Marvel Teases: Death Of….

Death Of….

 Marvel  is known for their teaser campaigns where we get a teaser image, and just a teasing phrase, or title and this time it is Death Of…. 

The image teases the words “Death Of” over what appears to be a blood splattered X, and that is all with no other information available at this time. We don’t know who the creative team is, or if this is a new storyline within an ongoing series, a new mini-series, or another event. With no other information theories and assumptions are bound to begin so….

With the “X” featured in the teaser it is safe to assume this is an X-Men related teaser.  Marvel  has multiple threads going on to which this can be played into, or out of. Currently we have the new X-wide crossover storyline Apocalypse Wars, which leads to the question: Could this really be THE Apocalypse for the X-Men? Civil War II is fast approaching with rumors that two deaths will occur, and the recently announced Civil War II: X-Men tie-in mini coming out, could an X-Man be one of those deaths? Then we have the ongoing sage of the Mutants vs the Inhumans with the Mutants being infected with the M-Pox disease that threatens to end their species. Could this be the first casualty of M-Pox?

That brings me to my final theory, or guess; Could this be the story where we find out how Cyclops died? Since the conclusion of Secret Wars and the birth of All-New, All-Different Marvel we have been told that Cyclops died in the 8 month gap between the two events. Fans have been speculating on how he died, with the only information we have is that it concerns the Inhumans. I would hate for it to take until the fall to actually find this out, but since Cyclops’ mask/visor was a “red X” this really could be what this is referring to.

But no matter what it is, stay tuned to Comic Frontline for more news on Death Of….

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