SDCC: IDW Brings Back Edward Scissorhands

If you liked the movie Edward Scissorhands you are going to
love this. IDW Publishing is introducing a new 4-issue miniseries of Edward Scissorhands,
in October by Fraggle Rock writer Kate Leth and artist Drew Rausch work
together to bring back Edward Scissorhands in a fun and playful way that will
appeal to younger readers.

In an interview with CBR News, Kate Leth tells us a little
about what to be expecting in the book. She says the book has a new cast of
people for this story that’s in the same set universe. Kim has passed away so
it starts off with a teenage version of Kim’s granddaughter. At this point of
the story, the great legend of Edward Scissorhands is just a town myth. Weird
things start happening in town causing her to reconnect with Edward who has
been hiding away in the secrecy of the old castle on the hill.

Keeping track of the world through newspapers, Edward keeps
himself secluded after a traumatic experience, if you remember, at the end of the
movie.  Hiding in shadows of the castle
remembering the fond memories of Kim, Edward starts wandering through the
building and finds this creature and brings him back to life. The child size creature
is an abandoned prototype with functional hands that the inventor made before
Edward.  But something was very wrong
with him on the inside forcing the inventor to cancel the project and moving on
to better things, storing him in the closet.

Being a big fan myself of the movie, Edward Scissorhands has
me on the edge of my seat to find out more about this book. I’m thrilled that someone
has finally thought about turning it into a book. Since its coming out in
October its a perfect time to catch people’s eye just in time for Halloween. It
puts me into the mood to go watch the movie now.

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