Mimi’s Rapid Fire Reviews for Green Arrow #1, Lucifer #7, Vote Loki #1, X-Men #1 and More!

I Hate Fairyland/Fuck Fairyland issue 6

Hi world, my names Mimi and here’s my reviews for Green Arrow #1, Lucifer #7, Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #7, Spider-Gwen #9, Fuck Fairyland #6, Black Widow #4, Civil War 2 issue 2, Astonishing Ant-Man #9 and Vote Loki #1!

Green Arrow #1

Hey, hey Green Arrow team, thank’s again for making me really happy with my purchase. Thank’s for balancing Ollie’s wit and self doubt really well and giving me another ”oh damn” ending. I’m happy that this issue brought in Ollie’s new sister and that ending plot twist was good. And by ending plot twist I mean the last page, not the business one, I had a feeling it’d be something like that for drama’s sake.
I’m so in love with the art for this series and hope that the Batgirl series shows Dinah’s Canary Cry the same way because IT’S JUST SO PRETTY. I’m just so happy with how they are showing me my babies. This is going to be one of those series that I know I’ll love whatever issue Dinah is in but I feel like unlike the previous Green Arrow series, I’ll still keep reading the comics even when Dinah isn’t in them. Only time will tell though!
  • What I liked most: Emi fan-girling over Dinah. Girl, I would too.
  • What I disliked most:  The villain reveal.
  • Rating:  5 out of 5
  • Favorite quote:  

”Hey Pretty Bird.”

Lucifer #7

For the past seven months I have been eagerly reading the current Lucifer comics while I try my best to buy the old run that’s in 30ish dollar trade paper backs. Holly is one of those writers I have a special place in my heart for so it’s no true shock that I enjoy the writing in this series.

This Lucifer series isn’t exactly new reader friendly but if you’ve watched the show, you know Lucifer (I mean, everyone kind of know’s Lucifer) and you know Mazikeen, he’s badass lady half. In this series, she’s the ruler of Hell and looks just as fantastic on the printed page as she does on the TV show. This issue in specific had more Maz than we’ve had in awhile and that made me really happy.

Lucifer’s dealing with the death of God, I like how he’s handling it and I can’t wait to see how things go when Gabriel comes back and the other angels of Heaven to be like ”Surprise. He’s kind of inside a chair?” 

  • What I liked most: Maz and Izanami-No-Mikoto’s conversation. 
  • What I disliked most:  Kind of predicted that last page coming.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Favorite quote:  

Kill it. Kill it slowly. 

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #7

Things I didn’t know I needed in life until I got them, by Mimi Schweid
  1. Luke Cage reading his own freaking comic.
  2. Patsy Walker doing book signings.
  3. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage being an adorable family in front of Patsy.
This comic is one of my favorite comics I read every month because it’s a light burst of fun in my life. Patsy is just so freaking cute. Not only is Patsy cute but everyone in her series has fun quirks that make them enjoyable. I love how the writers drop little bombs about Patsy’s past than tell you what to read so you can really enjoy what’s being referenced. Another thing I love about this series and this issue is how genuine the friendships are, they all ”feel” real and that makes me happy to see it every month. The development for all of the characters always works so bravo team Patsy Walker, keep up the fantastic work!
The Jessica and Patsy team up has been worth the wait and I’m really freaking happy it’s gone on the way it has. I hope Jessica and Luke pop up more in the future along with Danny. If you aren’t reading this series for do it already ASAP because a trade paperback has to exist by now. 

  • What I liked most: The Jessica & Patsy team up!
  • What I disliked most:  It ended?
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Favorite quote:  

”Oh my gosh. Look at this grade A family of cuties up in my face. Hi!” 

I Hate Fairyland #6

I missed this fucked up series so much. It’s so beautifully wrong and weird. I missed Gertrude and her ”fuck it all” attitude. It’s just such a brightly colored comic filled with such dirty and dark humor that I really appreciate. 

Issue six was worth the wait, so thank’s for that Scottie Young and Co! I can’t wait to see what happens next month and during the next arch! This series kind of makes me feel like a twisted version of Candy Land with Monty Python style weird humor. It’s one hell of a black comedy, TOTALLY NOT FOR CHILDREN, and just right up my alley. I’m really happy this series is back for more! Long Live Fairyland! 

  • What I liked most: Gert’s projection!
  • What I disliked most: Oh my god the pee bottles but only because, ew.  
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Favorite quote: 

 “Some things can only be cleansed with FIRE!” 

Spider-Gwen #9

FRANK IS BACK AND CAUSING SOME SHIT. Okay, he’s not causing as much chaos as he does in Daredevil season 2 or in his own series, but his presence is still seriously throwing Gwen off. He did however cause a pretty badass monologue moment for the girl we all wish we were best friends with at some point or another, Gwen freaking Stacy.

