Kat’s Pull List for 8/26/15 “End of Summer Hiatus Week”

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week’s pull list.

DISCLAIMER: This week Kat will not have video reviews, but instead mini reviews on both her Twitter and Facebook.

 Black Mask

We Can Never Go Home #4
We Can Never Go Home is a really different and fun indie series that I am glad to see is getting a lot of buzz. I hope we get to see a sequel series after this mini is over. 

Dark Horse

Zodiac Starforce #1
This is another indie series that has been getting a lot of buzz lately. It’s comic books meets Sailor Moon. I grew up watching Sailor Moon so I am giving this series a shot.

DC Comics

Batgirl #43
I’ve been having a blast reading Batgirl. I think the new creative team has finally found a real balance. They have been adding things from previous runs and putting their own twists to those stories. 

Deathstroke #9
As I have been saying every month, Deathstroke is a series with a lot of potential that I don’t think has fully found itself yet. I feel like they have had too many big names guest starring in this title  This series should be focusing on Deathstroke and his journey. 

Prez #3
I wish more people were reading this title! This series is one of DC’s most original titles out right now and it has a perfect commentary on American politics. 


Drive #1
I’m picking up this title because I had a pretty small pull list this week. I’ve never seen the movie Drive, but I’ve heard good things about the film. So I thought why not read the comic book adaptation.   


Ant Man Last Days #1
I am pretty excited to read this book. I have been loving Spencer’s run on Ant Man and it’s been too long since the last issue of Ant Man. I hope we get to see some Cassie in this issue. 

Captain Marvel and Carol Corps #3
This is one of the more original Secret Wars titles. I feel like it’s tackling Secret Wars at a different angle. Carol was trustworthy to Doom, but now she has reasons not to trust him.

Civil War #3
Civil War is one of the weaker Secret Wars titles. The only reason I am still picking it up is for Spidey and Cassie Lang.    

Marvel Zombies #3
I was going to drop Marvel Zombies, but since it was a small week I decided to give the series another shot. 

Shield #9
This is an extra sized issue of Shield, celebrating Shield’s 50th anniversary. Hope we get some good stories. Sometimes these type of issues are only filled with mediocre short stories and reprints.   

Spider-Woman #10
For a couple of issues now I’ve felt that this series has been stalling. Let’s see if this story arc can pick up.  

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