcoming covers, can you reveal to us the cover to Uncanny X-Men (vol. 3) #24?”

– Anonymous


ladies and gentlemen, the new dazzler! by kris anka”

– Brian Michael Bendis

Dazzler made her debut in Uncanny X-Men #130 (1980), and has been a fan favorite. She recently joined Uncanny X-Men as a Mutant Liaison to S.H.I.E.L.D. before being kidnapped and replaced by Mystique who held Dazzler as a source of M.G.H. (Mutant Growth Hormone). 

This is also not the first time Bendis has given Ms. Blaire a rock/punk makeover. In 2004’s Ultimate X-Men #42 Bendis and artist David Finch brought her to the book with a not too dissimilar look.
Uncanny X-Men #24 is a part of the The Last Will And Testament of Charles Xavier Original Sin story which leads me wondering if Original Sin or Mystique responsible for Dazzler’s new look?

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3 Thoughts to “Bendis Reveals Dazzler’s New Look”

  1. Surprisingly when I was younger I was a big Dazzler fan, but stopped reading her stuff because her character got too out there. This is a prime example of that. Why cant she just be a pop singer again who so happens to be a mutant?

  2. if it was a body suit and not some weird dress i could deal with it cause it makes sense, she's been through hell and one of the ways to express that is through your looks. that's the reason for makeup, clothing and hair product, to dress the way you feel.

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