Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews for: Scarlet Witch #2, Constantine The Hellblazer #8, Gotham Academy #14, Huck #3 and more!

Constantine The Hellblazer #8 ”Midnight In the V.I.P. Room of Good and Evil”

Hi world, my name’s Mimi Schweid and here’s my reviews for Scarlet Witch #2, Constantine #8, Gotham Academy #14, Huck #3, Batman 66 Meets Man From Uncle #2, All New Wolverine #4, Captain America Sam Wilson #5, Guardians of the Galaxy #4, Silk #3, All New Hawkeye #3 and Agents of SHIELD #1

Scarlet Witch #2

Jesus christ it must take forever to color this series. The art is AMAZING and like a lot of this weeks comics, I want to shove it at everyone and make them read it. The story is on my general check list of magick based stories to keep me reading however I understand if this isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. HOWEVER, I still think people should give it a shot for the art style/coloring alone. Wanda’s a pretty freaking awesome character and redemption arks are always fun to read about in my opinion.  Plus, since I don’t know a lot about her as much as I like, I enjoy getting to learn more about her and her magick in this series. Also who doesn’t love looking at beautiful Greek islands with the goddess Hecate? 

What I liked most: The city scape scenes.
What I disliked most: ‘Villain’ was lack luster but I’m still excite for next months issue.
Favorite Quote: ”So, no meat or alcohol?”
”Yes, I’m super fun at dinner parties.”
Rating: 5 out of 5

Constantine The Hellblazer #8

‘Welcome! Please enter and abide by our simple rules. No murder or cannibalism except in the marked areas, no cheating — unless you can get away with it and please check all unholy instruments of destruction at the weapons check down the hall on your right.” God I love this series an can’t wait to get the trade in February for this series. The writing always makes me smile and get worried for the shenanigans John gets involved in. I’m always up for John teaming up with Papa Midnite and like last months, Swamp Thing. Give me all of my classic buddies and leave me with all of the feels. This was a good story and I love next months issue title.

What I liked most:  Oliver talking to Papa’s snake.
What I disliked most: I’M WORRIED ABOUT OLIVER!
Favorite Quote:  ”When I came to, I was in a penthouse, overlooking the city, and a deep voice rumbled behind me that said everything I could see belonged to him. I told him I’d seen Lion King, too, and he hit me in the head with the butt end of a machete.”
Rating: 5 out of 5

Gotham Academy #14

Gotham Academy likes doing specials and I like reading them. This was different art for each season and I really liked where it went with each adorable story. I love that Olive got Maps a scrap book so she could make her own year book. That’s just the cutest thing.  Over all, I really liked the braud range of the stories in this issue and I’m excited for next months for the Yearbook part 2. I’m curious to see how many ‘parts’ this yearbook will have and if each month will have different artists for the over all year book or if the ‘present’ stuff is all done by the same artist but all of the flashbacks will be different. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see though. If you haven’t ready any of Gotham Academy before I think this is a fun one to jump in on!

What I liked most: The different art stiles for each part of the year book. What I disliked most: It ended, this was super cute. Favorite Quote: It’s not really a quote but “rage shakes” was my favorite description. Rating: 5 out of 5

Huck #3

Huck is a great series, this is month three and each month the art gets better and Huck get’s even sweeter. I LOVE his list of things he has to do to help others. I hope he keeps his lists and keeps on being amazing. I’m worried about the political assholes corrupting our little guy who isn’t so little. He makes me think of Thor meets Steve Rogers meets Bruce Banner, big old softie with the best intentions.  I can’t wait to see what his moms like! Gah I love this series so much. Huck is so sweet and needs to be kept safe at all times. I want to hug the big fella because he is just so caring. I love that they added political assholes but I’m also worried about Huck. Also that cat scene and veterans one, gah. So cute.   #KEEPHUCKSAFE

What I liked most: The woman hitting on Huck.
What I disliked most: Political assholes..
Favorite Quote: “Do you want to talk about respect?”
“Not Particularly.”

Rating: 5 out of 5

Batman 66 Meets Man From U.N.C.L.E. #2

I didn’t watch this era of the Batman TV show because 1) I wasn’t around when it was on air and 2) I haven’t had the time to get a hold of it to watch the TV show that goes along with this comic. I really am enjoying this little special though. I’ve been avoiding the Batman 66 for awhile now but I’m happy I picked up this series. I love that U.N.C.L.E. things Bruce is apart of the villainous organization that they fight.  This is one of those comics I would love to see in the movie verse but I know will never happen so I’ll just eagerly be reading each months issue and buy the trade whenever it’s out so I can make other people read it in it’s entirety. 

What I liked most: Illya eyeing Barbra 😉
What I disliked most: Egg puns but I get it.
Favorite Quote: ‘Har, har, har! Me a plant dumb man.”
”Then consider my feet planted!
Rating: 5 out of 5

All New Wolverine #4

“Logan would be very proud of you.”
“Yeah. But he had pretty low standards.”
This is month number four for All New Wolverine an I have to say I really am enjoying each months issue. Laura and co are a good bunch of characters an I really love the Orphan Black vibe this series has. Laura and Doctor Strange are fabulous. All of the Sisters are. I love where this is going. Its a great comic and I want a trade for it as soon as possible. Laura and her sisters are adorable and I want them to survive like I want all of  the clones to survive in Orphan Black. SAVE THE CLONES!  Throughly loved Doctor Strange looking at them with his third eye, his dialogue about ‘judging’ them was priceless.

