The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 9th Day – Simply Having A Christmas In Paradise!

Every week Kat and I do the Media ((((Madness)))) Vidcast, and we are always asked about music, but music if very genre specific, except Christmas music! So I thought I would do an article a day, for 12 days on some of my favorite Christmas songs, but it didn’t seem enough, so I thought I would go full Media  ((((Madness)))) on it and explore some of my favorite Christmas Songs, Movies, TV Episodes, and Animated Specials! Each day from now until Christmas I will be sharing some of my favorites, some will be fun, some will be classic, and some days will be sentimental. Also keep an eye out for Chibi Jay, and enjoy The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 9th Day – Simply Having A Christmas In Paradise!

For the The 9th Day of Media Mad-Mas I decided to go a little different. When people think Christmas they think snow and magic, sometimes though it can be sand and science! I hope you enjoy my picks today!

Wonderful Christmastime – Paul McCartney

This song is one of my favorites. It has a great beat, I love everything about this song, the rhythmic flow of the lyrics the way the music is slow but so joyous. I chose this version because nothing compares to it, Paul McCartney owns this song for me.

Christmas In Paradise – Lifetime Movie

Two Families (Widow mom, 2 boys, Divorced dad 2 girls) each go on a vacation cruise for Christmas and while in Puerto Rico they find what they all lacked, love and a family. I like this because it blends two styles of movies, the love story and the Christmas magic in one movie. This is great for a Christmastime date night.

Eureka –Season 4 Episode 10 “O Little Town”

Sheriff Carter decides to stay in Eureka for Christmas and notices that some kids aren’t feeling the spirit so he tells them a story of what made him decide to stay in Eureka for Christmas. Santatology, Flying Sleds, Carolers, and a Secret Santa fill this episode, but like all things in Eureka this is a fun wild crazy episode and dosed with the Christmas spirit.

The Year Without A Santa Claus

This is a classic movie. Everyone loves the Heat Miser and his half brother Snow Miser. This movie seems to fit in as a contrast between my TV and movie choices, but the real reason is that this is my one nephew’s favorite Animated Christmas Specials. This year he is in the Middle-East serving the country so, I am picking this one for him. The movie is so popular that in 2006 they actually made a live-action movie of this, which is why I am putting both versions up for you to see and compare. Does the live-action live up to the animated? Which do you prefer?

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