Comic Uno Mini Reviews 3-18-15

Kat ComicUno is on a You Tube  Hiatus (everyone needs to regroup and refresh) this week so there wasn’t an episode of ComicUno or any indvividual reviews from her, well fret not! Kat (through the power of Social Media) has been giving Mini Reviews all week! Well we gathered those reviews and paired them with her Pull List so you can see what she thought about the books before and after she read them!

Guardians Team Up #3
Kind of surprised that two parts of Black Vortex are coming out in the same week, but that’s why I am getting Team Up this week.  

Mini Review
I’ve never picked up Guardians Team Up because I felt that for me it’s a waste of money. I already have enough Guardians on my pull list, but since I am following all of the chapters of Black Vortex I picked this issue up.

I thought this was the worst issue of Black Vortex yet. I was really enjoying the first couple of chapters for Black Vortex, but this week the chapters were a bit lackluster. This issue was a bit too wordy and I just didn’t really care about the story. I am not a big cosmic fan and this felt a bit too cosmic to me. It had very little to do with the characters.

Overall unless your a Ronin the Accuser fan I think you can skip this issue. The art was average and the facial expressions could have been better.

Earth 2 World’s End #24
Earth 2 has been my worst pick of the week almost every week. I really can’t wait until this weekly series is over. 

Mini Review
Earth 2 has been my least favorite weekly series and this issue still didn’t impress me. We all know how this series is going to end… Earth 2 is destroyed. So what twists can they give us if we already know the ending. The only thing that stood out to me was Power Girl’s statement of being the Superman of Earth 2. Overall story is still dull and art is a bit too murky.

Teen Titans #8
Teen Titans was decent for awhile, but now the series has lost itself again. I don’t know how long this one is going to stay on my pull. 

Mini Review
This relaunched Teen Titans series has been better than the previous, but far from where I want the Teen Titans to be. This issue focuses on the Titans becoming celebrities and the cliffhanger shows Superboy is becoming an infamous celebrity. The whole issue focuses on the Titans being separated doing their own thing. We have had enough of that in the New 52. When are we actually going to see the Titans working together?
In this issue the dialogue was wordy, the commentary on media wasn’t original, and the art was sketchy. Overall, I was very disappointed with this issue. You can skip it.

Giant Days #1
I really liked the cover for this issue and the premise seems pretty interesting. It’s about a group of college kids and their experience with independence. I don’t think enough media concentrates on college. So it will be cool to see this comic tackle it. 

Mini Review
Giant Days is a new Boom Studios book in the same vain as their widely popular Lumberjanes series. It’s about three roommates with different personalities trying to navigate their lives through college. This is what drew me to pick up the book. Media rarely depicts college life and I wanted to see how this series would tackle it. I personally was disappointed with the series. I didn’t find myself interested in any of the characters or their friendship, which is the whole point of the book. The art was pretty fun and cartoony but I don’t think I will be buying the next issue of Giant Days.

Invisible Republic #1
This seemed like an interesting space story with a cool tag team.  

Mini Review
Invisible Republic is a new number one from Image. It’s about a distopian world where everyone pretty much hates their lives because of a dictator who took over their planet. A writer learns about the dictator’s cousin who may know how to defeat him. I thought this was an okay issue. The last couple of pages about the dictators back story was interesting but everything else kind of felt generic. The art was the best factor of the issue. Dark but clear. This series is really going to have to build it’s plot for me to hang on. I might pick up issue 2 if it is a light week.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 3 #12
This is the last issue for Injustice for year 3 and I am happy for this arc to be over. I think it has been dragging for the last couple of issues.

Mini Review
This issue reminds me why I dropped Injustice in the first place. It’s not that I don’t like the series. I think it’s a lot of fun, but at the same time the series has over stayed its welcome. The Superman Vs Batman story should have ended with this chapter, of course that’s the real premise of the book but it’s become stale to me. What I like more about Injustice is the supporting characters and Year 3 tried focusing on them, especially Constantine, but by the end it went back to the boring stalemate of Batman Vs Superman. Overall I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I will be getting Year 4 for Batgirl, but I might be dropping this series again.

Hulk #13
I think this is going to be a fun issue. I can only take Deadpool in doses, but when Duggan is at the helm I know he will give me a good laugh.  

