The Reyes Countdown #13 Week Of 7/09/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Fantastic Four #7 (Number 11 and Worst of The Week)

I wanted to like this but god this was really bad. So bad in fact that it kind of made me sick (Disclaimer: I had a whole bunch of California rolls before I read this so It might just be a coincidence… Or not this book was really bad). This is the first time that I’ve thoroughly hated Ben Grimm and it takes an extra special writer to do that. This was a boring and unnecessary tie in to the Original Sin event . The art was nice for the majority of the issue but the past parts looked odd and didn’t fit the with the rest of the book. Hopefully the series gets back on track and I will be reading next issue. But I don’t know  how long I can continue reading this series if it continues to be this bad.

Detective Comics #33 (Number 10)

Francis Manapul’s art is gorgeous and continues to prove why he is one of  the best artists of this generation but other than that this issue sucked big time. I can’t believe that this is the same creative team from that amazing Flash run that made me a fan. This issue was very very bland and boring. This story arc has gone from confusing too bad very quickly and thats so sad because I wanted to like it so badly but I honestly don’t see how it could get better. The side characters range from bland to uninteresting and even Batman himself is lifeless at times. The only reason this issue is above Fantastic Four #7 is because of the fantastic (Pun not intended) art.

All New X-Men #29 (Number 9)

I really don’t care about this issue and I’m going to rundown the reasons why I didin’t like this issue.

1. Boring and repetitive story arc that you will  forget in a day or two.
2. Fakeout ending.
3.  Lazy art.
4. And mind bending time travel dribble that I don’t care about

And that is all the reasons why I didn’t like this issue. I really like the Uncanny X-Men team (Cyclops and Jean are my favorite X-Men)  and there panels kept me interested enough so this issue wasn’t a complete bust.Onto The Last Will And Testament of Charles Xavier!

Original Sin #5.1- Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1 (Number 8)

I love the concept of this story, a secret tenth realm that holds angles, Thor as a secret sister that was (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) supposedly stabbed in the heart when she was a baby, and Odin disconnecting the Tenth Realm from the tree because of his rage. The concept for this book is great but the actual execution was kind of weak. The whole issue was set up and I understand that a part one of a big story needs set up, but with this being  part one of two it seemed like a waste of an issue to pack all of the set up in one part of the two-parter. Since the set up is done hopefully next issue is higher on my list.

The New 52 Futures End #10 (Number 7)

I liked this issue but some of it was really boring and kind of dull. The Superman parts of this series are very interesting and I literally can’t wait to see just who is under the mask because I’m positive it’s not Clark Kent (Kal-El). Another thing I liked about  this issue was the unholy alliance of Batman Beyond, Coil, Plastique, and Key I can’t wait to see what they end up doing to break into T-Tech. Now onto what I didn’t like , Fifty Sue might just be the most annoying character too spawn out of the New 52 yet every time she’s on panel I want to just skip over it, Barda and Emiko teaming up has no effect on me at all and I hope that ends quickly, and the Hawkman and Amethyst part ended way too fast for my taste because I’m the most interested in that part of the story. Also where the hell is Constantine?

Batman Eternal #14 (Number 6)

This issue was considerably better than most of the past Batman Eternal series thus far. I actually cared about Penguin this issue which has never happened before, I find Penguin to be the worst of Batman’s main rogues gallery. The end of gang war was pleasing and hopefully Falcone and Penguin stay locked up for at least a while. I also cared about Jim Gordon for the first time in a while and I hope he somehow gets out of jail.   I’m way more optimistic about this series since this story arc is over and done with. Hopefully with the next issue comes some lead up to the new series that were announced called Arkham Manor and Gotham Academy.

Grayson #1 (Top 5!)

Number Five and Four are kind of interchangeable because I enjoyed than almost identically. The only reason this is a little lower was because the art wasn’t as strong as number four. I really enjoyed this new adventure for Dick Grayson and I’m looking forward too seeing how this all plays out especially with that cool cliff hanger.  This issue starts off very James Bond like and I loved that  I really liked how that whole part of the issue played out. I certainly miss Dick as Nightwing but I believe that characters over time have to change over time and I enjoy his new role.  But I do agree that Dick was a little out of character and I hope they fix that a little. Plus the real Huntress is always a plus.

New Suicide Squad #1 (Number 4)

I really enjoyed this book for what it was, An action packed  gore fest that brought together a bunch of my personal favorite baddies and made them fight other baddies.  The art is great and fits the tone that this book is going for. I really don’t like Joker’s Daughter but my disdain for her this issue wasn’t that bad. Hopefully she continues to not talk that much in this series and maybe one day Harley might  beat her brains in with a bat but that’s just me hoping. Black Manta is a badass and Deathstroke is one of my favorite DC characters so I will most definitely keep picking up this book .

Spider-Man 2099 #1 (Number 3)

After weeks of dismissing this series and not building up any hype at all, when I picked it up at the comic store and opened it up I was extremely happy to see that It was actually good. I really hope Dan Slott never gets his hands on Miguel again because he did this character zero justice Peter David knows how to write this character well.  I like that Miguel is trapped in the past and I’m looking forward to see how this all pans out for him. While I am sick of all the time travel bs that is going on in Marvel this is one good thing that came out of the mess. I also really liked the villain that came from  a farther future than Miguel’s future but he was killed off pretty quickly. I’m also looking forward to Liz Allen’s role in this series as well. The only problem I had with this issue was the art but that was a very small problem that I got over quickly.

Superman Wonder Woman #10 (Number 2)

Just when I was out this issue brought me back in. Tony S. Daniel might just rival Francis Manapul  in the art department because Tony draws a mean Wonder Woman.

This issue was really fun and I had a damn good time reading this. Superman continues to fight his inner Doomsday as Brani-Lois causes chaos in Smallville and Metropolis.  Brani-Lois vs Wonder Woman was a cool fight that had some interesting ideas that hopefully pan out in the future. I can’t wait to see how Superdoom reacts too Lois being Braniacilized because that’s sure to be and cool mental fight. This issue had some downs like the Steel and Lana parts but those were quickly phased out when Superdoom came into the picture. The art is magnificent and Charles Soule is an amazing writer.

Daredevil #5 (Number 1 and Best Pick of The Week!)

THIS IS A PERFECT ISSUE! Everything in this issue hit all of the major beats that it needed to hit for that perfect 5 out of 5. It had heart, It had action, It had comedy and it blended it perfectly together. Exploring the relationship between Foggy and Matt is very heartwarming and watching Foggy wither away is heartbreaking and just seeing how Matt reacts too Foggy being sick is amazing.  This series is really a treat but hopefully the original sin tie in doesn’t bog it down.but I trust that Samnee and Waid can make it work.

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