At The Movies with Jay and Kat: July Movies “Action, Comedy, Franchise”

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a
feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check
out Kat and Jay’s thoughts on the key movies coming out in July. July has some big movies coming out like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Lucy, and Tammy.
July 2nd

Deliver Us From Evil

Jay’s Thoughts: This movie looks interesting but not sure if this is going to be a theater movie for me, or if I’ll buy it on DVD and watch it around Halloween when I watch all of these types of movies. 

Earth to Echo

Kat’s Thoughts: I have already heard advanced reviews for this movie and supposedly it is a complete rip off of ET. I can see that and with that being said I will be skipping this one. 

Jay’s Thoughts: I am just the opposite lol. I want to see this because it is like E.T. I heard it being described as E.T. meets a Live-Action Wall-E and to be honest that has me interested. I think this will be a nice movie for kids especially, but one that parents will be entertained with as well.


Kat’s Thoughts: I think Melissa Mccarthy is a hilarious comedian. Her movies don’t always do great with critics, but I think she has some major talent. I hope this can be a big summer comedy hit! I laughed out loud a couple of times watching this trailer. Hopefully, I can see this in theaters. 


Kat’s Thoughts: I just saw the trailer, and this looks like a movie that your high school teacher will force you to watch, and the half the class will end up falling asleep. Horrible B-footage and D’Souza’s point does not come across in this trailer.

I have read D’Souza’s work in the past. I had to read his book What is so Great About Christianity going into my senior year of high school. Half our class didn’t read it and the other half couldn’t finish it. I was the half who couldn’t finish the book. I had three chapters left and I had to put it down. I don’t agree on D’Souza’s point of view. So, I will be skipping this documentary.

July 11th

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Kat’s Thoughts:  I saw the first Planet of the Apes movie on a whim and really enjoyed the film. I am pretty excited to see what this film will do to the rebooted franchise. This is my most anticipated movie coming out this month.

And So it Goes

Jay’s Thoughts: This movie looks sort-of funny? I don’t know, it’s the classic story of a grumpy old man whose heart is warmed by a little girl and he opens up to all the people who he closed out. There are a few chuckle moments here but nothing that has me having to see this in the theater, this would be a DVD  or Netflix movie for me.

July 18th

Sex Tape

Jay’s Thoughts: I think this is going to be a fun movie in the same vein as American Pie. This is the digital age, celebrities have had sex tapes “leaked” “stolen” and what not and this takes that but places it in the everyday person’s life. The core concept isn’t anything new we’ve seen this with video tapes being mixed up in the wrong case in movies and TV before but they took it a bit further and used current technology with the Cloud and have it sort of go viral.

The Purge Anarchy 

Jay’s Thoughts: I feel like this movie has been promoted for forever now. This movie sets the premise that to regulate crime America set up a 12 hour window where anything and everything including murder is legal. I don’t think this is theater worthy for me, and I think it is the premise just doesn’t click with me.

Planes: Fire and Rescue

Kat’s Thoughts: I am surprised this is a Disney movie. It seems pretty generic, but I am even more surprised that this is getting a sequel. This did okay in the box office, but Disney is so picky with their sequels. How is Planes getting a sequel so quickly? I am going to skip this Disney movie, and that is very rare for me to say. 

July 25th


Jay’s Thoughts: Kat said her most anticipated July movie is Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes, well Hercules is mine. This is the 2nd one that came out this year and looks to be the better of the 2 because they are using more of the myth and legend, which I love. Usually I don’t enjoy The Rock in movies because I see the Rock, not the character, but in this movie Dwayne Johnson has completely become Hercules and it just looks legendary so I am going to be there opening night to see this.


Kat’s Thoughts: Scarlett Johansson loves to pick very diverse roles. In the past she has played a superhero in Avengers, a shallow love interest in Don Jon, and an A.I. in Her. She is very much a character actor. Saying that I am a little iffy on Lucy. It looks like a fun movie, but the story seems like it is lacking. I am still going to give this movie a try and see it in theaters.


Step Up All In

Kat’s Thoughts: I am surprised that these movies are still making money, but people are still seeing them. I saw the first two Step Up moves and that was before they came out with them every year. The plus for this movie is that an original character played by Allison Stoner from the first movie will be the main character for this film. At least this feels like a continuation to the franchise, but I am still going to skip this one. 

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