Evil Eye Comic Review: Kaptara #1

Kaptara #1 Review
By: Chris, Evil Eye Comics

An imaginative story chock-full of vivid imagery, Kaptara #1
is a fun introduction to a hilariously strange, new world. Written by Chip
and illustrated by Kagan McLeod, the fluid dialogue and fantastic art were
the stars of the show for me, with each character having a distinct and clearly
defined personality that was quickly identifiable from the start. The story
follows a spaceship and its astronaut crew as they are unwittingly sucked into
an asteroid field that rips their ship to shreds, forcing them to crash land their
individual escape pods on an unknown planet. Danger is everywhere as the crew
is separated and alone, with the exception of Keith, the main protagonist, and
Lance, the captain of the ship, who must fight for their survival on this
strange, unfamiliar planet.  Along the
way, we meet a hilarious new cast of characters who, while sometimes feeling
like caricatures of more familiar characters you might recognize from other
stories, still possess a fresh, original edge.
The dialogue and rapport between each of the characters is
beautifully done, feeling completely natural and real without being overly
wordy. This allows you to feel as if you might know these characters in real
life and makes them extremely relatable. The main character, Keith, is
incapable of taking anything seriously, including life-threatening situations,
which, although it’s part of his charm, can potentially make him unlikable and
seem a bit over the top at times. Luckily, on the whole this doesn’t detract much
attention away from the hilarious and artfully crafted dialogue throughout the
rest of the story.
Kagan McLeod’s art is wonderfully easy on the eyes, somewhat
cartoonish but not overly so, she does a great job of bringing the numerous
action sequences to life. The pastel-heavy colors easily match the beauty of
the art, making all of Kagan McLeod’s illustrations of the exotic, unknown
planet feel completely new and foreign to the reader.
Overall, Kaptara #1 is rife with wild, vivid imagery,
punctuated by witty dialogue and a good storyline. Its shortcomings are greatly
outweighed by its strengths, deftly setting up what looks to be a fun series to
watch for the future.  I will most
definitely be picking up the Kaptara #2 when it is released on May 20th.

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