At the Movies with Jay and Kat: October 2014 “Oscar Bait”

Kat and Jay are
both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month
to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay’s thoughts on the key movies coming out in October. October has some big movies coming out like Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, and The Judge.

October 3rd


Jay’s Thoughts: Just in time to kick off the Halloween horror fest. Ever since Child’s Play I loved movies with possessed dolls. After seeing him on  Ellen  admitting that he is petrified of Porcelain Dolls I would love to see Channing Tatum watch this LOL. Yeah I enjoy seeing people get really scared, that is why I love Halloween so much. I am looking forward to seeing this, and maybe discussing it on the Halloween Edition of Media Madness.

Gone Girl

Kat’s Thoughts: This is the movie I am probably most excited for in October. It looks like a interesting mystery and I consider Ben Affleck a great actor. This may be a big Oscar contender this year. 

Jay’s Thoughts: I have to agree with Kat, this movie from the first trailer had me hooked, but it isn’t the movie I am most looking forward to this month, that movie stars Ben Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Gardner. I am going to see this this weekend so look for a discussion on this somewhere soon. I also wanted to point out that this is based on a best selling book as well.

The Good Lie

Jay’s Thoughts: This looks really uplifting and inspirational while also a bit educational. I will watch this but more on DVD or  Netflix  only because of the time of its release. This time of the year I am more into that horror/suspense mind set and those are the movies I tend to lean towards.

October 10th


Jay’s Thoughts: This movie sort of reminds me of the TV show from last season, Betrayal where the seemingly happily married woman meets a man and they begin an affair that she starts to regret, but this seems to have a bit of a twist that adds some danger to it. I would probably DVD or  Netflix  this movie.

Dracula Untold

Kat’s Thoughts: This is pretty much a Dracula prequel. Do audiences want to see a Dracula prequel? I personally still have a bad taste from the last Dracula TV show, but Hollywood picked a great date for this movie. This might not be a classic “monster” movie, but at least Dracula is a known Halloween figure. This movie can do well Halloween weekend. 

I have never been a big Dracula fan. So, I will probably be skipping this movie. 

The Judge

Kat’s Thoughts: I love Robert Downey Jr. and the man deserves an Oscar. The Judge might be that movie for him. This looks like an Oscar contender. It’s being released around the time movies are considered for nominations and has a great cast. I don’t know much about the plot ,but I will be seeing this movie for Robert Downey Jr. alone! 

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 
Jay’s Thoughts: Ok this movie sold me on its name. As a kid I loved reading the book, I even to this day call a bad day, an Alexander Day because of the book. I know this is my horror/suspense month but I am seeing this in the theaters. This is the movie I am looking forward to seeing the most this month. This is also one of the two movies that Jennifer Gardner is in this month and she plays totally opposite roles.

October 17th


Jay’s Thoughts: Honestly nothing about this makes me want to see it. If I see it it will be a  Netflix  viewing.

The Book of Life

Kat’s Thoughts: I really don’t like the animation for this movie. I have been seeing this movie advertised for months now and I am still not interested. Of course, its not aimed for my age demographic but I feel bad for the parents that have to sit through this movie. I like when animated movies are aimed for all ages, and this movie doesn’t seem like it’s going that direction. 

Men, Women, and Children

Kat’s Thoughts: Men, Women, and Children observes how technology has defined out society. It’s a nationwide movie trying to be an Indy flick. Sure the movies has an interesting concept but will the characters be interesting enough to carry this movie. The trailer didn’t show me anything that made me want to run to the theater and see this movie. But I am really curious to see how Adam Sandler will do in a dramatic role. Will it be better than his recent comedy roles?


Kat’s Thoughts: I saw the trailer for Birdman a couple of months ago, and I remember my first reaction was “I have to see this movie”. Birdman looks like a unique story that can be enjoyed by many. It’s about a washed up actor who use to play a famous superhero. Its a commentary on Hollywood and fame. I am a sucker for these type of movies. Movies about movies! I need to see this film. 

Camp X-Ray

Kat’s Thoughts: This movie looked like it had potential until I saw that Kristen Stewart was the star. As an actress she just has no emotion, which may work for a movie about a soldier. I personally do not connect to emotionless characters. So I will be skipping Camp X-Ray    

October 24th



Jay’s Thoughts: This is a no brainer for me. It comes out the weekend before Halloween and is a horror movie based on one of the oldest things a child is warned about not messing with, the Ouija Board. This looks really good can’t wait to see the movie then talking friends into playing with one to freak them out. Did I mention how much I love to scare people this time of the year?

John Wick

Jay’s Thoughts: Ummmm what can I say about this movie? I seen the trailers and I am not impressed. The premise is that John Wick was a big name, his wife died and he changed his life, then one day these guys want his car so they go to his house and kill his dog in the process. The dog was a reminder of his late wife and it sets him off to be the bad guy again. I am not interested in seeing that, maybe one day if I am bored and it is on  Netflix .

White Bird In A Blizzard

Kat’s thoughts: Over the past year I have found a new respect for Shailene Woodley. I have seen almost all of her movies, and in my opinion her best movies have always been character driven films. So, I am very excited to see what she does with White Bird in a Blizzard. I will be seeing this movie!


October 31st


Kat’s Thoughts: For the past couple of months I have been hearing a lot of people talk about Nightcrawler, but this was the first time I actually watched the trailer. I have to say I was pretty impressed. The color palatte looks amazing and Jake Gyllenhaal has completely transformed himself into this character. My only disappointment is that I don’t think we get enough of the story in the trailer, but that may leave more depth for the actual movie. This may be an Oscar Buzz movie or at least on the same level as the movie Drive. I hope to see this movie!    

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