Cosmic Consequences: A Black Vortex Overview

Cosmic Consequences: A Black Vortex Overview

By: Mr. J’s Comic Reviews

Let me first get started by saying I did not read all the
parts. I did not read the Nova or Captain Marvel tie ins. Also I will not be
going over each part individually this will just be my thoughts on the event as
a whole overall. Here’s your last chance to avoid some spoilers for the event.
I’m going to do a quick synopsis then I’ll go into what I felt were the good
and the bad of the event. Let’s get started.

Event Synopsis

The Black Vortex is an ancient device that allows whoever
uses it to see their full cosmic potential and be granted the ability to
transform into the form that they see in the Vortex. This grants them an
immense amount of power but as well all know power can corrupt even the best of
us, and the guardians and the x-men are no exception. Well one x-man is but
I’ll get to that later. Star Lord’s father King J-Son is after the black vortex
to gain enough power to take back the Spartax Empire and destroy earth as well.
Kitty and Star Lord try their best to stop him but they realize that they’re
going to need backup, so they call in both their teams Kitty’s X-Men and Star
Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This leads to pretty much one giant game
intergalactic keep away between our heroes and King J-Son’s forces known as The
Slaughter Lords
. Along the way a few members of both the Guardians and the X-Men get transformed by the Black Vortex including present day Beast, young
Iceman, Groot, Gamora, and young Cyclops. Eventually even young Sam Alexander
joins the fray to assist the heroes. The battle for the Vortex does have
some huge consequences, one of which is the destruction of the Kree homeworld
Hala. It all comes down to one decision. One last hero must be chosen to be
transformed by the black vortex. Who is it? Why it’s none other than my
personal favorite X-Man, Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde. She’s the perfect candidate
because unlike the others deep down she has no need for more power. Kitty uses
her new found cosmic powers to finally end the conflict. She stops King J-Son
and The Slaughter Lords and returns the Black Vortex to its proper keeper.
However it doesn’t end there folks, after all these events we get a happy
ending. All the X-Men and Guardians who were transformed by the Vortex chose to
return to normal except for Kitty, Gamora, and young Angel. The heroes who
returned to normal however are warned that there are consequences for rejecting
the gift of the Vortex. Once all the dusts settles we’re treated to a real
happy ending when Star Lord proposes to Kitty and she says yes.   In the end both teams of heroes part ways,
King J-Son is captured by The Collector, and Thane begins plans to follow in
his father’s footsteps and attempt to rule the universe. That covers the event
synopsis, so let’s get into the good and the bad of The Black Vortex. I’m going
to start with the good.
The Good

The concept of The Black Vortex was really interesting and a
lot of the powered up forms looked really awesome. 
  • The event had real consequences with the destruction of Hala
    and the aftermath of some of the X-Men and Guardians giving up or keeping their
    new powers. 
  • For the most part the art in the chapters were consistent
    and ranged from solid to great. 
  • There were some great character interactions and character
    moments throughout the event, especially for Kitty and Star Lord
  • I personally loved the ending. This event didn’t just feel
    like it was setting up for the next one which makes me think that the changes
    it caused will actually stick.

The Bad
  • I felt the event should’ve been shorter. Twelve chapters is
    a lot and at times I felt that the event was dragging its feet so to speak.
  • I honestly didn’t care much for King J-Son or The Slaughter
    . The villains could’ve been handled better.
  • Having each chapter takes place in a different title forces fans
    to buy titles they may not currently be reading. It wasn’t that big of a deal
    but it was a bit inconvenient, and I’m sure that it was for some of you too.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed The Black Vortex as an event. With Secret Wars on
the way I feel like this will be Marvel’s sleeper hit of the year. Unlike a
majority of the events over the past couple years The Black Vortex actually
carries some weight to it. It wasn’t just an event to set up another event. The Black Vortex had big consequences by the end for the cosmic side of the cosmic
universe, and it actually delivered on its promise of bringing big changes to
the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe which is more than I can say for most Marvel events from over the past two or three years. Overall as an event I give
The Black Vortex as an event:


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