Kat’s Pull List 3/16/16 “Iron Man is Going International”

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week’s pull list.


Santeria The Goddess Kiss #1
This looked like a bit more of a grounded Aspen series. So wanted to give the first issue a try. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138) 

DC Comics

Batman and Robin Eternal #24
We are getting closer to the end, but I still haven’t been totally impressed with this weekly series. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  

Black Canary #9
Excited to see Black Canary and Batgirl team up again. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  

Green Arrow #50
As you know I am not a big fan of this run, but maybe the series can go in a better direction with this landmark issue 50.  

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 #6
I’ve been getting a little bored with this volume of Injustice, but there are some issues with good character moments. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  

Legends of Tomorrow #1
I am most excited for the Firestorm story for this issue, but I don’t love how pricey the book is.  

Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #3
The baby twist is a little weird, but I think this mini series has been pretty solid. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)


Superman American Alien #5
Another great DC mini series! I love how different every issue is. 
Titans Hunt #6
I’ve been disappointed with the pacing of this series. We are getting close to the end so hopefully the series will pick up. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
 Lords of the Jungle #1
I really enjoyed Vamperrella from Dynamite. So decided to try out another Dynamite series with Lords of the Jungle. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138) 
Eighth Seal #4
This series has an interesting concept and it has an interesting haunting feel to it. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
13th Artifact One Shot #1
This is a comic from a Top Cow contest and I love to support new writers. The space concept looked interesting too. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
Huck #5
Want to see more of Huck and his mother interact in this issue. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
All New X-Men #6
This series is at it’s best when they focus on one or two characters, but lately they have been trying to give all the characters separate stories. They need to instead focus on team building. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
Astonishing Ant Man #6
This is my most anticipated comic! I am a huge Cassie Lang fan and can’t wait to read her side of the story and see her story progress. Also Kate is a guest in this issue!   
Captain Marvel #3
This series has been okay. I still think it needs to build on it’s supporting characters better. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
Extraordinary X-Men #8
I still think it’s too soon to have an X-Men event because I still don’t feel like this series has found it’s footing. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
International Iron Man #1
I am excited to see what this series will bring. Also want to see what MJ’s role is in this book.   
Power Man and Iron Fist #2
I enjoyed the first issue and excited to see how Luke and Danny work as a team. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
Silk #6
Excited to see more of Cindy’s story in this issue because the last arc was very Silk heavy. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
Spider Woman #5
I loved the last issue of Spider Woman! Now excited to see to see Jessica as a full time mother.   
 Starbrand and Nightmask #3
This series has potential, especially with it’s supporting cast. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138) 

Web Warriors #5
I am getting tired of the Electro arc. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  
Grimm Fairy Tales #120

My favorite Zenescope title! (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 138)  

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