Image+ Previews Catalog Includes Original Walking Dead Story

By: Nicole D’Andria

Image+ is a new monthly magazine which will showcase upcoming Image Comics releases and bonus creator-owned comic book content. The first twelve issues of Image+ will also have an original, four-page Walking Dead story exploring the origins of Negan. The story will be handled by The Walking Dead creative team, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard, and will span a total of 48 pages.

The Image+ magazine will be 64 pages long. It will feature exclusive interviews, spotlight features, bonus never-before-seen preview pages, editorials from industry voices, and additional comic book coverage curated by the Branding Manager at Image Comics, David Brothers.

Brothers talked about his experience as well as his excitement to be working on the Image+ magazine: “Comics are exciting, and it does them and their creators a disservice to give them rote, by-the-numbers coverage. I cut my teeth on video game magazines before writing about comics professionally, and I’m excited to push that experience in a new direction alongside Sasha Head, our Sales & Marketing Production Designer. From my perspective, comics have always been cool, and this is a chance to show everyone exactly why I feel that way.”

 Subscribers to Diamond’s monthly PREVIEWS Catalog will receive Image+ for free starting this May. Alternatively, Image+ can be bought for $1.99. PREVIEWS includes new solicitations as well as product listings. The PREVIEWS Catalog in May will include the July releasing solicitations. I’m interested in getting more of a peek into the inner-workings of Image Comics and their creator-owned books.

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