Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews for Black Widow #2, Black Panther #1, Batgirl #50 and more!

Hi world, my name’s Mimi and here’s my reviews for Black Widow #2, Black Panther #1, Scarlet Witch #5, The Blacklist #8, Grimm Fairy Tales Steampunk #2,  and Batgirl #50

Batgirl #50

Black Widow #2

Last month’s issue was basically one big action sequence, which wasn’t a bad thing. I loved it but It was nice to get some explanation this time around. I LOVE that SHIELD has it’s own secret burial ground for agents, thanks Fury! This issue had way more dialogue and filled in a lot of what last months didn’t which was a plot. Not bashing last months at all, I loved it, I just was happy to  get some answers this month and of course be left with some more questions. This issue was beautifully done and I’m very excited to return next month to read it.

What I liked most:  The fact that Natasha’s hair and blood are the only red things in the comic.
What I disliked most:  Elder.. I mean he’s got a purpose and he’s cool but damn boy stop.
Favorite Quote:  How many more S.H.I.E.L.D. Agetns are going to die thanks to the Black Widow?
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Black Panther #1

So, this was my first ever Black Panther comic and DAMN, what a ride.  T’Challa is BADASS. I am in love with the world he’s apart of. I’m so excited to watch him make his people love/respect him again because frankly all of the best stories start with a conflict as crazy and painful as T’Challa’s. This was new reader friendly and the fact this is the writers first comic made it even more impressive for me. The dialogue was so smooth and precise, everything served a purpose and it was inspiring to see/read. I plan on buying this series monthly and getting a trade ASAP whenever it comes out for this new series. Bravo Black Panther team! You go Ta-Nehisi, you go! Four for you Ta-Nehisi four for you!

What I liked most:  The art!
What I disliked most:  The fact it wasn’t one of those cool 60 pages issue. I wanted more.
Favorite Quote:  It is not enough to be the sword, you must be the intelligence behind it.
Rating:  5 out of 5

Scarlet Witch #5

Can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL that cover is/was? My god, this team, I’m in awe every month of what you come up with. I lost it at the way Wanda just casually told the Father she was used to be insulted by people. This was a very ‘visual’ issue. It wasn’t as ‘pretty’ to me as the previous issues but I still enjoyed it. I’m more excited for Wanda to have a ‘villain’ to go up against, not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy Wanda traveling  around being a badadss Witch fixing other peoples messes but man, I can’t wait to get to a less filler part of the series. It’s one of those series that I go back and forth from buying the day it comes out or borrowing a friends issue to read than go back and buy my own. It’s worth reading this issue but I’m still mixed on if I will buy this issue just yet.

What I liked most:  Wanda’s power strut into the Vineyard. 
What I disliked most:  The Father but man that sass!
Favorite Quote:  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve taken a walk through the countryside.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

The Blacklist #8

Funny story, I’m two months behind on the current story arch but thanks to the fact I’m an avid watcher of the TV show I was just fine. Never thought I’d get to say that with a comic before, It feels both great and disappointing all at once.  Over all, this issue, like every other one in this series gets to have the amazing ‘feel’ of an actual Blacklist episode thanks to the team behind it being apart of the TV show. It’s a great companion to the series. This issue was just as fun and beautifully done as the issue I read back in December except it touched upon later seasons characters/plot points. Which I’m all for, it’s a great show. Elizabeth and Red are on the run from the FBI together and trying to clear her name, which is the season 3 plot so woohoo. I liked this issue a lot and I recommend buying yourself a copy!

What I liked most:  Navabi, she was ON POINT. I just love her so much.
What I disliked most: The  Cabal, they are evil SOB’s.
Favorite Quote:  It’s easy to think you’re not capable of something. Right up until the moment you are. Sometimes we don’t know ourselves as well as we think we do.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Grimm Fairy Tales Steampunk #2

I’m all for badass lady power and that’s exactly what this issue and the last one gave me. I wish this series wasn’t just a two part comic. It was just so freaking cool looking and the huge crossover was fabulous! All of the ladies Steampunk themed outfits look like they must have been insane to draw/color! I will always cheer for ASL being used, even if it’s just a different conversation bubble being used. Alice, Cinderella and Robyn made a fabulous team and I want to applaud the team for this two part comic. It was crazy and weird and so much happened in just a two issue special than the entire series of Outcast.  

What I liked most:  Robyn also hating foot massages, I related to that on a spiritual level. And by spiritual I mean physical because I too cannot handle them. 
What I disliked most:  That Snow White ended up being what everyone else thought she’d be like.
Favorite Quote:  Oh, Alice and I? We’re just gal pals.
Rating: 5 out of 5

Batgirl #50

Batgirl, Blue Bird, Spoiler, Frankie aka Operator and the one and only Black Canary were taking names and kicking ass against a bunch of Batgirl’s villains that were out to get her. My favorite thing about this issue was how much of a classic video game style it had to it. Blue Bird VS. Killer Moth, Spoiler VS. The Jawbreakers (and Blue Bird), Corporal Punishment VS. The Operator, Black Canary VS. Velvet Tiger and of course, Batgirl VS. The Fugue. This was a great never ending action sequence issue that I loved from beginning to end. It tied up everything really well for the run of Batgirl that I’ve been reading and I really appreciated it. Because you know my appreciation matters. 

What I liked most:  All of VS pages.
What I disliked most:  That scene, you know the one with the chair, that hurt. I’m still not over it.
Favorite Quote:  The chair recognizes Velvet Tiger.
Rating: 5  out of 5

Bonus: I read the comic to this fabulous 8tracks mix called Volcano Girls

My rankings for the week:

  1. Black Panther #1
  2. Batgirl #50
  3. Grimm Fairy Tales Steampunk #2 
  4. The Blacklist #8
  5. Black Widow #2
  6. Scarlet Witch #5

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