Comic Frontline: Futures End Week 2 Reviews

Comic Frontline: Futures End Week 1 Reviews

Since DC launched their New 52 Universe in September 2011 they have celebrated with an event each September. In September 2012 it was Zero Month with each book having a #0 issue and a special cover with a main character breaking through the cover to #1 of the series. In September 2013 DC tied their anniversary event into their main (and 1st crossover event of The New 52Forever Evil with Villains Month with full cover 3-D art. This year following the success of last year’s September Event DC has once again tied the event to a main event (The New 52: Futures End) by sending their titles 5 years into the future and gave them 3-D Covers. Like last year Comic Frontline will be reviewing EVERY Futures End book, here are all our reviews for Comic Frontline: Futures End Week 2!

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