Introducing Bravocube!!!!

Introducing Bravocube!
By: Bravocube

Hello, everyone! My name is Bravocube but you can all call me Bravo or Cube for short if you would like! I’m known around the internet as of late for my fanfictions, especially the angsty pain causing ones, some of my original characters, and my reviews and thoughts on things on WordPress. I’ve been doing that for awhile but after being introduced to this website, I decided that I wanted to branch out some more and share my thoughts and stories with even more people!

First off and most importantly, I am actually a huge anime fan! I haven’t seen a lot of the hugely popular ones just yet but I have seen over 200 different anime’s and that list of things I’ve seen just get’s longer as time goes by. Some of my favorites just to name a few are Sengoku Basara, Madoka Magica, Amnesia, Serial Experiments Lain, Hetalia and Death Note! I like pretty much all genres of anime as well since great shows have come out of all the genres! Anime will be most if not all you see from me here!

While anime is my specialty and what I do most of the time, I’m also really into  Marvel  movies and like  Marvel  a lot as a whole. I haven’t seen many comics since I always had a hard time finding them much to my dismay, but I have seen all the  Marvel  movies and plenty of the X-Men cartoons since X-Men is my favorite  Marvel  related franchise! I am also pretty fond of a lesser known series from  Marvel  called the Power Pack! It’s the one drawn by Gurihiru and not the one from the 80’s though! I got it as a gift from a friend and it was actually the first  Marvel -related gift I have ever been given! I recently got into DC as well and am quite fond of Superman from what I’ve seen!

The thing that’s really close to my heart though is definitely TMNT. I got my first TMNT DVD at Blockbuster when I was about 7 and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I’ve seen all the movies and all the cartoons and shows that have come out for it. My favorite and the one I grew up on though was the 2003 series and my favorite turtle has always been Donatello!

I really look forward to writing here and hope you all enjoy my posts!I will also probably write more, so you’ll see more of that from me as well! Hopefully, you also enjoy that just as much as I do writing it!  This is a new experience for me, but I’m very excited to start and shall see you all again on Friday for my first regular post on here!

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  1. Welcome aboard, Bravo! Great introduction! Looking forward to your writing here on Frontline.

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