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Kat ComicUno is on a You Tube  Hiatus (everyone needs to regroup and refresh in Bermuda, Bahama…) this week so there wasn’t an episode of ComicUno and a few indivividual reviews from her, well fret not! Kat (through the power of Social Media) has been giving Mini Reviews all week! Well we gathered those reviews so you can see what she thought about the books!

A-Force #6
This is the second issue for the new creative team of A-Force and even though I liked their first issue I wasn’t a fan of this one. I didn’t like Nico being controlled by the villain. Even though there were some good moments between the team I don’t think it was worth buying this issue.

Spider-Man 2099 #11
In this issue of Spider-Man 2099 Miguel fights his own version of the Sinister Six and meets some familiar faces in this weird future. 
I felt this issue of Spider-Man 2099 was a bit forgettable. It was interesting to see the Sinister Six, but there wasn’t a huge hook for me to want to pick up the next issue.

Control #1
Control is a new mini series from Dynamaite, and since Dynamite has been on a roll lately with Vampirella and Miss Fury I decided to try this issue out. Control is a detective story written by Andy Diggle. A female detective loses her partner in the middle of case and now it’s her job to solver the case with the rest of her police department. 

Sadly the comic never hooked me. It felt like a generic mystery book. The artwork was too gritty for my liking and I felt like body proportions were off in some panels. Overall I think this is a series you can skip.

Spider Woman #8
This is the first issue in awhile that wasn’t connected to the Spider Women crossover. So I was interested to see how Dennis Hopeless would go back to basics. This issue does just that in a Jessica Drew type of way. Jessica returns to her world and has to fight a shark monster in the streets on New York. This is an average day for Jessica and then she returns to her son at home.
This was a bit of a filler issue, but still enjoyable. It was nice to see the series slow down it’s pace right after the crossover. I was a little bored with the shark villain, but I liked the situations Jessica went into because of it.

I love the artwork for this series and we get to see some unique scenes. Like Jessica jumping into the sewage and we follow Jessica under water as she fights all of these underwater creatures. This is not a must read comic and a filler most likely because of Civil War 2, but still an enjoyable read.

The Amazing Spider-Man #13
This issue is another Iron Man and Spider-Man/ superhero fight. The story also explores more about Regent and some of Peter’s supporting cast like Betty, Harry, and MJ.
Sadly this feels like a filler issue, even though it has some interesting interactions I don’t think this was enough to say that this issue is a must buy. I liked that we got to see some of Peter’s old supporting cast and what they have been up to in the past few years. It was great that they all figured out the identity of Regent in the time period of a lunch with each other.

But the Spider-Man and Iron Man scenes felt a bit repetitive from the events that happened last issue. Although I did like Miles playing monkey in the middle.

Camuncoli is still not my favorite artist on the title, but I do like his style for Iron Man and Spider-Man’s costume. Even though Miles’ costume was a bit inconsistent with the lines on his costume.

I like that The Amazing Spider-Man is going back to basics, but I hope to see the series progress it’s story soon.

Miss Fury #3
I have been pleasantly surprised with Miss Fury. I’ve never read the character before, but this series got me interested in learning more about her. This issue was another interesting addition for Miss Fury. We
dig deeper into her origin story as her past catches up with her in the present.

The artwork is a bit more detailed for the flashbacks, but I still like the art style for the present. I just feel that the art style has very thin lines. My only real negative towards the issue is the ending because it felt very abrupt. A few monsters attack her and then it just ends. This felt more like a scene that should have been in the middle of the issue. It’s a good thing that I wanted more, but I think the format of the story could have been better.

All New Wolverine #9
In this issue Laura tries to save Old Man Logan from a giant dragon. Tom Taylor makes this a very entertaining issue. We see some great action as Laura goes into the stomach of a dragon to save Old Man Logan and I love Gaby as the new supporting cast member of this series.

This is a Road to Civil War 2 issue, so we do have appearances from Iron Man and Captain Marvel. This was nice to see, but I don’t think this had to be a Civil War 2 tie-in.

The artwork was also solid. I like Takara’s bold line work and somewhat exaggerated facial expressions. Overall Tom Taylor makes this a fun issue even though it does seem somewhat filler to the overall Civil War 2 story arc.

All New All Different Avengers #10
This is the first issue of a new arc for All New All Different Avengers. The Avengers go on a mission to help Sam find his father. I liked the character interactions in this issue, but still not totally impresses with All New All Different Avengers. For a flagship book I feel like more should be happening in the series, and even though the team chemistry has improved it’s still not worth the slow plot progression.

My favorite part of this issue was between All New Wasp and Janet Van Dyne. This was the shortest scene in the book, but I am very interested to see where this dynamic will be going in the future.

The artwork still feels average for a flagship book and that’s a disappointment. Overall I think the series is improving, but still not where it should be.

