Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews for: Lucifer #2, Batgirl #47, Ms. Marvel #3, Patsy Walker #2 and more!

Hi world, my name’s Mimi and here’s my reviews for: Batgirl #47, Poison Ivy Circle of Life and Death #1, Wonder Woman #48, Lucifer #2, I Hate Fairyland #4, Wolf #5, Astonishing Ant-Man #4, Captain Marvel #1, Ms Marvel #3, Patsy Walker #2, Red Thorn #3 and The Blacklist #6

Batgirl #47

Spoilers is adorable, Bluebird is pretty and Babs is, Babs.  This wasn’t the best issue for me but I enjoyed it. I feel bad for the whole memory thing for Babs but at the same time I’m not 100% invested in the whole storyline. I don’t want it to go where I think it’s going. I felt that since the whole Gordon taking over as Batman thing was established a few months back that it’d play a bit more of a thing in Bab’s stories. I know its her series but I also want to see that relationship again. Which we got, kind of with them talking all adorable father/daughter like this issue for a few pages but still, I really love that relationship and I’d like to see more of it.

What I liked most: Spoilers and the cop creep.
What I disliked most:  Frankie at first but she mellowed out. 
Favorite Quote: ”That bike just flew off the roof! Did you see that? It just flew off the roof!”
Rating:  3.5 out of 5

Poison Ivy Circle of Life and Death #1

So to be honest I’ve never really looked into Poison Ivy as a character. I just like seeing how cute she is with Harley and how she help’s her along with Cat Woman acknowledge how she shouldn’t be with the Joker. That’s my basic thing for her. However I really liked this comic. The art just ‘felt’ right for a Poison Ivy comic. Also love her green her eyes are in this issue.  To say I loved the whole Harley and Pam team up in the bar would be an understatement. I loved how Harley was just stating that she was the therapist, she knew what was going on. Gah, cuties. Sad about there fight but I get it, girls got her own series, gotta be solo for a bit I guess.

What I liked most: The Gotham Academy cross over. 
What I disliked most: Course the buddy is dead. Or probably not, I think I know what’s going to happen.
Favorite Quote: Nobody interrupts Poison Ivy! and ”I have a PhD. I don’t need no stinking badge.”
Rating: 3.5  out of 5

Wonder Woman #48

I didn’t mean to laugh when Diana took off her fabulous trench coat to reveal her equally as fabulous uniform but I did. I did laugh but Diana is always a badass no matter what she’s wearing. Not that clothes always affect it but I digress. Diana’s fight scenes with this months villain of the week wasn’t bad but to be honest, I’m missing her previous storyline with the Gods. What’s going on? Is she adjusting more to being War? You can’t just start that up without continuing it, don’t give me filler when you have that as your over all story arch. Chuckled as well at the ”American pawn’ line for Diana because why would you say that to her? 

What I liked most: The ending set me up for the stuff I want to see.
What I disliked most: This was another filler villain issue.
Favorite Quote: None of us are born bad, but the things that happen to us, the choices we make every day, they shape us. making us more, or less, than we were the day before. It’s why you and the Justice League are so important. You give us hope. Even in the face of terrifying evil and darkness.
Rating:  3.5 out of 5

Lucifer #2

Recap, last month in issue #1 we met our dear old Lucifer in LA running his club Lux. He’s been accused of killing God by Gabriel and co (co being the other Archangels) and his old buddy Mazikeen is ruling Hell. 

Now, Gabriel and Lucifer are working together to figure our what exactly is going on. Who killed God and why was the weapon in God the same metal shard that’s inside Lucifer? So, our boys travel to Hell where Lucifer ‘like’s what they’ve done with the place’ and Gabriel spews out lovely ideas of names for there investigation agency with funny slogans like ”We do a Hell of a job” or naming it The Devil Does Care Inc. We got some answers for things that I don’t want to spoil here so just do yourself a favor and read the comic. This has fantastic art and a great nostalgic feel to the original Lucifer series from Mike Carrey. I rather like where it’s going and can’t wait to see what else will crossover in future issues!

What I liked most: How fast the Angels can heal.
What I disliked most: Mazikeen needs to be in more!!
Favorite Quote: ”This is why you’re not supposed to talk about politics or religion at the table.”
Rating:  5 out of 5

I Hate Fairyland #4

I might have to use ”loliflocking’ at some point. Once again, we got Gertrude being a badass child that’s been in Fairlyland for 37 years human times but is like 100 and something Fairyland time. She’s great, really, I love her. She’s started to make me think of a tinier Jessica Jones now that I’ve finally read all of those. She’s still just as wild as the last three issues and I thought Scottie’s little blurb about next months was cute. Can’t wait to see how the end of this story arch goes!

What I liked most:  The sass, I just love it all so much.
What I disliked most:  Kind of the whole cliff hanger thing because that is just a thing every issue?
Favorite Quote: ”Do you still have that thing from that we got from that guy that takes you to the place with all the thingies?”
Rating:  4.5 out of 5

Wolf #5

Funny story, just this week I was asking Jeremy and Kat about when Wolf was coming back than BAM, new issue this week! Man am I happy. I missed this beautiful series so damn much. That’s what I get for getting attached to an Image comic. Nevertheless, this comic once again made it onto my list of comics I want as posts on my wall because hot damn is that one beautiful cover. The story is still just as awesome as it was with issue 4. Since the series is slightly longer than most, we got a trade for issues 1-4 that I sadly still need to buy. Story wise, this left me filled with glee and I did a little happy dance over the fact i said #6 would be out on February 24th  because I don’t think I can handle another break like last ones! This story involved our lovely lilttle Anti-Christ Anitia is out on her own in the dessert with our Freddy and a vampire whose name I can’t recall. Wolf isn’t doing so hot, it’s been four years since issue 4 and I’m worried about everyone. 

