Media Madness Viewers Choice!!!!

In case you haven’t heard Kat and I are TV and Movie junkies and we do the Media Madness Vidcast! Each week we do a show where we discuss the latest in TV and Movie news, and sometimes we are joined by other members of Comic Frontline, or other members of the You Tube  Community! This week we need YOUR help!

The Madness:

 Previous Topics (Dates TBD):

 Future Topics (Dates TBD):

  • Comic Book Animated Shows
  • Shows That Ended Before Their Time
  • San Diego Comic Con 2014 TV/Movie News
  • DC Cinematic Movie Universe
  • Sailor Moon
  • Marvel Animated Vs DC Animated
  • Teen Wolf
 Past Guest:

Comic Frontline Linkage:

Let us know in the comments what you think of this Media Madness Announcement and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest Previews, Reviews, News and Interviews!

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