Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews for Black Canary #7, Black Magick #4, Daredevil #3, Cry Havoc #1 and more!

Black Canary #7, 2016

Hi world, my name’s Mimi Schweid and here’s my reviews for Black Canary #7, Black Magick #4, Cry Havoc #1, Outcast #15, Revival #36, All New All Different Avengers #4, Daredevil #3, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3, Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year 2 #5, Red Agent #1 and Steampunk Zenescope #1!

Black Canary #7

Black Canary’s current series is something I really wanted to enjoy when it started back up over the summer. It is one of the few series I actively buy because I’m in love with the art. Black Canary, Constantine The Hellblazer, Batman 66 Meet’s Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Lucifer are the current series I try to keep buying. I also try to get a hold of Mulan Revelation’s when that baby comes out. But back to Black Canary. This issue was a lovely conclusion of sorts to the main villain arch that’s been going on in the series, we got to see Amanda Waller for a bit which was nice. I loved the flashback type of style in this issue. It worked out really well. The writer also really in my opinion seem to get Dinah as a character and it shows. She knows she’s a fighter and that her lil gang of musician’s aren’t. At least not to her extent. Nevertheless, they team up like the lovely band that they are with the ‘villain’ Maeve who had some cute stuff with Ditto again. Up until the ending I had a nice happy feeling while reading than pain happened. Can’t wait for next months issue! And to get a hold of a trade for this series!
What I liked most: That page that went across a music sheet! What I disliked most:  I’m worried about Dinah guys! So not really a bad thing?Favorite Quote: ”Guitars, drums, walls of amplifiers, they are your holy weapons in this war for the living universe, Black Canary.”   Also loved ”Get out now or I’ll get punchy.” Rating:  5 out of 5

Black Magick #4

I could totally write a five page paper as to why I love this comic series as much as I do. Instead, I’m going to keep it short. Each month this series delivers. The characters are lovely and the fact romance isn’t front and center is fantastic to see in a magick themed series. It’s badasses being badasses. They’ve got shit to do but they also have normal lives to try and live which is great to see. It’s not just all magick centered, it’s the perfect mix of both magick and real life. This series always feels like a beautiful horror series where I’m worried about everyone and that ending proved once again how powerful this series is. I knew something bad had to happen but I was really hoping it wasn’t that! Can’t wait to see what happens next month! 
What I liked most: THAT ENDING HAD ME SHOUTING ”NO” IN MY BEDROOM AT 1AM.What I disliked most:  Mystery guy, I’m worried about you mystery guy. 
Favorite Quote: ”Bitch.”
Rating: 5   out of 5

Cry Havoc #1

I honestly had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this comic. I mean yeah, the wolf on the cover made me think of werewolves but damn this was fabulous. Louise is a great character. I’m a sucker for girls with blue hair. 
I love the art in this comic, it’s just so vivid! I’m all for werewolf stories and I’m all for horrifying werewolf stories where the werewolf looks like it’s going to actually do some serious damage as this series goes on.  I loved Louise’s violin pages, it was just so pretty! I’d love to see this comic on TV!

What I liked most: The war stuff looks like it’ll be fun to see play out as the comics go on!
What I disliked most: The 1st few pages were a lil confusing but it worked itself out!  Favorite Quote:  ”Truths what you choose to see, Louise Canton. Not what other assholes call it.” 
Rating:  4.5 out of 5

Outcast #15

The reason why I love this series is that it reads like a basic procedural on TV. This is always one of those comics I know I can throughly enjoy it even when it’s a slow read. This months however was as fast as Outcast can be and ended with a lovely cliff hanger that left me shouting ”OH NO YOU DID THE THING I DIDN’T WANT YOU TO DO!” So now, once again, I am left worrying about Kyle and the rest of his family. AGAIN. Damn it Outcast, stop messing with my emotions, you already have me as a reader!

What I liked most: Kyle and his lil demon show down outside his house. LOVED the handshake panel. What I disliked most:  OH NO THAT ENDING, I AM WORRIED. I AM SO WORRIED FOR NEXT MONTH GUYS!Favorite Quote: ‘‘it’s in our daughter too.” Rating:   out of 5

All New All Different Avengers #4

Well that cover shocked me that’s for starters. It was 1) so freaking pretty and 2) Thor and Sam kissing, well Jane and Sam but still! I do enjoy this series, it’s an easy read but still manages to have some fun surprises along the way, this months being Jarvis! I enjoy the team up, Nova, Kamala, Thor, Sam, Miles, Vision and Tony work well together at least in this comic. It should be annoying but I love that no one knows Jane is Thor in this comic. It’s fabulous because it adds some cute moments. Sam and Jane/Thor were adorable! I’m all for more of Sam and Jane/Thor whenever she returns in this series!  This was a light read despite the pretty cool villain setting up a big bad for future comics. Over all, fun read, go buy the thing!
What I liked most:  The team work!What I disliked most: I guess how blah Tony kind of is in this issue.  Favorite Quote: ‘I wish I loved anything as much as she loves everything.”
Rating: 5  out of 5

Daredevil #3

Oh Matt, how I love you so. I think one of the reasons as to why I like this comic series, well, this current run so much, is that it feels a lot like the Netflix show.  It’s all dark and angsty like the first season of Daredevil but also still has the happy shine of Matt’s personality that I love dearly. While some part of me saw the ending coming, I still loved it. I’m all for Matt having to balance fighting his villains on both fronts as Matt Murdock and as Daredevil. 

