The Dark Avenger’s Top Picks For November 4, 2015

Top Picks for November 4, 2015
By Chris
WELCOME to Top Picks! In this series I’ll be
highlighting some books I’m looking forward to that some of you might want to
consider when going to the comic store on Wednesdays. These are all just my options
that I am sharing with all of you, we all have our own likes and dislikes so my
list may not be 100% like the list you have but at the same time maybe there’s
a book I’ll recommend here that you might actually want to look into and that’s
the point of my top picks. Also these lists are for books that are not out yet
and at times my top choices sometimes DO let me down. The perfect way to find
out if my top picks are right is to stay tuned for reviews, Frontline Live, and
other shows we do right here on Comic Frontline. Top Picks is divided into 3 categories;
Top Picks,
which are my Top Pick comics of the week, Other Books To
, which are books I feel are worth a look into, and finally Kiddie Corner which are books for kids
(and yes some are franchise that are for kids and adults alike). One last note
this is NOT a top comics or a countdown, comics in the top pick will be in
random order.
Intros out
of the way lets head into the first week of November, November 4th
2015’s top picks! More All New All Different Marvel #1’s, Darkseid War has two
more one shots out, Looney Tune variant covers also begin at DC this month, and
many more really awesome books to kick start November!

Top Picks:

Amazing Spider-Man #3
-Guest starring
Johnny Storm Parker Industries is now housed in what use to be the Baxter
Building. I’m really interested in seeing how Slott is going to make this
meeting of Human torch and Spider. Will Johnny be pissed or was this planned? I’m
really pleasantly surprised and enjoying this new volume of Amazing Spider-Man.

Extraordinary X-Men #1
-Storm puts
together a team of mutants to make sure the mutant race continues. It isn’t the
first time storm has taken command over an X-Man team and I’m really interested
in seeing where this new team is going. More so I like the dynamics of which
X-Men are chosen for this team….and what IS going on between old man Logan and

Invincible Iron Man #3
-Doctor Doom
is working with Iron Man to stop Madam Mask’s dark plans. Never thought I’d
ever see the day where I’d write that sentence. This issue has Iron Man going
one on one with Madam Mask, we got a taste of what the new armor could do
against Doctor Doom…what will we see in this issue against Madam Mask?

DeadPool #1
-The return
of the DeadPool ongoing. Things are a bit different this time around, Deadpool’s
a celebrity. It’s gonna be interesting reading a Deadpool book where everyone
loves him. I’m definitely curious to see the new direction Marvel has planned
for the merc with a mouth.

Nova #1
-I’m really
excited to see this series back. The last volume with Sam Alexander was great,
the journey to find his dad and how he got there truly made this character and
book a fun read last volume. This volume Sam’s dad is back and both of them are
policing Earth as Novas now. Here’s hoping the Nova family book is as successful
as the previous volume. 

Justice League: DarkSeid War: Superman #1 /
Flash #1
-I put both
of these one-shots together because they both fall under the same category.
Most of the Justice League members have been turned into new gods. I’m very
interested in seeing Flash as the Grim Reaper god and Superman is now an out of
control raged god of strength. The only thing I don’t like about these once
shots…they are just excused for DC to put out 6 additional books for this
Justice League event and cash in on the hype of the story arc. My best advice
here is buy the books you’re interested in and skip the rest.

Batman and Robin Eternal #5
-A weekly
series finally done right by DC! After the shocking last page in issue 4 I
definitely recommend if there’s one bat-book to try this year it’s this one! A
lot of awesome stories going on with the Robins, Harper and Cassandra, and
Bruce still has amnesia! The story of mother continues to really interest me
and the more that happens the curious-er I get about who she is and what exactly
her master plans are.

Grimm Fairy Tales #116
-The main
book at Zenescope continues to power through its second semester of Arcane Acre.
Bloody Bones and company are about ready to attack the school. Are the students
ready for what’s coming next and do they have what it takes to defeat Bloody Bones?
The action is definitely being kicked into high gear this arc!

Paper Girls #2
-This series
really surprised me and I’m glad I tried the first issue. Now this issue we get
some answers as to where the girls are after the events at the end of the last
issue. What happens next really has me interested and eager to read on. This
book is definitely something different for sure and worth a check out in my

We Stand on Guard #5
-This series
has been an enjoyment to read since its first issue. Canada is basically slowly
being taken over by America and there are only a few people left in the
resistance fighting against America. Finally Amber, who has been running all
her life, decided it’s time to finally fight back. Really can’t wait to see
where this issue goes, and definitely recommend everyone to try this book out.
Other books to

  • Angel and
    Faith Season 10 #20 
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III #1
  • Lara Croft And The Frozen
    Omen #2
  • Unfollow #1
  • James Bond #1
  • TMNT Color Classics Vol. 3 #11
  • Drax #1
  • Doctor Strange #2
  • Hercules #1
  • Contest of Champions #2
  • Star Wars #11
  • Uncanny
    X-Men #600
  • Vision #1
  • James Bond #1
  • Insufferable #7
  • Ninjak #9
Kiddie Corner:

  • Scooby-Doo
    Team-Up #13
  • Angry Birds Super Angry Birds #3
  • Donald Duck #7
  • Mickey Mouse #6
  • Kung Fu Panda #2

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