Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews: Ms. Marvel #18, Robyn Hood #14, Gotham Academy #10 and more!

Hi world, my name’s Mimi and here’s my reviews for Arrow Season 2.5 #12, Gotham Academy #10, Starfire #4, Sherlock Holmes Seven-Per-Cent Solution #2, Outcast #12, Giant Size Little Marvel #4, Ms Marvel #18, Quake #1, Red Skull #3, Doctor Who 12th Doctor #11, Robyn Hood #14, Tet #1 and Mirrors Edge Exordium #1

Arrow 2.5 #12

Okay to be honest I’m not in love with the art in this comic. The writing is pretty decent and I mainly just spent it fan girling over Sara being in the comic. Which is kind of what I already do when I watch the show anyways so that’s nothing new for me. I loved the cuteness of Felicity feeling awkward about her comments to Oliver. I know a huge part of the fandom is super tired of Olicity but man, I still love them so much. This filled my Olicity shipper feelings that the trailer unleashed within me again. 

Favorite Quote(s): Grr. I’ll tough it out own on my own. Grr. Manly. and ‘Why couldn’t Sara have joined the League of Accountants? 
What I liked most; NYSSARA 
What I disliked most:  I guess the ending? It wasn’t all that dramatic but that’s just me.
Rating; 3.5 out of 5.

Gotham Academy #10

So now that I’m reading this comic I’m so happy Jay sent me issues 1-6. I can’t wait to get this series in some trade paper back form, hopefully sooner rather than later. The art is just so great and the cheesy school uniforms are nicely done. They aren’t made to look super sexy, they are just freaking school uniforms. The characters get better with each issue and the mystery element isn’t dragging out with Olive and her past. Kyle having tennis instead of being in Macbeth made me happier then it probably should have, just saying. The costumes were so cute on the gang and the cover art, man, that was so awesome. I like that ‘Professor Strange” was in this issue as Olive’s therapist. Also the fact the gang was doing Macbeth in the school play was cute. 

What I liked most; Plot twist ending!
What I disliked most:  Clayface I guess? 
Rating; 5 out of 5.

Starfire #4

Starfire holding the puppy while she tried to fight the huge alien was super cute. I love the break titles for the next uh ‘chapter’ of the comic. ”The short version” was super cute as was the rest of the breaks. My love for Starfire’s little language barrier bubbles when she imagines things still makes me smile.  I love the friendship between Starfire and Atlee and Stella. It’s just an adorable friendship trio. It’s nice to see the major girl power and adorableness in this comic. Is it the best comic ever? No, but it’s cute. It’s a cute series that I’m always pleasantly surprised with. 

Favorite Quote(s): I am sorry! I could not resist paying attention to your riveting story. and I’m going to kill you both with Starfire saying That is not possible. 
What I liked most;  Atlee and Starfire working together.
What I disliked most:  The killer guy at the end.
Rating; 4.5 out of 5.

Sherlock Holmes Seven-Per-Cent Solution #2
I like this comic, I just don’t know how long they can do it for. Will it be a series with 20+ issues or will it be some cute 6-8 part special, maybe 12? I wish I knew so I’d have an idea on how long the current story arch will go on for. I like that the art is more like a painting, a more defined water color style in coloring as well really works for the time period. Also loved Watson being so happy he changed his shoes, I don’t know why it just made me smile. That was a really nice plot twist at the end. Bravo writers. 

Favorite Quote(s): ”MIND THE VANILLA EXTRACT!” and ”Our traveling companion Toby.”
What I liked most; The leaps and bounds Watson goes for Sherlock. Oh and Toby. 
What I disliked most:  Holmes mental state, it’s so sad! I don’t dislike it but I need to put something.
Rating; 3.5 out of 5.

Outcast #12

This comic is like Supernatural where the more you read, the more you want to hug the characters and wrap them up in blankets and give them ice cream. No one can catch a break in this series it seems. I mean the plot isn’t exactly the lightest of things so I know I didn’t sign up for something super sweet like Giant Sized Little Marvel. This is a much darker and more complex story. Despite it’s super slow pace, I really do like this series. The art really sells it for me.

Favorite Quote(s): Looks like normal water has the same effect! 
What I liked most; That top panel on page 6 was really sweet with Kyle eating.
What I disliked most:  The ending, kind of repetitive. 
Rating; 3.5 out of 5.

Giant Size Little Marvel #4

I seriously love the chalk board page that is a little recap/over view of the last issue with cute comments all around it. Example ”Art class with Mr. Kirby canceled this week.” I see what you did and I approve. I want page 15 as a poster to hang over my bed to be honest. I hope that wasn’t the actual end of the comic and just the end of this arch because I really have enjoyed this adorable series. 

Favorite Quote(s): #HumbleBrag and If you say royal one more time I’m going to blast you with one of my hand blaster things! 
What I liked most; The ending, everything was great really.
What I disliked most:  I can’t think of anything so um maybe the ending costumes? 
Rating; 5 out of 5.

