The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 7th Day – Let The Christmas Spirit Ring….

Every week Kat and I do the Media ((((Madness)))) Vidcast, and we are always asked about music, but music if very genre specific, except Christmas music! So I thought I would do an article a day, for 12 days on some of my favorite Christmas songs, but it didn’t seem enough, so I thought I would go full Media  ((((Madness)))) on it and explore some of my favorite Christmas Songs, Movies, TV Episodes, and Animated Specials! Each day from now until Christmas I will be sharing some of my favorites, some will be fun, some will be classic, and some days will be sentimental. Also keep an eye out for Chibi Jay, and enjoy The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 7th Day – Let The Christmas Spirit Ring….!

For The 7th Day of Media Mad-Mas I sat down to decide what to pick today and I tried thinking of a movie, TV Show, Animated special but it was the song that ignited the spark. After I had the song things started to fall into place. I hope you enjoy my picks today.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

This song is a classic song and like Wham, everyone has covered this one, from Miley Cyrus, to Victoria Justice, to Glee, this song has been all over but no one can come close to the amazing Brenda Lee. This is the version that puts me in the spirit and singing along.

Home Alone

Kat and I discusses this movie a few times during our Media Madness Christmas Commentaries. The original one has become a classic. A little boy from a huge annoying (to him) family gets his wish, he gets the house to himself, because the family overslept and had to rush to the airport forgetting him. Throw in some hilarious scenes with the would-be robbers being foiled by a little and the laughs just keep coming. Now this is funny and great for the first movie but they wore it down to the bone with the 4 movies that follow it. This movie oddly does invoke the Christmas spirit because Kevin discovers that while he had fun being alone it isn’t Christmas with his family there.

The Big Bang Theory – Season 2 – Episode 11 – The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Ok this has become a favorite show of mine and this episode is one of my favorites. Sheldon isn’t like everyone one else he knows about things and why people do them but just doesn’t get them, and that includes Christmas and Christmas gifts. Why this is a favorite is threefold: 1.) They tie it to A Charlie Brown’s Christmas. 2.) Star Trek is involved. 3.) Sheldon starts by thinking about what to give Penny by monetary means, his present has to equal the cost of her’s but she gives him something small but to Sheldon it is priceless and what he gives Penny is also. Sheldon gets the Christmas spirit.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is a classic. How can you not love this movie? There is even a town here in Pennsylvania who bought a Christmas tree that when delivered was so pathetic that at first they decided to take it down and replace it but instead they kept it up and adorned it with a single red Christmas ball to remind everyone of the true Christmas spirit.

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