Evil Eye Comics Review: Southern Bastards #8

Southern Bastards #8 Review
By: Chris, Evil Eye Comics
In Southern Bastards #8, the climactic finish to the
“Gridiron” story arc, we are thrown right back into Euless Boss’ messy, bloody
past where we have slowly been learning all about his early life growing up in
Craw County, Alabama. By telling the story of his deadbeat father, his pathetic
lack of athletic ability, and intense love for football, Jason Aaron has done a
remarkable job of taking a one-dimensional, purely evil villain from the first
story arc and turning him upside-down, into someone that readers can empathize
and identify with. It was only through his pure grit, drive, and determination
that Euless
realized his dream of becoming a real Runnin’ Reb. That’s something we can all
relate to.

Having been lulled to sleep by the sense that we finally
understood the mind of Euless Boss, Aaron rudely brought us back to reality in
this issue by showing how Euless’ father helped him finally become the Head
Football Coach of the Runnin’ Rebs. Guess what? It wasn’t pretty. The Boss name
carries quite a hefty reputation and as hard as Euless tries
to fight against it, he eventually gives in to the pressure and lives up to the
despicable name his daddy gave him. This issue more than makes up for the
general lack of action in the earlier issues of this arc, as we finally dive
head first into the depths of Coach Boss’ depravity.

Jason Latour’s art in this issue is as powerful as ever. His
use of a largely red color palette makes it impossible to forget that this is a
story bathed in blood, much like Euless Boss himself, and as you see the
amazing final panel of this issue, you can’t help but be excited for the
continuation of this amazing story. By the end of Southern Bastards #8,
everything from the first arc comes full circle. Your hatred of Euless Boss
fully restored, the arc ends much the same way as the first, with a scene
involving Earl Tubbs’ daughter who has presumably learned the unfortunate news
about her father, to set the hook for the next issue.

Issue number nine of Southern Bastards isn’t due to be
released until June. Yes, I know, that’s a whole two months from now. But think
about it this way, this gives you two months to fully digest this amazing issue
and the entire arc as a whole! Now get to it!  

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