What I liked most: The clones reacting to Doctor Strange’s house.
What I disliked most: Monster thing hurting you know who.
Favorite Quote: “Inanimate objects shouldn’t wink.”
“That’s a restrictive rule.”

Rating: 5 out of 5

Captain America Sam Wilson #5

This months issue introduced us to the new ‘Falcon’ this poor kid, Joaquin Torress, whose been modified to have wings and is an adorable 17 year old little shit that I can’t wait to have interact with Sam more in next months issue/see how the end of this month plays out.

This week/month we got to see Sam deal with more of last months villainous mastermind snake asshole Viper who took Sam and in this month, throws him out the window after talking about his plan and states that ”Noboy reas the fine print. Rachel, please, calm yourself. I’m not that guy. I’m not just going to kill Captain America, okay? The ground is!” which I personally loved, it was cheesy but god I love Viper even though he’s a total asshole. I love Sam as a character an even more as Cap Wolf. Poor guy’s been a werewolf for three issues. Over all, this was a fun issue and I’m excited to see what will happen next month with how this one ended!
What I liked most: New Falcon is adorable.
What I disliked most: Flash backs made me sad.
Favorite Quote: ”For America! For hot doctor!!”
Rating: 5 out of 5

Guardians of the Galaxy #4

The team we have assembled is: Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Flash Thompson aka Venom, Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Kitty Pryde and Ben Grimm aka The Thing. It’s a lovely team and I rather enjoy reading them together.  Best line was probably Venom ”Insults are probably not the best negotiating tactic.” 

Aw man, it seems that next month it’s Drax’s turn for a little hell. It also seems that this team isn’t going to catch a break! For the past four months the gangs, well, three months, the gangs been fighting the last of the Kree, a pretty badass lady by the name of Hala. Last month Gamora went to fight her by herself and this month, had a pretty rough time dealing with Hala on her own so of course the team came in to save her and save her they did! Hala was stopped but we met our new villain, another destroyer looking for our boy Drax. I’m curious to see how it’ll play out next month. Over all, not a bad issue. Lots of pretty fight scene pages. 

What I liked most:  Team work an possible romance rebuilding! 
Favorite Quote: Spartax, where Gamora was left to die depending on your point of view.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Silk #3

I’m not a major Spiderverse person, I leave that up to Kat. However, I love this comic and I love Spider Gwen. I want/have a mighty need for Silk and Gwen to team up in some way damn it. MAKE IT HAPPEN MARVEL!

Anyways, this is a really fun issue like the past two months. Peter and Cindy bounce back off of each other really well and I like seeing them interact both in there suits and out. I love Cindy’s general quirkiness and I hope she keeps it up while dealing with the chaos of how this months issue ends.  I hope it, her brother situation and her parents, all works out for her in the end. 

What I liked most: Cindy’s sass.
What I disliked most: Jackass being a jackass. 
Favorite Quote:  “My parents never fought, so I guess I never had a good model. Thanks, mom and dad!”
Rating: 5 out of 5

All New Hawkeye #3

For the past two months I’ve been reading All New Hawkeye online thanks to Jay/Frontline. This month however I thought I’d buy it frankly because of Barney Barton. Man, I’m happy I actually bought this issue. The art’s growing on me a little bit more each month. The plot line is still a little on the ‘meh’ side for me but that’s because I’m still missing Fraction’s run. (Sorry to the team behind All New Hawkeye if you are reading this.) 

I like that this time Barney took money from Clint and ended up buying a freaking island. It just made me smile. I’m happy they are on good terms still so woohoo for that. I also can’t wait for Clint and Kate to officially make up which it seems like that’s what’s going to happen with the way this issue ended.

What I liked most: Island Barney and America/Kate!
What I disliked most: Hill messing shit up.
Favorite Quote: ‘Splodie arrow!”
”You remembered.”
”How could I forget?”
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Agents of SHIELD #1

So, this issue felt a lot like I was ‘reading’ an issue of the TV show which was nice. I liked this issue a lot more than last months/last years version. It felt like a good continuation to the show but at the same time, that’s also a bad thing. I was ‘shocked’ a few times but generally it wasn’t a mind blowing issue.

The arts fun and it ‘feels’ like the show but shouldn’t it also feel different? Shouldn’t I be more shocked? Yes, you threw me for a loop with Fitz asking May out an Jemma’s sickness but generally speaking it wasn’t a major comic for me. I wasn’t surprised by the ending but I certainly enjoyed the comic as a whole. I liked Tony’s banter with May and just his presence in the issue was a nice thing but that’s really all I have to say on the Tony part of the issue.

What I liked most: LOLA!!!
What I disliked most: Of course that’s how it ended..
Favorite Quote: Coulson’s favorite author code. 
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

My Ranking For The Week

11) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1
10) Guardians of the Galaxy #4
9) All New Hawkeye #3
8) Silk #3 
7) Gotham Academy #14
6) Captain America Sam Wilson #5
5) All New Wolverine #4
4) Batman 66 Meets Man From Uncle #2
3) Huck #3
2) Scarlet Witch #2
1) Constantine #8

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