Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews: Black Canary #5, Gotham Academy #11, Clean Room #1, Wolf #4 and more!

Hi world, my name’s Mimi and I’m going to review Black Canary #5, Gotham Academy #11, Wonder Woman #45, Clean Room #1, Beauty #3, Wolf #4,  Astonishing Ant Man #1, Invincible Iron Man #2, Uncanny Inhumans #1, Blacklist #4, and Doctor Who 12th Doctor #13! I swear this week is a week of beautiful comic covers.  

Black Canary #5 

First things first, I LOVE this cover. It looks like a badass sing off/wrestling match fight to the death. The coloring is beautiful and I just truly love the style. I am all for this creative team making this series for as long as they want for hopefully several years because I’m in love with everything about it. The writing and the art just play off of one another so well and Dinah is written so well. The comic relief with the other characters is also always done at just the right times.  I can’t wait to own this in a trade so I won’t have to deal with ads in between interrupting the awesome scenes.  Kurt is a cool guy, he makes me think of Lance Hunter in S.H.I.E.L.D. just without the accent. Byron’s family was super freaking cute. Also really love Dina just being Dina and little Ditto. Bo’s band members had fabulous names.
What I liked most:  The Ditto mystery is done so well.
What I disliked most: I want a trade of this series so these monthly issues kill me.
Favorite quote(s):  You better start talking or your gonna make me cry.
Favorite page:  The battle of the bands entrance page.

Gotham Academy #11 

100% yes to Maps and Olive on the cover looking like Bab’s swinging in to kick some ass. Didn’t see the ”Guest staring RED ROBIN” until I read the book. Google Images seemed to leave that out in my cover search.

One of my favorite things about this series is that Olive’s ever growing mystery with her mother doesn’t bother you. It adds onto the story and even though it’s been 11 issues, it’s not frusterating that we don’t know everything yet. Even filler issues are fabulous with this series. It’s just such a good team working on it that instead of just trades I want the omnibus that will totally exist for this series. I like that even though it’s basically a kids comic, I enjoy it at 22 years old. It’s cute and fun with just the right amount of drama.

What I liked most:  Map’s newest map. 

What I disliked most:
Favorite quote(s): he means the plan, lawful-good. Don’t forget the plan.
Favorite page: Red Robin’s entrance page! And the page when Red Robin said he’d tell Batman about Maps.

Wonder Woman #45 

I know we aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but oh man, I AM SO WORRIED FOR OUR LADIES ON THIS COVER. THE DRAMA! THE DRAMA! DONNA AND DIANA FIGHTING HURTS! 

Okay, I’m good, but man, drama really did happen. I know we should probably feel bad for Aegeus but I just want him to get his ass kicked. AND HE DOES, KIND OF. I would love to cosplay as Donna at some point, her London out is just so cool. I felt so bad for her these past two issues. Eirene also certainly knows how to make an entrance to Diana.

What I liked most: 
What I disliked most:
Favorite quote(s): ”What you deserve is a good smack in the ass for breaking into my home that way.” and ”Honestly. Wonder Sis over there might have the patience to listen to all of your blubbering but I’m not nearly that nice.” 
Favorite page: It’s more of a panel and it’s the one that has Diana’s eyes bleeding.

Clean Room #1 

I read about this comic in the Vertigo trade booklet from NYCC and it looked freaking awesome. Very nice to see it lived up to my expectations. 

The characters are amazing, the tone of the story is just what I needed after the long day I’ve had. It felt like the old Hellblazer comics meets Swamp Thing, meets everything else I love. It’s gritty and dark and filled with tough women and opens with such a painful scene that I just can’t wait to see how this series continues. It just looks so creepy and intense and I like the subtle Sleepy Hollow vibe it has as well.

What I liked most:
  Journalist lead!
What I disliked most: I wanted more of that Russian family.
Favorite quote(s): ”Let’s see what havoc a journalism degree can really create.”
Favorite page: Page 19

Beauty #3 

Thanks to Kat and NYCC I got to meet some of the lovely people behind Beauty. The gentleman were great and so was this issue! I just love the bright colors and the super realistic looking art. The hair, the flesh, EVERYTHING. This is one of those comics I would love to see on SyFy or BBC. It just needs to be on screen somehow but the team would have to be apart of it for the scripts and over all plot stuff. It could be such a cool TV show or butchered to no end. Nevertheless, this was a wild issue and like a lot of the comics from this week, I want it as posters and a trade ASAP.

What I liked most:
  Mr. Calaveras. He looks so cool.
Favorite quote(s): ”Hell, another day or so there won’t even be enough love handle there to get a shot.”
Favorite page: That awesome last page.

Wolf #4 

Give me that cover as a poster now and while you are at it, give me issues 1-3 as posters while you are at it. Can we also talk about how amazing that guy looks over the other one in bed on page 4? The fact Incubus give off that energy off is so freaking cool visually.  

Poor Wolfe, you amazing, amazing character got shot A LOT this series and it’s only 4 issues. I also really like Anita as a character. She’s a lot of fun and a nice contrast to Wolfe.  The theme of the random black slabs with white font is a nice thing for this series. It’s just a thing I really enjoy with each issue. Some of the best quotes come from those panels. 


What I liked most: That desert fight scene!

What I disliked most: Anita’s dad is a prick.
Favorite page: It’s a few pages, the entire black and white one for starters as well as the one right before it started. Also page 14.

