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Hey everyone I am on my hiatus so I was unable to make the LIVE Show, but I can’t just let them have all the fun of talking about comics; Can I? NO! So I thought I would gather up my reviews I did this week, along with my Best & Worst Video and add in a little original written mini reviews of the event books and other key books that came out this week, as if I was on the show with the rest of the gang. I hope you enjoy!

Batman Eternal #18

This is the beginning of the upswing again. The main plot of Jim Gordon is starting to work its way back into the book. This time they are also weaving the Gotham Underground into it, so maybe the story will be merged with it for a while and concluded, I doubt that but it could happen. What disappointed me is still no Spoiler, not even a page, nothing advancing her story at all.

The New 52: Futures End #14

This was a surprisingly really good issue! This may be the best issue since the first few ones actually. There was some good progression, we had Emiko and Barda being bad@$$, Cole talking to Earth 2 Lana, and we had Lois unlock the mysterious crystal that gave her a vision of Earth 2 and her Red Tornado self. Great issue!

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1

Chapter 3 of the the 4 part SuperDoom arc within Superman: Doomed. This saw more of the internal conflict between Superman and Doomsday as he makes the choice to use the anger and save Earth. Batman removes the Kryptonite from the atmosphere (story is in Action Comics Annual #3) and
right away Superman is freed and takes control. I thought it worked too fast when Supergirl was effected by it, she didn’t heal this fast and she was right near the sun. But Superman/Wonder Woman is maintaining its record of being the strongest link in this jello chain.

Action Comics Annual #3 

Chapter 4 of SuperDoom and it is by far the worst. This was supposed to be that “rally around for support and lend him our combined strength so he can be strong enough” but it felt flat especially with what happened in Chapter 3, the issues go against each other it was like reading two different versions of the story, like an alternate version of Chapter 3, and this was the worst of the 2.

Action Comics #34

Last Sun Chapter 1 starts here and picks up where the Action Comics Annual left off. I didn’t like it anymore than I did that chapter either. There were 3 parts this week that all felt like 1 part stretched to fill 3. The only thing this issue really did was return Mongul and Non from the Phantom Zone. Did we need that?

Original Sin 3.4 Hulk Vs. Iron Man #4

Original Sin is an awesome event so far and this is a fair tie-in but I think it could have been dealt with in 2 issues. I liked that Banner isn’t in control of the Hulk, but the Hulk is smart onto himself. I also like how Tony for once wasn’t a total jerk he told Bruce enough of the truth without telling him everything and he didn’t hide it to protect himself but to protect Bruce, his friend.

Original Sin 5.3 Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #3

This is a lot like Hulk Vs. Thor in that is feels very padded. I would say thought that while this does feel a bit padded, we need this story, we need to know who Angela is now in the Marvel Universe and where she comes from. I actually like Angela in the Marvel Universe. I just wish that someone could put together that Angela is the daughter of Odin.

Invincible #113

This issue is a bit less shocking than the last two issues. This felt more like a calculated calm before the storm issue. With that said this issue had some great moments and I like how they are showing that even though he is a man, he was raped and he is responding as a victim of rape would.

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