5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Mimi’s Top 5 comic ranking of the week!

Hi world! My name’s Mimi and this is my reviews for Wonder Woman #42, Wolf #1, The Blacklist #1, Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 and Loki Agents of Asgard #16!

5) Loki Agent of Asgard #16

I’ve come to the conclusion that if a rating for a comic is T+ I might as well skip it because Loki Agent of Asgard #16 was not enjoyable for me. I felt like I walked into one of those AU fanfics for Harry Potter where everything is weird and over the top and every one’s probably a vampire for no good reason. Thankfully, no vampires in this story. Just a lot of cheesy moments that made me get second hand embarrassment for Loki and I don’t even LIKE Loki that much!

I think my favorite moment though was when Freya had on sunglasses? It was just a moment that made me think the writers were on some kind of drugs while they came up with this story. It could just be because I haven’t kept up with Secret Wars. This made me kind of happy I didn’t step foot into the world of Secret Wars.

What I liked most about it: The style of young Loki? I thought the outfit was pretty neat. Oh and that ‘Technically dead’ line felt like a little shout out to The Princess Bride.
What I disliked about it: Can I say everything or is that just mean? I just wasn’t a fan of this comic. Sorry Marvel, this one wasn’t a win for me.
Rating: 2.5

4) Wonder Woman #42

I have never read a Wonder Woman comic before but this issue made me want to go and read the other 41 issues of this series. The opening scene of Diana getting hit on by a guy that went down like this, made me squee with happiness.

Asshole guy holding onto Dinah: Hey there gorgeous. I just Googled ‘Sexy’ and there was a picture of you.

Diana: Yeah and you’d get the same result if you searched not interested. 

When the asshole guy doesn’t take a hint and grabs her ass she flips him over her shoulder like the BAMF GODDESS that she is and told him off some more. Seriously want to read the first 41 comics right now guys and girls.

I love that instead of  just giving the homeless man money she offered  him a meal and a place to stay. I love that she’s replaced Ares, the God of War and dealing with her sister (who I kind of didn’t know existed) locked up in the Amazon jail.

I want to applaud Meredith Finch writing for this issue. I hope she stays on the Wonder Woman team for a really long time.

What I liked most: Diana not taking the guy at the clubs shit, Diana’s new Wonder Woman outfit, basically the entire part of Diana just doing anything really.

What I disliked: The ending but mainly because I am not knowledgeable enough to truly revel in the glory of that plot twist ending.
Rating: 5 out of 5

3) Wolf #1

The beautiful cover.

page #1

The art style of Wolf #1 was really freaking awesome. I loved the coloring and the little conversation bubbles for Freddy, the guy that looks like a Chuthulu, dribbles like tentacles. 

The fact Antoine Wolfe had lovely internal monologue’s about his brand new racist boss who wants him to kill made me smile. Wolfe is just a freaking awesome character in a world where supernatural creatures exist and people just know about it made me really happy. ALSO THE FACT THAT HE’S A PHOENIX THAT DEALS WITH GHOSTS, I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!

Image’s page for the comic describes Wolf as ”Antoine Wolfe, a hard-boiled paranormal detective with a death wish, has to cope with sudden responsibility for an orphaned teenage girl who might be the key to the impending apocalypse, California-style.” After reading it, I don’t really get what they mean by ”California-style” will this apocalypse deal with surfers and movie star stereotypes?  I don’t know but maybe issue #2 will elaborate! 

This issue was 64 glorious pages! Go check it out! 

What I liked most: The coloring for this issue, it felt a lot like Outcast but brighter.
What I disliked: The asshole mob boss Esq guy that’s hired Wolfe. He needs to get punched in the face ASAP.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

2) Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1

So, unlike Loki Agent of Asgard, this little Secret Wars issue I throughly enjoyed.

Peter doesn’t go by Peter Quill or Star Lord, he goes by Steve Rogers and sings inside a Battle World Manhattan restaurant singing Disney songs because ‘They don’t have Disney moves on this weird planet. So they all think I’m a musical genius.”  

Apparently the ship name for Peter and Kitty is StarKat and that makes me smile. Also the fact she freaked out when he kissed her. Man, it’s going to be great when she remembers him or like re-falls in love with him.

On page 7, Drax says Peter/Steve should go off with some of the ladies that fawn after him saying, ‘‘Y’know, I KNEW a Steve Rogers from a couple domains over. He wasn’t nearly as GLUM as you. And he had a SHIELD.” In which Peter replies, ‘Well the DRAX I knew didn’t make JOKES. And he definitely did NOT have HAIR.”

Gambit or Gambit The Collector,  has heart eyes while staring at a lovely set of knives that Kitty Pryde shows him on page 12. I also had heart eyes but for something else, KITTY’S AMAZING DRESS! I would own that dress and live in it if I could to be honest.

Over all this was a super fun and light issue. Which I guess Loki was going for but I just didn’t feel it. Star Lord/Peter is a much more entertaining light hearted character and Sam Humphries had such a fun story to tell and Alti Firmansyah’s art was really amazing.

What I liked most: The art style, every page popped.
What I disliked most: GAMBIT LEAVING SO SOON!
Rating: 5 out of 5.

1) The Blacklist #1

I want this as a poster. 
I also want this as a poster.

The only downside of this issue is that it made me want to go re-watch all of The Blacklist seasons 1 and 2 because of FEELINGS.

Nicole Phillips, one of The Blacklist TV show writers was apart of this comic. Which honestly explains why everyone was so on point with how the characters are in the show compared to the comic. It gave me all of the Keenler (Agent Donald Ressler & Agent Elizabeth Keen) feels. I’m a sucker for office romances in TV shows. Also loved Samar hitting on Aram, he always gets so flustered when she hits on him.

The deception for the comic goes:

When the FBI is framed for the public killing of a political activitist at an open-air rally, Reddington recognises the hallmarks of a dangerous, media-manipulating Blacklister, known as Leon Kiklinski, aka The Lobbyist. So begins the latest case for the FBI’s covert counter-intelligence unit codenamed – The Post Office. 
But is this new Blacklist member working alone or is there a mysterious puppet master behind the scenes orchestrating a planned series of attacks against the FBI for his own nefarious purposes and if so, what is his connection to the Concierge of Crime, Raymond Red Reddington?

 This takes place after Alan Fitch, ‘The Decemberist” who died in Season 2 episode 8 saving Red and the gang. 

Elizabeth Keen is a character going through one hell of a journey where basically everyone is lieing to her. Poor girl just needs people to tell her the truth more often. SHE ALSO JUST WANTS TO PROVE HERSELF AND NOT GET SPECIAL TREATMENT OKAY! It just makes me really happy how she doesn’t want special treatment because of her relationship with Reddington and the Director.

Reddington was just as sassy and on point in the comic as he is in the TV show. I literately just heard James Spader’s voice in my head whenever he spoke. Thankfully I didn’t hear it like Ultron.

 I picked this as my favorite of the week/pick of the week because it just felt so good to be back in the world of The Blacklist and have it be enjoyable with every page!

Rating: 5 out of 5. Seriously if you are a fan of the show, go buy this comic ASAP.

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