(P)Rebirth What To Expect When Expecting Part 1

At the ComicsPro Annual Membership Meeting Thursday DC Comics announced the titles that will hit shelves on June after their 80-Page DC Universe Rebirth Special on May 25th. I gave some of my speculations during our Late Night DC Rebirth Discussion but I am super excited for this event and keep trying to wonder who will be on what title, so I decided to do a series where I will speculate and share who I would put on each title. This is the first part taking on the books that are set to be released in June!
* Rumored or confirmed to be on the title

Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: Miguel Mendonca
What I Want To See: Mendonca did great on Little Mermaid with the under water scenes they were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.Throughout her Wonder Woman run Finch has shown she can use myths, legends and mystics. I want to see that brought into the Atlantis setting. I also want to see Garth (Tempest), Tula, Dolphin, Lorena Marquez, and Jackson Hyde the Aqua-Family but I think for Jackson I would want to see more of the Young Justice Kaldur’ahm version. I wouldn’t mind if we saw more of that Atlantis where they embrace myth and mystics and have a rich kingdom of characters.

Writer: Tom King*
Artist: David Finch
What I Want To See: Finch’s art tends to gravitate more towards the darker settings which I think it is an awesome for Batman. King I think can tell some great crime stories, so I would like them to put together this great big “Hush” like mystery story that allows us to go along with the mystery ride.

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Scott Kolins
What I Want To See: Scott Kolins is an amazing artist and his run with Geoff Johns on The Flash was just phenomenal and he has only gotten better so I would love to see him return. Greg Rucka may be one of the best detective writers ever. I would love to see a Flash title with Barry Allen that really explores that Barry is a CSI. Barry should rival Bruce’s mind and I think Rucka would be the best writer to showcase that.

Writer: Ben Sokolowski, Andrew Kreisberg
Artist: Daniel Sampere
What I Want To See: This team KILLED it with their “Kingdom” story so why not bring them back? Sampere did some amazing action scenes that blew my mind I think he draws some of the best archer fights I have ever seen. Sokolowski, and Kreisberg told an excellent story and I think with a longer run they can just blow this title up and bring it into the spotlight. I want to see Team Arrow, Mia, Roy, Dinah, Diggle, Felicity and Connor all back in the game.

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Darryl Banks
What I Want To See: I think this title will be about the Earth-based Lanterns more. If I am right then Kyle would be a big part so why not the men who created him?

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi*
Artist: Neal Adams
What I Want To See: Tomasi is the rumored front runner for this position and with him coming off of Super League I can see that being the case. Neal Adams is an essential Superman Artist I would love to see them team up on this and bring Superman’s rogues back instead of relying on a select few.

Writer: Marguerite Bennett*
Artist: Renae De Liz
What I Want To See: Bennett is the rumored frontrunner for this title. I think she does a great job writing about “Sisterhood” in Bombshells and A-Force so I would like to see a good bit of Themyscira in the book. Renae De Liz is killing the art with The Legend of Wonder Woman I would love to see her on this book. Wonder Woman you need to bring in the myth, and I would also like to bring back the diplomacy of the character with the Embassy.

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Tony S. Daniel
What I Want To See: Action Comics #19 was the best New-52 Superman comic there was period. Andy Diggle really knows these characters and it showed in that issue, sadly the story was abandoned due to editorial. TOny S. Daniel did an AMAZING job on that issue as well his little scenes that showed the body language was so spot on and could tell the story with the art alone.

Writer: Scott Snyder*
Artist: Yanick Paquette

What I Want To See: Scott Snyder is supposed to be taking this title over and have more freedom, not bogged down with the big Bat-Events. Yanick Paquette did a great job with Batman #49 and really fits with Snyder’s story style so I think he would be the perfect fit for Snyder. I want this to be about Batman back on the street level stuff. I want him meeting Gordon, taking out his rogues. Let’s see him dealing with Croc, Clayface, Penguin, etc. that is why the animated series is so beloved.

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