Mini Review
Duggan’s run on Hulk has so far been a pleasure to read with some great character development for the Hulk family. In this issue Deadpool guest stars to help Hulk defeat Red Hulk and Cap warns Doc Green not to touch She Hulk. I was a little disappointed with this issue of Hulk. With the last couple of issues there hasn’t been much progression in the story. Just Doc Green going against different Hulks. I hope the fight with Red Hulk progresses the story a bit more. I was also disappointed with Deadpool’s appearance. I thought he would be more present in this issue. But on the positive side I really enjoyed the scene between Cap and Doc Green. It seems that Jen is off the table, which is good because she has really become her own character as she hulk. Overall great art as always but story needs a bit more progression.

All New X-Men #39
All New X-men was kind of a filler last week but still a good issue. Looking forward to more tie-ins to Black Vortex. 

Mini Review
Black Vortex continues with a new chapter in All New X-men. This is a point A to point B issue. The X-men/Guardians team split up into three groups to find the Black Vortex, defeat Star Lord’s father, and save an orphanage. This issue didn’t really stand out to me. It progresses the story a little bit with 1 or 2 interesting character moments (Jean and Scott denying their attraction to each other). The art was pretty but didn’t really fit the story very well. To me it was a bit distracting. Overall okay story and art is great, but not the right fit for this book.

Red One #1
I am sucker for a good Russian spy story and adding superheroes made me very interested in this series.  

Mini Review
Red One is a new number one from Image. It’s about a Russian Spy who has to go undercover as an American superhero in California. I am a sucker for a good Cold War espionage story. This was a pretty good issue. You learn enough about the main character and the transition she must endure as she becomes an American. But I do think that this issue was a little bit too long with a 40 page count. I started to get bored with certain scenes. Overall I will probably try out issue 2 and I say give issue 1 a try. 

Batman/Superman #20
I haven’t loved the last couple of issues for Batman/Superman because it has been so Kryptonian heavy. I hope they start focusing on Batman and Superman’s relationship again. 

Mini Review
Batman/Superman has really improved over the last couple of issues. This is the last issue of the Superman’s Joker story arc and as the story arc focused more on Superman I became less interested, but this was a pretty good ending to the arc. There was a good amount of Batman and Superman’s dynamic and I liked that Superman had to think like Batman to defeat his Joker. But the artwork is what really impressed me with this issue. Really great action!

Batman Eternal #50
I really like the direction Batman Eternal has been going. I like that this series is really focusing on the Bat family.     

Mini Review
Batman Eternal is the best weekly series right now. I am not saying it’s the best series out there but it’s getting pretty good as we head towards the end. In this issue we finally get the reveal of the big villain. I liked the reveal because it connects to one of my favorite characters and I don’t think he was very expected. This issue allows the readers to see the turmoil Batman is going through. Overall it was a pretty good issue with solid artwork and a good cliffhanger.

Princess Leia #2
Issue 1 was my pick of the week and so far this mini series has really impressed me. You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this series.  

Mini Review
I was shocked with the first issue of Princess Leia. I am not a big Star Wars fan by any means. I haven’t even seen all of the movies but issue 1 was my pick of the week. Issue 2 brings us our next installment of bad ass Princess Leia. She teams up with a fellow rebel, who actually hates her. They go to a planet where they try to free orphans from Leia’s kingdom. This issue was a bit slower than the first issue but still a fun read. Princess Leia is still bad ass and I am glad we get to learn more about her past. She loves her people and will do anything to save them.

Outcast #7
Outcast is a series with a slow burn. I am not sure how long this will be on my pull list but I want to stick with  it because of the upcoming TV show.

Mini Review
Outcast is a book on my pull list that I’ve been debating about dropping. The story has a real slow burn and I still don’t know if in the long run I will be interested in this. So I am taking this series issue by issue. Issue 7 introduces the first lengthy scene with Kyle’s wife. The reader can tell that she still loves Kyle, but we know they have a lot of history. I am glad that we are finally digging deeper into this relationship because I think it’s the most interesting aspect of the series so far. That scene was the best part of the issue! Kyle and the priest’s story is still moving at a snail’s pace. But the redeeming factor of every issue is the emotional beats the art provides. The art style fits this series very well and it makes me keep wanting to come back for the next issue. I am going to try and stick with this series and see where it goes.

Batgirl Endgame #1
Wow this is a big week for Batgirl. Last week I picked up Detective Comics Endgame and really enjoyed it. So I have high expectations for Batgirl Endgame, especially with her past with the Joker.

