IDW Publishing & Yoe Books Gives Us A Tour of Milton Gross’ New York

IDW Publishing & Yoe Books Gives Us A Tour of Milton Gross’ New York
“Lost” Graphic Novel From One of The Most Influential Men In Comics Uncovered

To those to that know Milt Gross and his work, he is a legend among legends. For those that don’t, in 1930, Gross wrote and drew one of the very first graphic novels, the acclaimed He Done Her Wrong. Gross was also a popular comic-strip creator (with hilarious cartoon-style Yiddish-isms), novelist, produced animation (for Disney and MGM), and was a screenwriter (and co-writer of films with no less than Charlie Chaplin).

IDW Publishing and Yoe Books are very proud to be releasing the “lost” graphic novel, Milt Gross’ New York, this December. In a mind-blowing, laugh-filled, freewheeling tour of New York, Gross’ character, Pop, and his sidekick son, blast through the East Side, the West Side, Chinatown, and Harlem. The demented duo roar through Yankee Stadium, the New York Public Library and Coney Island! This is really the Big Apple like you have never seen before and it’s all kinds of amazing!

“Gross was a comedic genius. Publishing our previous Gross book, The Complete Milt Comic Books and Life Story, and now this rare, important and hilarious lost graphic novel would make me proudly stand tall—if I wasn’t rolling on the floor laughing from Gross’ guffaw-inducing work! 

The book offers all of this as well as an insightful introduction by none other than huge Milt Gross fan, the comic industry’s greatest innovator, and man about town… Jim Steranko!  Yes, THAT Jim Steranko!”

  – Craig Yoe 

Here is your chance to experience one of the first and most brilliant graphic novelists’ work and just in time for the holidays. Don’t believe us? Here’s what some other luminaries have had to say about the man:

“I love all his work—what a goofball!” 

— Robert Crumb

“Still Great!” 

— Jules Feiffer

“He frees you up!”

— Patrick McDonnell


— Matt Groening

HC • FC • $24.99 • 104 pages • 7.5” x 10.5”  • ISBN: 978-1-63140-173-2

Offered again! The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books & Life Story • ISBN: 978-1-60010-546-3

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All images are courtesy of IDW Publishing and Yoe Books!

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