NYCC 2014: Three Amazing Spider-Women Books Swing Out Of Spider-Verse Panel

Marvel saved the best for last for Spidey Fans by closing out New York Comic Con with the Spider-Verse Panel revolving around the highly anticipated Spider-Man event featuring (almost) “Every Spider-Man Ever,” that debuts in November.  The panel was moderated by Marvel senior editor Nick Lowe with panelist Dan Slott, Amazing Spider-Man artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, Scarlet Spiders writer Mike Costa, Amazing Spider-Man artist Humberto Ramos, editor Ellie Pyle, Spider-Man 2099 writer Peter David, Spider-Verse anthology contributor (and Supernatural writer) Robbie Thompson and Spider-Verse Team-Up writer Christos Gage.

The highly anticipated panel filled up quick, so quick in fact that our very own Kat Comic Uno couldn’t make it due to people sitting out previous panels to secure their seats. Nick Lowe kicked off the panel by congratulating those who were able to attend the panel call them the Superior Spider-Man of Spider-Man fans for making the panel. He then psyches them up when he pulls out copies of Amazing Spider-Man #8 and a hot off the presses Amazing Spider-Man #9 which is the 1st official chapter of Spider-Verse, to give away to some lucky selected fans.

But before they handed out those books they talked about Amazing Spider-Man #7 that was just released prior to New York Comic Con, Lowe said that Dan Slott is “normally a nice man” — that is except for when he writes Spider-Man, pointing that issue’s death of Spider-Man And is Amazing Friends. Lowe continued by saying how it illustrates that no Spider-Man is safe in Spider-Verse, which includes “Every Spider-Man Ever,” “except for like seven that we couldn’t legally use.”

Slott along with Gage, who co-wrote the story, and Camuncoli the artist on the story,  explained why the current Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, appears in Amazing Spider-Man #7 and #8

“Because it’s my favorite book coming out at Marvel right now, and I love it so much. It’s the closest thing to down-to-the-core Spider-Man. She’s a teenage superhero, juggling her life, making mistakes, trying to do everything right.” 

— Dan Slott

“It was so much fun. She’s young, she’s excited to team up with Spider-Man.”

— Christos Gage

“You can play with the character a lot, artistically.”

 —  Giuseppe Camuncoli

Dan Slott said that in one reality, Captain Britain is a Spider-Man called “Spider UK”. We’ve also got Spider-Girl from MC2 in Issue #8!

“She had such a wonderful story with such a happy ending – but not anymore!” 

— Dan Slott

Nick Lowe showed some never-before-seen pages from Issue #10. The pages showed Assassin Spider-Man from a “What If?” story.

Lowe then announced a Spider-Woman series, with Issue #1 coming out in November! Then he said we’re getting Silk #1! Written by Robbie Thompson and art by Stacey Lee, and Stacey’s variant cover for Silk #1 that shows her hanging from the top of the page. Robbie says that because both he and Stacey are new to the Marvel universe, it’s great to start with Silk. They’re going to use flashbacks – “from bike to bunker”.

“I’m super thrilled to be a part of the Marvel universe, especially this character. She’s really fully-formed, completely tied to the Marvel universe but also completely new.”  

— Robbie Thompson

“I am so thrilled. I have always wanted to draw something Spider-Man and for it to be a woman is even cooler. I love her long, flowing black hair and it’s going to be awesome.” 

— Stacey Lee

Nick Lowe brought Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez onto the stage and Lowe announces Spider-Gwen Issue #1! The title is referred to Spider-Gwen which is what they are calling it for now, but the title could change. It was also stated that Rick Renzi will also be working on Spider-Gwen.

“Not only did a band record an amazing song about this, but you all demanded this.”

—  Nick Lowe

“We obviously ended the first story with a crazy cliffhanger. We’re going to explore when Gwen comes back with whatever remains of Spider-Verse and tries to become a superhero. She’s chosen to become a superhero so now that she’s chosen to define who Spider-Gwen is, she has the problem of deciding who she is to the world and her father – who is stuck in the middle of these things.

I wanted something very modern and to get int he head space of what Gwen would do if she was a superhero. She would rock some crazy gear, that’s what she would do.”

—  Jason Latour 

Nick Lowe told everyone that Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman was originally Dan Slott’s idea.

“I just thought it would be cool.”

— Dan Slott

Spider-Man 2099 Issue #6 has both Peter David and Will Sliney.

“He will be teamed up with 2 individuals who have been introduced into the series – Lady Spider, and Spider-Man back when he had six arms. They’re going to be running around the universe and the funny thing is that Tiberius Stone is busy patting himself on the back.”

— Peter David

Next Lowe tells us we’re getting a three issue mini series of Scarlet Spiders! Mike Costa will be writing and Paco Diaz will be doing the art.Costa said that Ultimate Spider-Woman, the Black Widow, will be in the story, along with Ben Reilly. When some interior pages there were some audible gasps in the crowd.

“Scarlet Spider is much like Spider-Woman. Our characters go off on a mission and this miniseries is the story of that mission. It ties into Spider-Verse.”

— Mike Costa

 Next up is Spider-Verse Team-Up will be coming in November. Spider-Verse Team-Up will feature several collaborations.

“Each issue has two stories in it that has classic Spidey writers and artists, along with some awesome new artists.”

—  Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe announced that we’re getting Spider-Man from the 1967 cartoon series in the book!

“He’s the Spider-Man you all know the song from.”

— Peter David

Nick Lowe then led the audience in a sing-a-long of the classic theme song! Miles Morales will be seen in Spider-Verse! He and Ultimate Spider-Man from the cartoon will go get 1967 Spider-Man.

Spider-Verse #1 will have stories from Dan Slott, Katie Cook, Robbie Thompson, and Skottie Young and it will be coming in November!

Nick Lowe then shared a cover to Axis Hobgoblin #1 with the room and told them it goes on sale on the 22nd. before he showed them two more Hobgoblin cover. Lowe then showed the room the cover to Axis Carnage #1 it’s a three part series.

“Literally unlike any Carnage story you’ve heard before.”

—  Nick Lowe

The next title was Spider-Man and the X-Men will come out in December, and Spider-Man will be replacing Wolverine as teacher of the X-Men.

Nick Lowe began to wrap things up and showed some Daredevil covers, and also mentioned in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 we’re getting an Amazing Aunt May short story! The Amazing Aunt May announcement prompted a question from a fan who thanked Slott for killing off Spider-Man Unlimited, and asked about the potential for Aunt May being a Spider-Woman in an alternate universe.

“You’ll have to read the book!”

— Dan Slott

When asked is Doc Ock would come back, Nick Lowe responded with “dead is dead.” The panel also wouldn’t tell anybody how long the Silk/Spider-Man “ship is going to sail.”

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All images are courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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