Nailbiter Enters Third Chapter, Bound By Blood

By: Nicole D’Andria

The horror series Nailbiter is starting its third chapter this May. Nailbiter takes place in the town of Buackaroo, Oregon. Buckaroo is the birthplace of sixteen serial killers. The latest chapter, Bound By Blood, focuses on Alice (SPOILERS for Alice’s parentage), the daughter of the Nailbiter.

Bound By Blood begins in issue 21 of Nailbiter. Nicholas Finch, an NSA agent who has been investigating the town of Buckaroo, finds out a new serial killer is on the loose. Alice, whose parentage has been revealed to her, now has to deal with the consequences. Will she become Buckaroo’s next serial killer?
Nailbiter is written by Joshua Williamson (Birthright, Illuminati) and illustrated by Mike Henderson (Venom, Carnage). Williamson thanks the supporters of Nailbiter and addressed the third chapter in greater detail: “It’s awesome that we’re starting year three of Nailbiter! The team and I are so thankful to the readers and retailers for keeping us alive and killing for the last two years.”

Williamson continues: “We’ve been building to the Bound by Blood story arc since the beginning, slowly revealing the secret relationships between the characters. And now with this story arc we focus on Alice as she learns some dark truths about her past. The only way for her to know everything is if she solves the town’s big secret…why does it give birth to so many serial killers? How has it been hidden for so long? Crazy things are going to be revealed in this story arc…and it’s going to be very bloody!”

Henderson had this to add: “Another year, another arc, another murder spree! We can’t thank everyone who’s kept Nailbiter going strong enough but just to try: Alice takes center stage and learns some new things about her ever-weirder world and the result is some of our darkest and bloodiest yet.”

I’ve been a fan of Nailbiter from issue one. The series was my pick for best series of 2014, and I consider it one of the top ten best series I read in 2015. Joshua Williamson is a talented horror writer who uses mystery to his advantage in every issue of Nailbiter. Mike Henderson’s artwork is a nice compliment to Williamson’s writing, creating many shocking moments and not shying away from showing blood. I highly recommend picking up the first volume. Hopefully, this third volume will excel as well as the first one.

Nailbiter #21 will be released on May 4th, 2016. The Diamond code is MAR160550) The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, April 11th.

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