Call of Duty: Advance Warfare “Power Changes Everything” Trailer and Thoughts

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released a new trailer
yesterday debuting the all new Exo Survival Co-op as well as highlighting some
multiplayer and weapons in the upcoming game.

Power changes everything” ok so its opinion time, the multiplayer and
weapons as always if you’re a COD fan you know you’re super excited for this game
so I won’t even go into that. The graphics as well as Kevin Spacey look amazing
Multiplayer never looked so good, granted this
is a trailer and they are meant to make everything look amazing, but if that is
close to what we get with COD then this will definitely be one of their finest
games. Does it feel like a mix of other games I know yes but I had faith COD
will pull it off and make it authentic. Some are calling the mech-suits a copy of
Titanfall, but I honestly there were mech suits way before Titanfall so I’m
looking over that. Now on to the new feature; Exo Survival Co-op Mode, pitting several
players against waves of CPU enemies. This mode reminds me (as well as many
others who watched the trailer) a lot of fire fight on Halo: ODST, but at the
same time there is plenty of room for COD to make it unique enough to
distinguish COD from Halo. It is different from the zombie mode we are all use
to seeing as a co-op mode, but for me I loved fire fight in Halo this will
definitely be a welcome new mode for COD for me.
Reading through a lot of reactions to this new
trailer there is a mix among fan, some are really happy and some are really put
off. A lot of people are begging for Zombies, lets face it that was one of the
best co-op modes in COD…maybe we’ll see it in future DLC. Some fans are
claiming this is a copy of Halo and Titanfall. In the trailer video below you
can watch and see for yourself and form your own opinion on the game, and see
what others think in the comments. Personally I’m excited for Call of Duty:
Advanced Warfare and can’t wait to play. Feel free to let us know in the
comments below what you think of COD and this new trailer.

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