Astonishing Ant Man #1

I still love that Miss Patriot has her old super hero retiree business. It’s just such a cute thing to see. The cover for this issue made it look so serious but the issue itself was pretty light and fun. Cassie and Hank make me happy. Cassie over all makes me really happy and It was great to see her again in the comic. It was sad to see Cassie hate on Hank but I get it. It was a very cute father/daughter relationship. Mainly because you know they’ll be fine in a few issues. Also the HENCH app is A+.
What I liked most:  The fact the description on Ant-Man is more like a log line. And Smith showing stripper’s

What I disliked most: Cassie hating on Hank even though it’s justified.
Favorite quote(s):  ”Eight months? Wow, where does the time go right? And the worst part is when someone asks you what you’ve been up to. I mean, how do you even- Started going to the gym, stopped going to the gym, started going to the gym again, Ooh, I binge watched my way through all three seasons of Homeland finally. Pretty proud of that. Got a new phone, switched to organic, a little vacation in Cancun. But beyond that, kinda drawing a blank.”
Favorite page: 8 showing the amazing Young Avengers moment!

Invincible Iron Man #2 

Well, well, well, Victor Von Doom is certainly very pretty.  Now that I read L.A. Woman woman I really do like seeing Madam Masque pop up. I guess she’s in more comics now because she’s popular again? Or popular right now? Not really sure. I did like the writing of this comic but it wasn’t exactly my favorite out of all of this weeks comics. This is mainly due to the fact the issue was only 19 pages. I think I’ll like this series more in a huge trade and or omnibus. 

What I liked most:
  Friday’s Log. Very cute, I like it a lot. Especially the flowers comment and Doom as well.
What I disliked most: It was so short.
Favorite quote(s): ”I said I looked back on it fondly, I didn’t say you did.”
Favorite page: 6

Uncanny Inhumans #1 

So we’ve got Triton, Black Bolt, Reader (who uses a freaking DOG TO SEE, HELL YEAH NAMED FOREY), Medusa, Flint,  Grid,  Iso, HANK McCOY IS IN IT, Johnny Storm, Gorgon, Trint and some other people I don’t know.
This is a cool comic, I don’t really know the characters but I wouldn’t mind reading issue #2 next month. It’s an action packed series that I think I’d enjoy more if I knew the team more like when I read Justice League Dark I knew everyone on the team so it was fun to see them together. 
What I liked most:  The fact it’s InHumans vs Mutants in a way.
What I disliked most: The ending but mainly because I didn’t really get it. 
Favorite quote(s):  ”It’s exactly what it looks like.”
Favorite page: Page 28.

The Blacklist #4 

Having the comic while the show is finally back is great. I get even more Blacklist! I really do love the Gambler arch this comic has had for these past four issues and Red faking his death. I also throughly enjoy the catch up the comics have that works like that ‘previously on’ episode montage every show in the face of the planet seems to get. I love that whenever I read one of the main cast’s characters I hear them in my head.  I think this is a great tie in to the TV show and I’m really happy that Titian has this series. Also that the writers of the show are apart of the comic. Nothing’s a repeat of the TV show which is great. Not that I wouldn’t read comics of episode’s I’ve already seen on TV, It’s just nice to have new stories. 

What I liked most:  Ressler having to be Red. Also that 1994 Red has fluffy hair.

What I disliked most: Issue 5 is the end of this awesome arch!
Favorite quote(s):  ”All these months together Sebastian, and I still haven’t figured out if you’re profoundly lucky or recklessly suicidal.” 
Favorite page: 17! With Ressler ducking and the guy running on the glass roof.

Doctor Who the 12th Doctor #13

I thought it was fitting to wait to read this comic until Doctor Who Saturday on BBC America. You know, really get my Capaldi fix and act like Clara isn’t in the comic even though she is. Loved 12 jumping over the cab and saying the it’s never the end when he’s here. Also hats off to Sam for making the cupboard comment. I just really love 12’s sass. He’s really a perfect combination of 9, 10 and 11 and interchanges between them all so well. It must be a blast to write for him.
What I liked most:  Zombies called Scorched and the Doctor working on his ‘people skills.”
What I disliked most: THE FACT I CAN’T READ PARTS 3 AND 4 NOW.
Favorite quote(s): ”I seem to have inadvertently reanimated a small army of smouldering zombies. Don’t worry, they’re slow and shambling. no match for us when we hit our stride. Unless of course you’ve acquired your own army of smouldering zombies, with which you’ve effectively blocked our escape route. I don’t know anything I can do, you have to try and do better.”
Favorite page: 21 thanks to the Monty Python reference and 12 saying his carefree days are Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
My ranking & rating of the week 

  • 11) Uncanny Inhumans #1 Ranking 2.5 out of 5
  • 10) Invincible Iron Man # 2 Rating 3.5 out of 5
  • 9)  Astonishing Ant Man #1 Ranking 4.5 out of 5
  • 8) Doctor Who 12th Doctor #13 Ranking 4.5 out out of 5
  • 7)  The Beauty  # 3 Ranking 4.5 out of 5
  • 6) The Blacklist #4.  Ranking 5 out of 5
  • 5) Clean Room #1 Ranking 5 out of 5
  • 4) Black Canary #5  Ranking 5 out out of 5
  • 3) Wonder Woman #45 Ranking 5 out of 5
  • 2) Gotham Academy #11 Ranking 5 out of 5
  • 1) Wolf #4 Ranking 5 out of 5
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