Bravocube Anime Review: Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 12 Season Finale Review & ME!ME!ME! Analysis!

Bravocube Anime Review: Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 12 Season Finale Review
By: Bravocube
Ahhhhhh! I’m so sad this show is ending! I have to wait until October to see it again now and after an episode and season finale like this!? That is a long wait! Way longer then it actually is! This was so amazing and you all need to hear about it, immediately. So let’s just jump right into the amazing and bad ass Season finale of Bungou Stray Dogs

The episode starts off on a lighter note then expected for a finale. Atsushi wakes up with Kyouka in his room and it turns out they have limited space so she’s pretty much his roomate now. This is really cute since I love when Kyouka and Atsushi are together. Not as a romantic couple or anything, but as friends they are probably one of the cutest anime friendships I’ve ever seen. Atsushi is like an older brother to Kyouka and it’s amazing. This will definitely open up some comedic possibilities next season and some more cute scenes of course! 
There was also Dazai suckering Atsushi into the whole thing which was hilarious. So technically, this has already opened up some comedic possibilities even though it’s only the first few minutes in. When Dazai changed facial expression like 3 times as he turned in the chair I laughed really hard as well. The last moment of episode 11 was a big ol screw you but he makes up for it by being well…himself. 
That’s when the episode starts to take a more serious tone and becomes awesome. We get introduced to the leader of a secret society named The Guild. As it turns out they were the ones that instigated a lot of the attacks on Atsushi by putting out a bounty on his head. They are yet another organization of people with abilities, and speak of the devil they show up….BY LANDING THEIR HELICOPTER RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD

The moment you see them, you already dislike them. The leader is incredibly snobby and even the music change when he shows up proves it. He is pretty much that bastard who gets away with everything by paying people off and acting charming. He is a rich snob and now that I hear his voice better it isn’t very similar to Dazai at all. It is annoying and at least to me,very hard to listen to. He has pretty much ruined the term old sport for me on top of that and I’m not even lying. 

He even tries to buy off Fukuzawa and persuade him to sell out by giving away his permit but he refuses. I clapped at that part. Fukuzawa was great in this scene. Even though he has a stern exterior I really appreciate him as a character. I can see that he cares for the other characters in his agency on more then just a business level. He clearly has a lot of integrity an what he did just reassures the whole family dynamic the Armed Detective Agency has and I love it. Like most money obsessed tyrants of course, he promises he’ll make him pay for that decision. 

And then Kenji disappears out of thin air on the elevator ride down.

Now I know I said I found him annoying but honestly? He’s tolerable compared to Francis and the little brat he brought with him. Who do I mean? Oh, we’ll be getting to that in a bit. Kenji still disappears out of thin air though leaving just his hat. They also send a message…or rather threat to the armed detective agency by making an entire 7 story building disappear out of thin air overnight. 

This naturally puts the agency in high alert and the Detective Agency members travel in groups. Atsushi goes with Junichirou and Naomi. I loved seeing them again, they really are adorable siblings but that moment of happiness ended when Naomi abruptly disappeared out of nowhere as well. The next thing they know they are all in the little world of Lucy.

I want to strangle Lucy by the way. 

Her ability is called Anne of Abyssal Red and it is the most overpowered thing I’ve ever seen. I was worried about the OC I made being overpowered but you know what? Screw it. I have nothing to worry about. This ability can suck an infinite amount of people in this weird sub dimension goth/steampunk/I don’t even know, world. It can also freeze time in whatever area it manifests and she has a big ass doll that moves fast, is super strong and just well…pretty much the most powerful thing ever.

We also get introduced to a doctor character who is looking for what seems to be his daughter.This daughter is the little blond girl we saw in episode 11 I called a psychopath in the making. Needless to say it piqued my interest. Lucy basically makes the people that didn’t ruin away in terror which are Junichirou, Atsushi and the doctor character play tag. If they can get the key to the door before Anne can catch them they can have their friends and win the game. 

I expected the doll to be pretty slow. My idea was big doll=lower speed but I was wrong. Junichirou got caught in pretty much the first millisecond of the game starting. I noticed around here that Lucy has braces. I don’t mind braces a lot and it was an interesting design choice, but for her it honestly just made her look more obnoxious then she already was. This entire fight however was amazing. I was pretty much glued to the screen and wanted to see every part. 

