DC Shakes Up The Power Couple Of Superman & Wonder Woman

Superman/Wonder Woman are facing another test to their
relationship this November when DC shakes up the book with the new creative
team of writer Peter Tomasi (Batman And Robin) and artist Doug Mahnke (Justice
). DC made the announcement through a USA Today interview with Tomasi.

By taking over the title Peter Tomasi will now be writing
the full DC Trinity (Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman) and he plans to
bring back some old villains and continue the high-profile romance between the
Man of Steel and the Goddess of War.

“I want to stare hard into the heart of both of these
characters and their true love and see what that love means to us, the DC
Universe and the people of Earth. Does it pose a danger or a threat? If two
people like that are together and in love, where is the drama in that, and what
repercussions does it have?”

– Peter Tomasi
A few of those old villains will be a part of a mysterious
crew of bad guys, Atomic Skull and Major Disaster. Tomasi teases that they will
be the first wave of something much bigger coming.

“Something wicked this way comes. It’s really the
initial salvo, and we’ll see these characters are the shock troops — they’re
hitting the front line first, and there’s a lot bigger stuff behind them.”

– Peter Tomasi
While Tomasi promises some elements from some of the classic
romantic relationships from TV and movies he also plans to continue what
previous writer Charles Soule started by further exploring how the world around
them effects their relationship and how their relationship effects the world
around them.

“There’ll be little bits of all the classic romantic
characters coming out probably in some small way through these two big icons.” 

Peter Tomasi

“They’re two obviously headstrong characters,
physically strong characters and characters who have very strong opinions on
how the world should work.” 

– Peter Tomasi
He also wants to explore how they have different outlooks
and perspectives on the world with Clark coming from a
farm in Smallville and Diana growing up on Themyscira where there were no men,
Superman being a symbol of hope and Wonder Woman being the God of War.

“I don’t want to write 22 pages of them staring into each
other’s eyes with them going, ‘Oh, I love you, Supes!’ ‘I love you, Wonder
Woman!’ I really want to shake it up.”

– Peter Tomasi

“It’s not strong love if it’s not tested. Anything with two
hearts in mind, if they’re not put at odds or built through hardships and tough
times, I don’t think they’re real relationships.” 

– Peter Tomasi

I am going to miss what Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel brought to the book I am looking forward to see what the new creative team of Tomasi and Mahnke has in store for DC’s
power couple with Superman/Wonder Woman #13 which goes on sale this November.
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