Media Madness Vidcast 6: Family TV

Welcome to the Media Madness Vidcast! Each week Kat and I do a show where we discuss the latest in TV and Movie news, and sometimes we are joined by other members of Comic Frontline, or other members of the You Tube  Community! This week we are joined by Mike, PWNerd Supreme discuss this weeks news and Family TV.

This Week’s Madness:

TV & Movie News:

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Set Photo Released
  • Joss Whedon Talks About The Tone Of Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Who Has The Skrull Movie Rights
  • The CW Network Fall Line-Up Start Dates
  • New TMNT Movie Trailer
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Wonder Woman Costume, Batcave & Lex Luthor
  • Batman Unlimited
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated?
  • Nathan Fillion Cameo In Guardians Of The Galaxy
  • Yellow Jacket As The Ant-Man Villain
  • Daniel Radcliffe Says He Is Perfect To Play Robin
  • Rosario Dawson Cast In Daredevil
  • Saved By The Bell Lifetime Movie
  • AMC The Killing Final Season On Netflix
  • Chelsea Handler Goes To Netflix
  • FOX’s Hieroglyph Series Pulled From Line-Up
  • Once Upon A Time Cast Frozen Characters For Season 4
  • Community Season 6 Will Air On Yahoo
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman Suit Revealed
  • Katana Cast For Arrow Season 3

Talking Family TV:

  • T.G.I.F.
  • 7th Heaven
  • Reba
  • ABC Family
  • The CW Network
  • Cable TV’s Influence On Network TV 
  • Sex Sells

Comic Frontline Linkage:

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