Ms Marvel #18

I’m so disappointed in myself for not reading this series sooner. Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are a great team and Kamala is such a cute character! I hope we get to see her on the big screen or TV verse some time soon! Kamala says ”GORGEOUS YET FUNCTIONAL.” Carol replies with ‘THAT’S HOW WE ROLL!” cue the ”Aw’ soundtrack and me melting into a puddle of feels. I loved Kamala’s super annoyed ”My brother and parents suck” face. I 

Favorite Quote(s): You iron your Dockers and you’ve got an un-ironic soul patch. You and lifetime opportunities are mutually exclusive. 
What I liked most; Everything? Ms. Marvel is adorable and I want her to succeed. 
Rating; 5 out of 5.

Quake #1

I really like that this comic stated in the beginning that it took place in 2010 before an Avengers comic. Daisy is adorable and I really liked this issue. The art was so cool and I love the little Avengers team that was in this issue. VISION SINKING OUT OF THE SHIP ON PAGE 8 made me laugh out loud. Also Iron Man carrying Hawkeye while everyone else just jumped out or flew. ”Fury trained me for shadow ops.” ”Maybe it’s time you came out of the shadows.” God Steve why can’t you be the actual President of the US instead of just in that AU comic?

Favorite Quote(s):  Anytime you’re ready billionaire boy. 
What I liked most; The last 2 pages, they were so freaking cute.
What I disliked most: That the issue wasn’t longer? This better be an on going series.
Rating; 5 out of 5.

Red Skull #3

I guess that’s the end of Red Skull. Literally speaking in the comic and for the series. Issue one was my far my favorite but this did have a good ending. It all came full circle. I don’t care for Red Skull as a character so it was nice to see him get what’s coming for him even though Doom is technically the over all villain of Secret Wars. The cover art for each issue was great and would make nice posters. Oh and Magneto, OF COURSE THE NAZI LIED! 

Favorite Quote(s): Tastes like burnt bacon! 
What I liked most;  The last page.
What I disliked most:  The Sentinels. 
Rating; 3.5 out of 5.

Doctor Who 12th  Doctor #11

Never trust a man who doesn’t like surprises that’s my motto!
I thought it was ”The eyebrows never lie.’

Okay so unlike the predictable and kind of bleh Vegas issue, I really liked this one. I really do love how the writers well, write 12. I love Capaldi and all of his adorable quirks.  This issue was an easy way to fill my Doctor Who void until it comes back on the 19th! 12 is just an adorable old man and I love him. 12 was very on point with how we see him in the show. He cares for Clara but still makes off handed offensive comments which I always enjoy. And not just because I’ve grown tired of Clara as a companion.  

Favorite Quote(s):  Why is it, Ellen, that in a world in which we already have so much to contend with, we find ourselves additionally accursed by the failings of men?
What I liked most; That amazing cover! 
What I disliked most:  Freaking spiders.
Rating; 5 out of 5.

Robyn Hood #14

I just love it when comics make Twitter references or just stupid hashtag related things. #Deathstream . Marian is really awesome, she had a Willow style magick moment so good for her. I really love the girl power in this series and I guess a lot of Zenascope now that I’m finally reading it. Robyn staking the girl with the stake in her mouth was a nice touch and that ending page was great! It felt like a good mid-season finale type of thing. It’ll be a lot of fun to see Robyn fight Dracula at some point. I’m just really excited to see how it all plays out! 

Favorite Quote(s): AND IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, I’M EVIL! 
What I liked most; The badass entrance of all of Robyn’s friends coming in as back up.
What I disliked most:  I guess that it wasn’t longer?
Rating; 5 out of 5.

Tet #1 

Tet was a cool introduction to a super sad Vietnam themed comic. I hope this series does well because despite it’s sad themes it made me happy. The art was bright and pretty cheerful. It made me think of some of the older Hellblazer comics from the 80’s with it’s bright colors during darker scenes. Reading the end of the comic I got to find out it’s a 4 part comic. This would be a really nice trade to own at some point when it’s finished.

Favorite Quote(s): Everyone always thinks they’re getting away with something. But no one ever is.
What I liked most; Ha, she’s adorable.
What I disliked most: I guess the fact it felt short? I wanted more.
Rating; 4 out of 5.

Mirrors Edge Exordium #1

So Faith is pretty freaking badass. The world she lives in is nice and complex with crazy government control. It felt like something that would happen and probably does happen in parts of the world. The art for this world is beautifully done. I’m excited to read next months issue 

Favorite Quote(s): Sometimes I wonder what it would be like. To live a normal life. To have a normal family. Normal parents. Normal problems. I’d probably go crazy.
What I liked most; Faith trying to get her mothers painting! 
What I disliked most:  I guess the ending for Faith.
Rating; 4.5 out of 5.

Here’s my ranking for the week:

  • 13) Sherlock Holmes Seven-Per-Cent Solution #2 
  • 12) Outcast #12
  • 11) Arrow Season 2.5 #12
  • 10) Red Skull #3
  • 9) Tet #1
  • 8) Mirrors Edge Exordium #1
  • 7) Doctor Who 12th Doctor #11
  • 6) Starfire #4
  • 5) Gotham Academy #10 
  • 4) Giant Size Little Marvel #4
  • 3) Quake #1
  • 2) Ms. Marvel #18 
  • 1) Robyn Hood #14

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