I’m really happy that Gwen was still dealing with the event’s of the Spider-Woman cross over that’s been going on for the past couple months. It just was really nice to see it being brought up. LOVE poor old Ben newspaper drama, sucks o be Ben, poor guy. Also love Gwen’s new place even though I’m worried about my girl. I’m happy she went out with her friends, she needed that. Over all, I did like this issue and I’m excited for next month!

  • What I liked most: Gwen’s monologues, baby girl’s been through A LOT.
  • What I disliked most:  Kinda open ending?
  • Rating:  3.5 out of 5
  • Favorite quote:  

You came looking for me? Well, here I am. I’m not afraid of YOU! I’m not going anywhere.

Civil War 2 issue 2


Damn Tony, back at it again, being a lovable asshole! Like I get what you are doing but fuck you.
Damn Carol, back it again, making me like you more in this than in The Ultimates that I kind of dropped and didn’t mean to but I DIGRESS.  
Thanks Civil War 2 team for giving my boy Clint some page time!
This comic is showing Tony’s side really well and I can’t wait to see more of Carol’s side for things. 
While I’m still a lil ”Wait what?” as to why the whole event had to happen and why I’m not going to be reading so freaking much Marvel and DC stuff for awhile because these two have to compete really hard right now for no good reason, I DID enjoy what I read. I’m happy it makes me sympathize with all parties as of now. Only time will tell to see where I go with this Civil War 2 comic series. Go check it out for the artwork alone people!
Tony did such a good job as establishing himself as a major jackass this issue. I get WHY he kidnapped Ulysses but man, you just declared war. YOU ARE TOTALLY GOING TO PISS OFF THE X-MEN TOO TONY. THINK ABOUT YOUR CHOICES! 

  • What I liked most: THE ART, IT WAS SO PRETTY!
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Favorite quote:  

And I’m actually SHOCKED that it wasn’t you, Clint.

 Astonishing Ant-Man #9

Oh Scott, you little shit. Pun intended. This issue felt like a lovely little new reader friendly “oh yeah we’re back” comic. It also made me realize I need more interactions of Scott and Clint together in the movies and comics. 

Anyways, WE GOT TO SEE CASSIE KICK SOME ASSISTANCE! And Scott try to pull an Oceans Eleven and kinda fail miserably. We also got to see more of Scott and his rag tag team be, well, a rag tag team. Over all, I really liked this issue. It was as fresh as this series can be and made me laugh a lot out loud over Scott’s puns. You punny little bastard.
  • What I liked most: CASSIE!

  • What I disliked most: THE ENDING WAS ANTI-CLIMACTIC

  • Rating:  5 out of 5

  • Favorite quote:  

“Step 11 Guards wonder why birds keep pooping on the cameras.” 

Vote Loki #1

I have to say, I was very skeptical about this comic. I’m not a huge Loki fangirl so it wasn’t a comic on my pill list that I needed to buy so I stood and read it inside Forbidden Planet. 

Anyways, basically  Loki makes an off handed comment after stopping some HYDRA goons at a political rally and the media loses there shit. Which I mean to be honest I’d rather have Loki as president instead of Trump. It’s a issue, I don’t know how often I’ll read this series but I feel like I’ll enjoy it every time I do. 

  • What I liked most: GIRL LOKI. LOST IT AT THAT.
  • What I disliked most:  HYDRA even though they were only in it for one scene. 
  • Rating:  4.5 out of 5
  • Favorite quote:  

”Okay okay, you got it. Not moving, don’t shoot. Not that it’d do any good but I’ll be good.” 

X-Men #1  Civil War 2

Woohoo new reader friendly comic that as long as you’ve seen some of the X-Men movies from 2000
up until now, you know the characters!

Anyways,  Magneto has some shit to deal with, that ”shit” I’m speaking of is the Terrigen Mist that’s crippling Mutant’s so my justified man (who I know has done A LOT OF BAD THINGS BUT I STILL SYMPATHIZE WITH) is trying to get together other Mutuant’s to keep safe from the Terrigen Mist. The InHumans and Mututant’s are going to have some major show down during this 4 part story and I’m really pumped for it.

The only other X-Men comic I’ve been reading has been X-23’S All New Wolverine series but I’m curious to see where this will go.

  • What I liked most: That Scottie Young variant cover.
  • What I disliked most:  Um the fact it wasn’t Chibi, it would’ve been adorable fight scenes.
  • Rating: 4.5  out of 5

  • Favorite quote:  

”So, Magneto’s mad at us? Oh, man. He’s not gonna start chucking asteroids at the Earth again is he? I know, I know. He never really did that. But it sounds like something he might do.” 

My Rankings for the week

  1. Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #7
  2. Civil War 2 Issue 2
  3. Lucifer #7
  4. Green Arrow #1
  5. I Hate Fairyland #6
  6.  Astonishing Ant-Man #9 
  7. Spider Gwen #9
  8. X-Men #1 Civil War 2
  9. Vote Loki #1!

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