Invincible Iron Man #10
I loved Invincible Iron Man when the series first launched, but I haven’t been loving the series as of late. One major reason being the change in artwork. Deodato has a much darker art style, which I don’t think fits for this book.

In this issue Iron Man is undercover in Japan where most of the Marvel universe thinks he’s dead. Rhodey recruits the All New All Different Avengers for a rescue mission. The other half of the issue focuses on Mary Jane and her reluctance to return to work with Tony Stark. This is a slow issue, and I feel like it’s been awhile since Invincible Iron Man has actually progressed the story. Tony Stark’s limbo with death has been going on for too many issues and the story doesn’t really hold my interest. Mary Jane was my favorite aspect of this issue, but even her story is pretty dull.

This story feels very disconnected to other things happening in the universe. Tony is an active member of the Avengers in All New, All Different Avengers and started a war with Carol this week. These events make this “death” of Tony Stark unbelievable. This story should have been told months before Civil War because so far I don’t see how this is a road to Civil War 2 book.

Sadly this issue of Invincible Iron Man is not worth picking up. It doesn’t progress the story that much and feels disconnected to the rest of the  Marvel universe.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 #11
Injustice Gods Among Us is a hard comic to review for me. I always have fun reading the series because of the great character interactions, but it’s hard to keep the series in my pull list because the plot can never progress. It has limitations because of its ties to the video game.

This issue is Harley Quinn centric. Harley is one of the main reasons I still read this book, and this issue proved her greatness in this universe. The comic opens up with her talking to an unshown therapist. Later in the scene it’s revealed to be a Harley Quinzel posterboard. I loved this scene, and it made the comic for me. Harley psychoanalyzing herself was brilliant!

The rest of the issue also had some great character beats. Harley’s interaction with her best friend, Shazy, and Flash’s interaction with the Rogues were very well done. The only slow part of the issue for me was he actual Superman scenes. These have become boring and predictable because we have been reading Superman and Batman’s war between each other for years. Injustice Gods Among Us works best when it’s focusing on other characters.

The artwork is also another plus for this series. It’s really detailed, especially in Harley Quinn’s scenes. Her expressions on her face are perfect, and the artist is able to hit every joke with his paneling work.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 #11 is a solid issue. If you are a Harley Quinn fan then I think this issue is worth reading.

Satellite Falling #2 Mini Review
Satellite Falling is a mini series from IDW. Last month I was pleasantly surprised with issue 1 and interested to pick up issue 2.

The first issue let you know more about the main character, which is what originally hooked me to the series. With issue 2 the opening is more action oriented, but goes back to the character building by the end of the issue.

I like the art style for the book. The art shows emotion through characters’ eyes, and has some unique character designs for the aliens.

Overall, this was a pretty decent issue 2 for the mini series. It gave enough for me to want to pick up the third issue.

Paper Girls #6 Mini Review
Papers Girls has been on a bit of a hiatus, but I am glad to see the series back. Before the break the series left us on a cliffhanger where Erin meets her 40-year- old self in 2016. This issue is about the aftermath of this event and 40-year- old Erin teaming up with the girls to find KJ.

Let me start off this review by saying I am so happy that Paper Girls is back. It has quickly become one of my favorite comic books to read every month, and this issue reminded me why I love the series so much. The highlight of the issue for me was the comparison of technology from the 1980’s to the present. The issue opens up with Erin circa 2016 talking to her sister on her iPhone, grabbing her earphones right before she meets her past self. This was a great opener because it introduces us to the personality of future Erin and shows how technology has grown. Talking in the car with your iPhone headset is something that comes so natural to us, but this issue shows the culture shock that the girls go through as they visit the future, which is our present.

As always the artwork for this series is beautiful. The art is just as detailed with technology as the writing. It pays extra attention to viewable icons on Erin’s phone and gives an HD look for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when the girls turn on Erin’s TV.

Paper Girls #6 was a wonderful way to start a new arc for this series. It has emotional beats between Erin 2016 and Erin 1980’s, and the exploration of technology makes for very interesting interaction with the other girls.

Bloodlines #3 Mini Review
Bloodlines has been a pretty under the radar mini series from DC Comics. It’s not a mind-blowing series, but I feel like it’s an interesting book to read every month.

Issue 3 explores more about our main characters’ powers. The ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend connect with each other through their powers and you see three high schoolers also connect because of their powers.

Just like the other issues Bloodlines #3 is a fun read. I enjoy learning more about these characters and how they deal with their newfound abilities. Yes, this is something we have seen before, but for me it doesn’t get old. It’s also an added plus that we learn more about the source of their powers with this issue.

The artwork is the weakest part of the series for me, but it’s not bad artwork. It’s just a bit more stylized, very similar to how Brett Booth does his art style.

This issue is worth the read. You learn more about the characters and the story’s mythology. If you have room on your pull list for this type of series I recommend you give it a try.

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