Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews Black Panther #2, Silk #8, Constantine the Hellblazer #12 and more!

Hi world, my name’s Mimi Schweid and here’s my reviews for Preacher (AMC Edition) #1,  Penny Dreadful #1, Gotham Academy #18, Silk #8, Constantine The Hellblazer #12 and Black Panther #2. Thank’s for reading! 

Constantine The Hellblazer #12

Preacher AMC Edition #1

Ask anyone that know’s me right now what new show I’m most excited for and most of them will say Preacher. I have a bunch of summer shows returning but this is one of my new babies. I’ve been meaning to read the comics since I started Constantine back in 2014 since I really enjoy Ennis’ run with Hellblazer. Anyways, this was a cool and worth waiting to read.

I just really love 80’s/90’s style Vertigo comics. Tulip is fabulous, Cassidy’s sass is hysterical and Jessie is going to chaotic. I was originally very apprehensive about the TV show but I’ve clearly become excited about it.

This was just a re-issue of the original Preacher comic but I feel like it’s necessary to talk about it.

What I liked most: 80’s art. Well, 1995 art that has the 80’s style I love
What I disliked most: The officer but I know we aren’t supposed to like him..

Favorite quote: Are you sure you’re allowed to use language like that? and This is like a night out with OJ Simpson!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Penny Dreadful #1

It’s so freaking pretty and it “feels” different. Better quality paper? I don’t know dear reader but it’s super pretty and high quality. 
While I’ve only seen season one I eagerly awaited this comic once Kat told me about it. This show is on another level of gore and beauty and the comic lives up to it. This was a fast paced start to the series and the amount of cover options excites me to no end. 
It’s a mini series, apparently a prequel to the show, so woohoo? I love how the writers from the show are apart of the comic like they are with The Blacklist. It just fills me with glee when that happens, Gives me hope that I can do the same in the future.
What I liked most:  The way the blood was done.

What I disliked most: That I didn’t know it was a prequel until I read about it on Comic Book Resources. 
Favorite Quote: I couldn’t find one to be honest, I was too busy enjoying the art. 
Rating: 4.5  out of 5

Gotham Academy #18

Gotham Academy’s Yearbook mini-series/arch has been fantastic. I’ve loved that it has been away for the GA team to get different writers and artists together to do little one-shots that all ended up fitting into one story. They filled in cute little gaps of ‘behind the scenes’ kind of stories. This run was one of those things I’m really happy came out. This wasn’t a five month long ‘filler’ arch, it gave me substance  each month and left me feeling happy. This run also made me wish some of the stories were longer but I understand why they were all little one shots. I applaud the team for pulling this off!

Gotham Academy is one of those series that I try to read as soon as possible just because it’s such a feel good comic for me. Even when it’s dramatic, I’m still left feeling happy.

What I liked most: Talent show!
What I disliked most:  Silverman, you’ll see what I mean eventually.

Favorite Quote:  ‘‘Avenge me!!” ‘‘No way.” 
Rating: 5 out of 5

Silk #8

First: Cindy Moon and Clint Barton need to become best friends ASAP.

Anyways, This is part of the Spider-Woman event that is reminding me how behind I am on Silk’s current series and making me feel guilty about not reading the rest of Jessica’s series even though I dropped it like a hot potato.

Okay, onto the plot. This continued the Spider-Gwen plot of Cindy and Gwen getting arrested by Mockingbird. Things get crazy and keep on going all kinds of side ways for our friends that aren’t friends, Gwen and Cindy. I love the ‘friendship’ these two have and I want to hug them both. I also want to give them ice cream and tell them it’s almost over and that they should end up okay soon enough. At least I hope it is going to end up okay for our gal Spider gal palls. 

Cindy is such a fun character and I’m disappointed I wasn’t reading things with her in it sooner.

Go read the issue, go read all of the issues so I can gush about it with more people.

What I liked most: Gwen & Stacy’s truck conversation.  
Favorite Quote: FUN FACT: I’m really great at making things worse. As evidenced by everything about today.
Rating: 5 out of 5

Constantine the Hellblazer #12

Well, first things first, this art is a total 180 from last months. It’s not that it wasn’t ‘good’ to me, it was just jarring. It did grow on me as the issue continued but the first few pages I wasn’t all that thrilled by it.
One thing I did love was the rather painful plot for Oliver. Last month ended with Oliver telling John his kids got kidnapped.  The original 1987 Hellblazer series had a plot point where a little girl named Astra was taken to Hell. This was due to one of John’s first major fuck up’s in the series,. That fuck up ends up being one of the key plot points for him as a character to grow from. This was a tiny plot in the NBC Constantine series and wasn’t mentioned in this version of the comics. In last month’s issue Oliver’s children experienced a similar thing to Astra. Surprise surprise, Oliver’s kids got taken to Hell while John wasn’t around. This issue has John trying to fix it and of course, it doesn’t go as well as he hoped.
Since this is a Constantine series, I am preparing myself for this to end in a ‘horrifically gory way”. You know as  the ‘To Be Concluded’ area of this issue states that’s how it will go. I can’t help but keep my fingers crossed that it will end gory but not 100% gory for John. I’m THRILLED that we got Boston Brand, Swamp Thing and Zatanna all together. Thanks for that boys and girls of DC to give me a tiny Justice League Dark team-up! I also appreciate that you already are writing them better in three whole pages than JLD ever did.
Side note time boys and girls! I am crossing my fingers that Ming and James write an issues of the new Hellblazer Rebirth series at some point. Oh and that the Rebirth doesn’t get rid of John’s open bisexuality. I also appreciate the fact the comic at least made it to 13 issues.

What I liked most: John blasting the demon chick and walking through the fire.

Favorite Quote: Constantine has a way of popping up like an unexpected dagger in the back. 
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Black Panther #2

100% yes to the Midnight Angel’s and all they stand for, 100% yes to the Lil character info page at the beginning, to the art, to this entire issue. It’s just so deep and makes me so happy that it exists right now. T’Challa deserves to be written this way for the rest of time. 

If you haven’t read last month issues, WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THIS? GO READ IT NOW AND BUY IT AND THIS ISSUE IN BULK! This issue was filled with fantastic T’Challa and cast moments that I hope will somehow happen in 2018’s Black Panther movie. I REALLY hope that Ta-Nehisis Coates continues to shine bright as a comic writer so Marvel will drag him into the movie script team.

What I liked most:  A tie between Zenzi and the Midnight Angel’s. 
What I disliked most: Not enough Zenzi???
Favorite Quote: This is the truth of what I believe. The truth of what I feel, whenever I hear my name. I have lost my way. My very soul. . Get back, I must see beyond myself, beyond my deepest truths. To get back, I must see things not as I feel them to be but as they are. 
Rating: 5 out of 5

My Rankings for the week

  1. Black Panther #2
  2. Constantine #12
  3. Silk #8
  4. Preacher AMC Edition #1
  5. Gotham Academy #18
  6. Penny Dreadful #1

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