SDCC: McFarlane Brings Back The Original Spawn!!!

With Spawn #250 mere months away, Todd McFarlane, earlier today made the announcement that this issue will feature the return of Al Simmons, the original Spawn!

McFarlane promises the return of Al Simmons will be “Bad Ass”! With the return of Simmons also brings a new creative team, one that McFarlane has yet to pick. He is quoted to be talking to some “heavy hitters” but nothing is finalized yet. Guesses are by SDCC’s end, McFarlane will more than likely have his team picked out. McFarlane is looking for a writer that will give a new creative spin on Spawn as opposed to just “regurgitating” stuff that has already been done before. 

Since issue #185, the lead character taking up the mantel of Spawn was a man named Jim Downings. For a very long time, readers have been curious when Al would return. Promises of Al’s return happened during Image United…a series which has yet to even conclude. McFarlane mentioned also Al was “coming back and be the aggressor”. Al wont be the same character trying to figure out his powers or his place in the world anymore.

In the past year, McFarlane has revealed his work on a new Spawn film in interviews, but will still play a role in the Spawn comic’s creative process, though on more of a “big picture level”. McFarlane states: “If I can get somebody I’m simpatico with, I can get way more done, and arguably in a more exciting way.”

Another big leap in the Spawn comics is the jump into the digital comic format, which McFarlane is considering as “an experiment”. McFarlane was hoping to build his own app for the Spawn Digital Comics, and is still in talks with Comixology.

If you are a long time reader of Spawn, this is an exciting time! What will the return of Al Simmons bring to the Spawn book? Will we like the new outlook on Al Simmons Spawn? What new characters and enemies will emerge starting with issue #250? So many questions but only time will tell. Issue #250 is expected in shops around December of 2014. 

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