Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews: Batgirl #41, Daredevil #16, Mulan Revelations #1, Orphan Black #4 and Howard The Duck #4

Mimi has her reviews loaded and ready to shoot from the hip with Rapid Fire Reviews! This week she fires off on Batgirl #41, Daredevil #16, Mulan Revelations #1, Orphan Black #4 and Howard The Duck #4 Check out what she thought on some comics she read this week!


Batgirl #41

To be honest I haven’t read the other issues of the current Batgirl series. However I was able to jump into this and have no trouble understanding the story so A+ on that one writers!

Barbara is a great character, I love her relationship with her father and her friend. I love her new costume and the art style for this issue. I love her crazy fighting style and that she’s being badass on her own, of course until Batman ruins the day at the end of the issue.  I think Barbra is a fun and exciting character. Girl Power is always fun to see and Barbara is always filled to the brim with Girl Power.

What I Liked Most: I loved Barbara’s Batgirl costume and her over all appearance.

What I Disliked: I wasn’t all that fond of the style of Gordon without the beard. It worked for the story but it felt like he just looked really sick. I’m not sure if that’s an on purpose thing but that’s how I felt reading it.

It’s a fun issue and I’m giving it:

Daredevil #16

I’ve been reading trade paperbacks for so long that reading individual issues is very entertaining for me because it leaves me instantly wanting more. With Daredevil #16 it’s true in multiple ways. I want to see what happens in issue 17 sooner than next month and I want to see the next five issues or however many it takes for this arc to be wrapped up. Not because it’s not enjoyable but because I need answers now! I need to see if Foggy will actually die of cancer or if they’ll have some way to cure it? Will Matt ever go back to Hells Kitchen? Will he get to have a normal relationship with Kristen, or will Matt always be so damn noble and put everyone before himself that they won’t really get to enjoy themselves?

What I love about Mark Waid’s run of Daredevil is how it mixes the perfect balance of comedy and darkness. The art is just so bright yet it’s “dark” in the right moments.  I truly love how he shows Matt’s radar sense, it’s just so much fun to “see” ha, sorry, couldn’t pass that one up. 

The foundation of Matt as a character is his relationship with Foggy. Woman come and go, and I love all of the women, they really are all amazing, but Foggy is his constant. Even when he’s got cancer and is chilling on a boat in the middle of no where to be safe. 

I was hooked from the start. The dialogue was on point and the artwork was great like normal!

What I Liked Most:
Matt doing things he was convinced Fisk would like and Fisk just watching with no true expression.  Also page 6.

What I Disliked: the Owl plot, I know it’s important and that the daughter is needed but boo, I’m tired of her. That’s really all I can complain about or say I disliked. I have nothing against the rise of a badass female villain but it wasn’t all that interesting for me compared to the other parts of this issue.

I give this issue:

Mulan Revelations #1

Anything involving Mulan makes me so freaking happy. Mulan and The Lion King were my most watched movies growing up so this comic was fabulous to read.
It’s this cool world where Mulan mixed with her spirit ancestors at one point in time than by page 6 it’s in this super futuristic world where Mulan has a brother named Lo and has “god” like blood so she can’t be helped at a local clinic. The art has a shiny style to it that adds to the futuristic feeling. The colors are rustic yet shiny and Mulan’s still a badass.

The issue is 26 amazing pages that makes me thoroughly intrigued to read the next issue on July 29th. If you can get a hold of it, do it. Enjoy the crazy new world of Mulan Revelations as soon as possible.  This was almost my pick of the week but another book beat it.
What I Liked Most: The random time skip into the future where we see Mulan again but now she has a brother and a cool powerful Uncle.

What I Disliked: The brother character, he was the stereotypical messed up character. I am curious to see if he will be fleshed out more as the series goes on. 
I give this issue:

Orphan Black #4

The Orphan Black comic book mini series is a total of five issue supplementary companion to the TV series. 

The first issue was about Sarah, the second on Helena, the third on Alison and the fourth, which this review is on, is for Cosima. The fifth one is on Rachel.

Each issue is a mini back story that’s like a prequel to the shows start in season 1. It’s to show what built each clone into the person they are when we see them in season 1. 

It wasn’t a mind blowing issue but it was still completely enjoyable as a major fan of the show. I love all of the clones but Cosima is probably my favorite next to Helena. 

Cosima as a character is so complex and seeing how far back Dyad has had its claws in her was super sad to see. It was also great to see how long Cosima has been in on them knowing about her being a clone. Her ex Emi, the rocker/Dyad monitor before Delphine, who we find our some pretty interesting things about this issue, was a nice add into the series. 

Paul, aka Beth Childs handler/Sarah’s kind of love interest of seasons 1-3, made an appearance to threaten Emi. Nice to see Paul was consistently an asshole until Sarah came around and put him in his place. If you don’t remember Beth you get to see her in this issue. She’s the clone Sarah saw commit suicide in the pilot If you still can’t put your finger on who she is. 
What I Liked Most: Cosima working with Beth! Beth isn’t really talked about a lot in the show, she’s mentioned more in this past season but that’s really it. 

What I Disliked: Leaky but to be honest, I’ve always hated Leaky in the show so of course I’d hate him in this pre-season 1 comic. 

If you haven’t watched the show, GO SEE IT NOW! You can watch it on iTunes, Amazon Prime Instant video and on demand on certain cable providers. All three seasons are on iTunes & Amazon Prime/Amazon. They are worth every penny people!

Ratings wise I’m giving this:

Howard The Duck #4

I think this one is going to be my pick of the week. I’m one of those people that only knew about Howard the Duck from that end scene from Guardians of the Galaxy that made so many people angry they waited so long for that scene. I however thought it was pretty damn funny.  So with that being said, here’s my review for Howard the Duck #4.

This was hysterical. I had to stifle myself from laughing out loud while reading this. Howard was so witty and sarcastic it was hard not to laugh. I think I will be adding both Howard the Duck and Doctor Strange onto my new comics to read.
I don’t know a lot about Doctor Strange except for the fact I’ve wanted Pedro Pascal to play him in the movie instead of Benedict Cumberbatch, nothing against him but Pedro would’ve been so freaking awesome but I digress. Doctor Strange in himself was very entertaining! I loved his spells and over the top flourish style. I think I could read several issues of just Howard and Doctor Strange sassing each other while Johnny Storm hit on girls around them like Captain Kirk.

What I Liked The Most: The over all sass that filled every page. Every freaking page everybody! The ending comic was super cute too all Chibi style art. 

What I Disliked: How easy it was to get a hold of everyone in the comic. Since I don’t know much about Howard I can’t say anything about his character and his connections but that’s just me being picky. 

I give this issue:

By: @Morganstein17

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