What I liked most: The beautifully done fight scenes! I love when fights are spread out like they are in DD.What I disliked most:  Poor side kick got hurt!Favorite Quote: ‘Now, here’s the question. Is it possible, somehow, that I am  also an idiot?”
Rating:  5 out of 5

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3

Aw Luna, Luna, Luna. I want to hug Luna. Everyone has felt like her at some point or another and that’s why I love this comic so much. I’m not a science person, never really have been but I can still relate to little old Luna and her crazy ordeal with the entertaining Devil Dinosaur. No, I’ve never ran through NYC with monkey type cave men chasing after me but I can remember feeling out of place as a kid. She’s just so adorable and I want everything to turn out okay for her. Next months issue should be just as much fun as this months was! Should be entertaining to have the Incredible Awesome Hulk and Devil Dinosaur face off!What I liked most: Luna’s basement!
What I disliked most:  Her asshole bullies. But that’s school for you so.Favorite Quote: It was from the one and only Neil deGrasse Tyson ‘‘Kids should be allowed to break stuff more often. That’s a consequence of exploration. exploration is what you do when you don’t know what you’re doing.”Rating:   5 out of 5

Doctor Who 11h Doctor Year 2 #5

Abslom Daak, Alice Obiefune, The Squire and the Doctor are back for one hell of an issue. The Doctor Who comics do a good job at filling my Doctor Who void, much like The Blacklist comics do for me.  I like this series, it’s simple but enjoyable and of course very punny. Alice is a lovely companion and I enjoy her and 11’s relationship along with 11 and The Squire. Still love that a group called The Then and the Now are after the Doctor. It was over all, a good issue. I loved the ending and I enjoy the Doctor and Alice bantering over Daak and Alice’s blushing. It’s very cute to read/see.
What I liked most: The ending because that will make next months a very fun read.
What I disliked most:  Over all, not a lot happened? It was more of a oh, here’s a setting so we can talk about the Master but you won’t see him yet, but he’s being talked about so if the Master doesn’t come next month or down the line it’ll probably be Missy.Favorite Quote: Let’s, um, give him some quite time, eh, Mr. Daak? He’s got that physics-teacher-having-a-breakdown-at-the-blackboard look.”Rating:   5 out of 5

Red Agent #1

Well Little Red Riding Hood aka Britney Waters aka Red Agent, looks pretty badass. Shame her villain is totally psycho and killing all the people. Like all the people he faces. Minus the adorable High Born little girl robot he took in the beginning of the issue. Over all it was a pretty simple issue but I liked it. I got from point A to point B in an exciting way, met some decent characters and got to chuckle at the fact I have not one but now two series with a character named Ditto that the lead blonde must keep safe. I guess that’s become a popular name in the comic world this past year? Nevertheless, this was surprisingly good for me.What I liked most: Red’s outfit. What I disliked most:  Of course it ends with Red Agent all dramatically knocked out.Favorite Quote: I didn’t really have one, it was more of a reaction kind of issue. Nothing quote worthy came out for me.Rating: 4.5  out of 5

Steampunk #1

I didn’t know this was going to be a thing, I haven’t touched Zenescope in a while and man, this was awesome! Alice was fabulous, the same for deaf Cinderella!  These comics still manage to surprise me when I read them. I’m in love with the art style and I wish this thing wasn’t just a two part special, I hope it does well enough that they continue it again in a few months. I give them credit for throwing in as many character’s as they have. The costumes/outfits the gang wears in the other comics is great but this steampunk style had me swooning. 

What I liked most: It’s a tie between Deaf Cinderella and drug addict Alice.What I disliked most: The villain is okay? I’m excited to see what happens next month though!Favorite Quote: ”Alice, on a scale of one to how fucking ridiculous, how high are you?””I’ve been seeing large purple cats ever since the taste test, but there are less of them now than before.”Rating:  5 out of 5

My Ranking For The Week

  1. Steampunk #1
  2. Black Magick #4
  3. Cry Havoc #1
  4. Daredevil #3
  5. Black Canary # 7
  6. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3
  7. Red Agent #1
  8. All New All Different Avengers #4
  9. Outcast #15
  10. Doctor Who 11th Doctor: Year 2 #5

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