H.P. Lovecraft’s Reanimator Returns in Mini-Series


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By: Nicole D’Andria

Doctor Herbert West, H.P. Lovecraft’s reanimator, will be staring in a Reanimator mini-series written by Keith Davidsen and drawn by Randy Valiente. The mini-series will be four issues long and will be published by Dynamite Entertainment.

As a fan of the Reanimator movies inspired by the classic H.P. Lovecraft story, I’m looking forward to seeing mad scientist Herbert West get into some trouble with the undead… and the living too of course! I’m not surprised he has gotten his own mini-series since West has been a longtime character in Dynamite Entertainment, appearing in several of their series such as Hack/Slash, Army of Darkness and their crossover series The Prophecy.

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Nick Bartucci, CEO of Dynamite Entertainment, agrees. He commented that “Reanimator is finally going to realize its untapped potential… Herbert West has been a perfect foil during his crossover appearances in Army of Darkness titles, but we’re finally giving him the spotlight he’s due. Monsters and zombies, Voodoo priests and druglords, this series has it all! Fans are going to love the creepy, sinister mood of this book, perfectly conveyed by Randy Valiente in his interior art and captured on covers by Lee, Francavilla, Seeley, and Mangum! Watch out, the horror hit of 2015 is here!”

The mini-series features Dr. Herbert West returning to New Orleans. He is continuing his work bringing the dead back to life. Davidsen introduces a new character to assist Dr. West – Susan Greene, a pharmacologist interested in West’s work. But her fascination may lead to her undoing as Greene and West become entangled in Haitian Voodoo and Elder Gods. I’m interested seeing how West treats his new female partner since his usual partners are male.


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Writer Keith Davidsen mentioned the reason for incorporating Susan Greene into the story: “Since West is an amoral character, we need an ‘everywoman’ character that the audience can identify with, and that’s Susan Greene. She’s a little bit lost, a whole lot curious about West’s experiments… but ultimately, she’s a good, likeable person. I think it’s a fun twist on the premise from Doctor Who, that the Doctor needs a grounded Companion to serve as his moral compass… but in the case of Reanimator, we see that Susan feels the seduction of casting her ethics aside.”

Artist Randy Varient comments on the character of Dr. Herbert West and his previous experience working on Army of Darkness/Reanimator, “I like working on Reanimator because of the atmosphere and the tones of the characters and stories. I have been interested in how the brain works and Dr. West is an interesting psychopath, pure intellect without emotion. Also, I am a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft. I did a couple stories many years ago with Dagon and his other sea monsters, and I realized that I have this fascination of drawing tentacles and creatures and creepy stuff. I like organic elements on my drawings, and Lovecraftian stories fit that well. It’s kind of strange, but sometimes his characters give me chills when I go swimming — you know, tentacles might come out of the water, or a creature could pop out in front of you. It’s scary as hell.”


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The Reanimator mini-series will begin in April 2015. Get ready to move your dead bones!

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