Mini Review
Last week I thought Detective Comics Endgame was a solid issue and was really excited to read Batgirl Endgame. When I opened up the book I was surprised to see that this issue had no dialogue and I think that took something away from the book. Batgirl and Frankie team up to save victims from endgame. There are small moments only a silent issue can highlight. Babs telling a little girl to put a smile on her face and blend with the crowd. Overall the artwork is beautiful and trendy as always but the comic didn’t have a lot of meat.

Robyn Hood Ongoing #8
Robyn Hood has been a very solid series with a lot of action and humor. 

Mini Review
Issue 8 of Robyn Hood was once again a fun installment of the series. With this issue Marian and Robyn are both dealing with their own drama but in th end come together to help each other. I really like that Pat Shand has given Marian her own story. She has really come into her own as a character and is much more than just a sidekick. The weaker part of this issue was actually Robyn’s story. I am still not interested in the cult plot line that has been surrounding the series since the beginning. But it is interesting that Robyn’s scarlet gem is now broken.

Futures End #46
Futures End is another weekly series I want to end. I feel like this series over stayed its welcome.

Mini Review
I have been very vocal about my disappointment with Futures End and Earth 2 but this issue was a major improvement from what we have been getting. There are some interesting character moments with Batman Beyond, Lana, and Firestorm. Lana was pretty bad ass with her new insect powers in this issue. She is one of the reasons I started to like the Fifty Sue arc. Firestorm’s arc has been surprisingly my favorite story since the beginning. It’s cool to see Madison look into her past and grow as a hero. I hope DC keeps Madison’s character after Futures End. The big cliffhanger in this issue was the death of Terry. I am not a big Batman Beyond fan but I thought this was a good send off to the character. Overall the story really impressed me this week but the art still seems a bit rushed.

Batgirl #40
Issue 39 was my pick of the week last month and I can’t wait to see where Batgirl is heading. The cliffhanger in issue 39 left a lot of mystery surrounding the new hip Batgirl. 

Mini Review
I have been conflicted with the new creative team for Batgirl. I like that the series is fun but it’s hard to get use to the change in tone. Issue 40 ends the first big arc for Batgirl before Conergence. Babs confronts her Ai self which ends up becoming a commentary on gritty Batgirl vs hip Batgirl. The story was a lot of fun. I liked the Ai arc overall because it brought some interesting twist and turns to Batgirl’s world. But my favorite thing about this issue was Frankie and Dinah’s interaction with Babs. It’s great that Frankie knows and can be a different version of Oracle for the Batgirl of the New 52. Also glad that Babs and Dinah made up before she moves onto her own series. Her using her sonic scream for the end battle was epic! It shows that Dinah and Babs work best together.
Now my problem with this issue. I hated that this issue really poked fun at what came before this new toned Batgirl. It felt like Babs regretted her past and that made me feel that the writer regretted Simone’s run. I loved that run and I think it added weight to Barbara that she needed. Is this new direction fun? Yes, but I don’t like that they have to poke the bear. Overall I really enjoyed the issue but you can’t shake the feeling that it was just a big commentary on the new 52 Batgirl series as a whole.

The Amazing Spider-Man #16.1
Cool to see an old time Spider-Man writer returning to the character. 

Mini Review
I didn’t really know what to expect with this .1 issue. I was excited to see Conway back on Spider-Man, but I was fearful that this would just be a filler story. Luckily it felt like a regular issue of Spider-Man with character development and plot progression. This issue mixed classic and modern Spider-Man, and it felt so good reading it.

We haven’t seen Wraith since Superior Spider-Man and this issue mostly concentrates on her character, which is great because I think she is character that needs more fleshing out. Spider-Man is of course a focus in the story, but it seems that Wraith will be the main concentration.

Overall I really enjoyed this issue maybe even more than I am enjoying the current story arc for Amazing Spider-man. Great artwork with intriguing story.

Silk #2
Silk #1 was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see where this series goes.

Mini Review
Issue 1 of Silk really impressed me and issue 2 didn’t let me down either. This issue explores more of Cindy’s past as she searches for her family. At the end of the story Cindy runs into her old boyfriend and first love. He is engaged to get married and Cindy is still wrapping her head around it. I love that with every issue Cindy becomes even more likable as a character. You are interested in the search for her parents, but my favorite part had to be when she sees her ex boyfriend as she climbs out of a sewer. I really hope they expand on that story, which I am sure they will. Overall story keeps me very interested in this series. The art is very cartoony and fun. It fits the series very well. And I like the way they depict flashbacks.

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