What I liked most: The time skip!
What I disliked most: I’M WORRIED ABOUT WOLF! Last time I knew he could survive everything, still know he can but it still hurts!
Favorite Quote: ”I’m ridiculous. Probably the only seventeen year old with a paper diary, running a secret investigation and dealing with a werewolf thing. Definitely not the only seventeen year old with a bad case of acne who just wants to move out already, tho.”
Rating: 5 out of 5

The Astonishing Ant-Man #4

When I started reading comics I never thought I’d read Ant-Man. Hell, when I started reading comics I didn’t even know Ant-Man was a thing. Now, thanks to the movie and thanks to the current run of the comics due to his success in the box office, I’m rather enjoying his comics. It’s cute yet dramatic. It’s got all the light hearted fun of Scott (who I still read in my head as Paul Rudd) and his darker moments too. HE JUST WANTS TO BE CASSIE’S HERO GUYS! Over all, fun issue, loved the whole basketball thing and the tickets. Very cute. Go read the thing. 

What I liked most: Cassie/Scott angst.
Favorite Quote: Hey there not-exactly-handome-but-still-somehow-weridly-acceptable. Miss me?
Rating:  5 out of 5

Captain Marvel #1

I want to really like Carol, I’m excited for her movie, I love her cameos with Kamala in Ms. Marvel, I’m just worried. I’m worried that with the ‘need’ for as many strong women being portrayed as men in media that it’s going to get over done and just done badly. I’m worried that we will just get an influx of  female lead movies and shows that just won’t be written all that well. At least, that’s how I’m feeling right now and the same goes for comics. I know Carol’s been around for a long time but that doesn’t mean I’m still not worried about her movie. Her comic however wasn’t all that bad. Not my favorite of the week but still, a good issue. I like that some of the team behind it is from Agent Carter though, so woohoo for you guys. PS I hope Rhodey comes to visit. 

What I liked most: The over all design of the ship is pretty damn awesome.
What I disliked most: Abigail being all bitchy. I know we will get that story soon enough, in a more elaborated detail than the brief gym moment but still.
Favorite Quote: It’s not that I’m a violent person. It’s just that somethings really, really need punching.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Ms. Marvel #3

I love that the comic’s description page is ”Marvel Comic’s Proudly Presents” I know it’s done in other comics but it just makes me extra happy seeing it for Ms. Marvel. I like that this issue had Kamala and Michaela teaming up, very cute. All the friendship power! It’s cheesy and I love it. I always get happy when I see Ms. Marvel on my list of comics to read, you’ think I’d remember the week it’s due but things change a lot so yeah. This was a fun issue and I loved Kamala and Michaela working together to help Bruno, talking about him but also other things because they had shit to get done. So very happy. Go read the thing guys and girls, go do it.

What I liked most: ”Sleep Guy” poster.
What I disliked most: HYDRA, stop already (don’t actually, I love you as the villain). 
Favorite Quote: ”Look out evildoers.”
”Time to science.”Rating:  5 out of 5

Patsy Walker aka Hell Cat #2

First things first, I love the covers for Patsy’s series. The variants, the regular ones, both are just fabulous. Poor Patsy, working retail. Girl, I’m so sorry but also I love you and I’m proud of you for dealing with it. I love Patsy’s thought bubbles and how light this comic is. It’s a fun series, kind of like Star Fire where I’m invested and enjoying it and happy it exists. It’s fun, it’s a light hearted little thing and I’m invested in it’s story. I’m excited to see how Paty’s super heroes for hire thing goes, I like her relationship with her roommate friend Ian and that she got the gang together to rant about her day and they all just went along with it. Very cute girl power thing. Good job guys!

What I liked most: The freaking pet photos at the end. You adorable writers you.
What I disliked most: Stupid Hedy (Sighs)
Favorite Quote: I’ve made a huge mistake. and I NEED AT LEAST 30 MORE SECONDS OF RAGE!
Rating:  5 out of 5

Red Thorn #3

I try to recommend this series to anyone that draws so they can gush over our little artist character Isla and her banter with Thorn is fabulous. I  like that this series is a good balance of a slow burn but also very fast paced. We haven’t seen our lead villain but we know he’s got a bunch of lackeys after Thorn so it’s nice to see it play out. I like Isla as a character and I’m always entertained by characters like Thorn. I’m always up for beautifully drawn our fight scenes and girls having there own adventures blow up in there faces. Poor Isla, can’t wait to see how that turns out! 

What I liked most: Nesse! And that ending plot twist!
What I disliked most: That ending plot twist BECAUSE THAT POOR KID!
Favorite Quote: ”Sorry I haven’t phoned or texted. Ye should be more impressed by that joke. I only found out what a phone was this morning.”
Rating:  5 out of 5

Okay, this was a much harder list for me to rank this week. Anyways, here we go! 

  1. Patsy Walker #2 (Girl you are making me want to rewatch Jessica Jones all over again, I’ve got to stop that.)
  2. Lucifer #2 (Oh lookie, just in time for that show I’ve been waiting for.)
  4. Ms. Marvel #3 (Go girl, you got this!)
  5. I Hate Fairland #4 (I just love this series so much.)
  6. Red Thorn #3 (It’s just so pretty and I love Isla!) 
  7. The Astonishing Ant-Man #4 (Scott feels, all of them.) 
  8. Wonder Woman #48 (Better than last months!)
  9. Poison Ivy Circle of Life and Death #1 (Cool starter for the series,  beautiful art.)
  10. Batgirl #47 (Oh Babs) 
  11. Captain Marvel #1 (Cool?)

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