Lucy tries to manipulate him psychologically and admits her jealously in a way very reminiscent of the temper tantrum Akutagawa threw in episode 10. It turns out Lucy also cheated and this almost breaks Atsushi and makes him give up.  The doctor gives him some encouragement however and Atsushi gets back up and into the fight. Lucy being the little annoying brat summons a 2nd Anne and he gets captured thanks to her cheating. The doctor manages to freeze her up and even the doll. His ability might be to make people freeze in fear which is pretty cool! 

It turns out Junichirou used his ability to make a fake door and as Atsushi was getting dragged he wrapped a ribbon around Lucy’s waist. He threatens to drag them both in and Lucy panics because if she gets dragged in she will essentially be locked away forever by her own ability. Being the little brat she is of course she still says she refuses to fail, and Atsushi lets go and Lucy shows her true colors, a scared little pathetic child and lets everyone go. 

I feel… conflict. I don’t like Lucy but do feel slightly bad for her because of what she went through. I also felt slightly bad when Atsushi tried to comfort her and she ran away in tears because she failed. Still though the part of me that imagines her just going “WAHHHH YOU BEAT ME UP! IM TELLING MY MOOOOM” and being a general brat overrides that. I know she wouldn’t say that exactly but I still wanna punt her against every wall in my house. 

On to better and less annoying characters, the doctor who we figure out is named Mori finds Elise, the little girl he was looking for. She’s bizarrely calm about the whole kidnapping thing. I know both Mori and Elise are psychotic but as we can see here Elise takes after her Dad and watching them interact was cute. It was almost like Mori was all “Who’s my cute like psycho! You are my little angel!” It reminded me of the Addams Family to a degree, which is probably why I like how psychotic these two are. 

The problems for the detective agency are solved except for one thing. Kyouka who was fine before has suddenly slid down to the floor and seems to be having a panic attack. This might have something to do with Mori’s ability and I honestly can only guess what’s going on and my guess is because he was a tormentor of hers in the port mafia. 

Yup. That’s right. It is revealed that Mori is the leader of the Port Mafia and an ex doctor. They are ready for a fight against whoever gets in their way and Chuuya makes a brief appearance again! Yay!

Then the episode ends which made me scream at the computer. This was a plot twist I did not see coming and I am very excited to see what happens next. We’ll probably get more character development of everyone else and I do know some stuff that happens with Chuuya in later installments of the manga. There is a lot of amazing stuff coming and the anime sets us up for chomping at the bit for it very well. 

There is going to be some badass fight scenes for sure. It’ll be The Detective Agency vs The Port Mafia vs The Guild and that is absolutely EPIC. This also shows us that the Port Mafia may not be as bad as we originally thought. True, they’ve done a lot of terrible things but compared to the The Guild? I’m of the opinion now that The Guild is definitely worse and I honestly don’t care that The Port Mafia just killed one of The Guild members at all. If he was anything like Francis or Lucy I would have wanted him dead anyway. So thank you Port Mafia for sparing me another annoying character. 

The Series Overall: 

Overall I am giving this series a 4.9 out of 5. This show was almost PERFECT. The characters were awesome, the art was beautiful, the plot kept my interest and went at a good pace and the music was not only good but very unique especially the background tracks throughout the show. There were a few minor hiccups in this show but nothing very big or bothersome at all and I highly recommend watching it. I love this show so much I’ll probably wind up buying merchandise for it, which isn’t something I  normally do at all with many shows. This is a very good and unique Anime and I will be chomping at the bit for season 2.

A Few Last Thing before I leave you until my next post though! I heard rumors of an OVA coming out and if I see that, I will review it the moment I can find it. Though my Comic Frontline followers are probably wondering what I’ll be posting up here on Friday now that Bungou Stray Dogs has ended. 

What will happen is I’ll write a review for another Spring 2016 show on Friday and then after that I’ll start up again with another show on whatever date depending on when the show starts.
I’ve decided I’ll only be analyzing two summer shows ep by ep even though I’m watching way more. Just watching the show is one thing but writing 3 posts each week might be a bit much for me, so I decided I’d only do that with 2. The two I’ve decided to do the weekly posts on are D Grey Man Hallow and Shokugeki No Soma Season 2
If D Grey Man does come out on July 5th, the post about the latest episode will show up on Friday. As for Shokugeki No Soma, those will come out on Tuesdays assuming that the show starts on July 2nd. The date of my post all depends on their release dates and if that is when they come out, that’s how it shall go. 
I have also started uploading YouTube Videos for those of you who don’t know. I now use my voice in videos and appeared on Anime Weekly last night as well! My most recent post there was an analysis of a meme some of you may know called ME!ME!ME! You can all check it out! 

Until then I bid you all adieu!
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