SDCC 2015: Back to the Future Comic from IDW in October!

IDW Announces Back to the Future Comic coming in October with Bob Gale overseeing! Bob Gale is one of the screenwriters of the films, and has also worked in and with comics before, including Daredevil and Batman. With one of the screenwriters overseeing the comics, how can you go wrong?

Check out the announcement video with first impressions below, then keep reading for expounded thoughts.

As I stated in the video, I’m a huge Back to the Future fan. As a kid and teenager, I watched those movies over and over again. The thrill of time travel before it became passe and overused, just latched on to me and pulled me into the story. It was fun, comedic, dramatic, exciting, adventurous, and any other cool adjective you can think of. There’s a reason we celebrate its 30th anniversary, and why stories of things featured in part II (which took place in 2015) were all the rage on news sites at the beginning of the year. Back to the Future is a classic, and the idea of it being realized in this medium of comics we love fills me with joy.
I’ve read plenty of John Barber’s Transformers comics, and he gets the property. I don’t know if, like myself, he was a child of the ’80s, but he knows his stuff. He is a fan, and that comes through. I have confidence in his ability to do the same here. And while I haven’t read the Ghostbusters series, I have friends who have and think the same thing about Erik Burnham. So again, I’m confident these writers will bring us Back to the Future in a respectful and entertaining way.
Dan Schoening’s four-part cover seen above is all I need to see to know he will bring us a faithful adaptation of these characters we love. Brent Schoonover is also good with likenesses, and I’m sure he will do a similarly impressive job.
IDW knows what it’s doing with franchise properties, and it’s why the licensors trust them. They have proven that they care about the franchises and want to deliver solid and fascinating tales to the fans of them. Back to the Future will be no different I am sure.
San Diego Comic Con has barely even begun and I’m personally already excited. This was a brilliant way to kick off the show as far as I’m concerned.

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All images are courtesy of IDW Publishing

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