Kat’s Pull List for 8/27/14 “Alot of Indy Books For the End of Summer”

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week’s pull list.

Dark Horse

Pop #1
I have always been fascinated with celebrity culture, and it seems that Dark Horse is also. This year Dark Horse had a comic book series called Furious about a struggling celebrity who becomes a superhero. Now Dark Horse has Pop, which I don’t know much about but I am excited to see where the series goes. 

DC Comics

Batman Eternal #21
Batman Eternal has been a little bit better in the past couple of weeks. Hope the series can keep this momentum. 

The Flash #34
Vendetti has been having an okay run on Flash. It’s keeping my interest and it is much better than his Green Lantern run. Bunn’s artwork is also a lot better for this series than it was for Teen Titans.   

Harley Quinn #10
It’s a little hard to keep this title on my pull list now that it is being double shipped. Once a month was enough. We will see how long this stays on my pull.

Futures End #17
Futures End has been consistently boring. I really hope to see this series pick up soon.  

Sinestro #5 
Sinestro is the best Green Lantern title out there! If you miss Geoff John’s run this is the closest you are going to get to it right now. Can’t wait to see Sinestro and Hal Jordan come face to face. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 62)   


Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War #3
This event from IDW has been pretty fun. It’s cool to see all of the Cartoon Network characters you grew up with come together for one big threat. (Exclusive for Comic Uno Episode 62)  


Outcast #3
Outcast has been a pretty solid Robert Kirkman series There is enough story that keeps me intrigued for the next issue. The art style is a great compliment to Kirkman’s story telling. (Exclusive for Comic Uno Episode 62)

Revival #23   
This has become one of my favorite series! Really glad I got to catch up with the series. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 62)

Wayward #1
Another Image issue 1 that sounded interesting. This is suppose to have a Buffy vibe to the series so I wanted to give the issue a try.   


All New X-men #31
We are getting closer and closer to that Ultimate universe crossover. I really hope we get to see Kitty Pryde of the 616 universe and ultimate universe meet each other.

The Amazing Spider-man #1.4
This has been a pretty solid year one story for Spider-man. They handled this mini series much better than they handled Batman’s year one story.    

Avengers Undercover #9
It’s sad to see that this series will be ending soon. It was a pretty solid series, and one of the only teen books that was been handled well. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 62)

Fantastic Four #9
This series just keeps getting better and better. The last issue was punched with emotion. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 62) 

Guardians of the Galaxy #18
This is probably one of Bendis’ weaker series right now for Marvel. It still feels like Bendis doesn’t know what direction he wants to go with this book. He is adding a lot of heroes to the roster, but doesn’t really use them in the series. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 62) 

Silver Surfer #5
This series keeps getting better and better with every issue. Looking forward to Silver Surfer and Dawn’s relationship growing. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 62)   

Uncanny Avengers #23
Uncanny Avengers is one of the better Avengers books out there right now. I have been enjoying the current storylines.    


Godstorm Hercules Payne #5

This is the last issue of a solid Zenescope series. It was a nice twist on the Hercules myth. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 62)

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