J-Pop Summit 2016 Announces Virtual Travel To Japan!

 The San Francisco Bay Area’s Premiere Japanese Pop Culture Event
Introduces A “Virtual Trip to Japan” Featuring Pop-Up Experiences
J-POP SUMMIT 2016, one of the world’s biggest Japanese pop culture events, has announced an expandedTravel Pavilion featuring “JAPANKURU’s VIRTUAL TRIP” an-only-at-J-Pop-experience. Guests can dive deep into Japanese culture and “visit” threeZones featuring interactive experiences showcasing what makes Japan a travelers’ delight, fusing the past, present and future. More details are available at JapanKuru Virtual Trip.

During J-POP SUMMIT, visitors can immerse themselves into this virtual world in the Travel Pavilion, with featured experiences including:

(1) ZONE TOKYO: Visit pop-up versions of Edo-Tokyo MuseumCity of Tokyo, and Tokyo Daijingu Shinto Shrine. Drop by Nippon Travel Agency (NTA America) and staff will assist you with planning the most cost effective and exciting trips to Tokyo.

Edo-Tokyo Museum: Come and learn the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo and envision the city and life of the future.

Tokyo Daijingu Shinto Shrine: Come experience the virtual “Tokyo Daijingu,” one of

the major Shinto shrines in Tokyo. Don’t forget to pray for good fortune in the “Shrine!”

City of Tokyo: Take a survey, receive goodies, and join ​the ​calligraphy workshop!

NTA America: NTA offers the most affordable and attractive trips to Tokyo.

(2) ZONE STATION: Take a Virtual Rail Trip. The Station Zone features a miniature railway as well as a Virtual Train Trip with six “stops”:

Shinkansen Station: Meet our proud “Shinkansen,” the Japanese bullet train that runs at 190mph. Check out the miniature railway “Plarail (Play Rail),” too!​

Otaku Station: “Otaku,” is the symbol of enthusiastic Japanese anime/manga culture. Come check out figures from “Kotobukiya” in Akihabara and join Akihabara-style chopsticks game.

Kawaii Station: Harajuku is the world-renown mecca of “kawaii (cute)” culture. Enjoy dressing up in colorful and fancy outfits!

Chichchibu Station: The heart of Japans’ classic landscape, history and culture, and where premium sake and whiskey are produced.


Hotel Station: Visit Pop-Up Japanese Inns (Ryokan) and the tiny “Capsule Hotel.”

Onsen Station: Virtually visit Japan’s celebrated hot spring baths.

Robots Station: A peek at the famous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku which features exciting live music, dances and an extravagant neon light show.

JAPANKURU Station: Guests can check out the stories and favorite things to see and do while they plan their “real time” travel to Japan.

(3) ZONE STAGE: Watch a wide variety of stage performances including a traditional tea ceremonycosplay contest, chopstick challenge, and the traditional sacred dance. For the schedule of stage programs, please visit J-Pop Japankuru Virtual Trip.

JAPANKURU’s VIRTUAL TRIP is held at the J-POP SUMMIT on Saturday and Sunday, July 23rd and 24th from 11am – 5pm at Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion, located at 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123.
This year, J-POP SUMMIT attendees will be able to experience a vibrant 2-Day celebration of Japanese pop-influenced culture including edgy fashion events, pop art exhibits, live music, a technology summit and display, and interactive activates, accented by ramen vendors, sake-tasting, and additional attractions also highlighted by celebrity Guests of Honor. Full details on 2016 J-POP SUMMIT are available at: J-POP.
A variety of affordable ticket options and V.I.P packages will give J-POP SUMMIT attendees the maximum amount of flexibility to customize a memorable festival experience. Adult single-day passes start at only $25.00 each; 2-day passes start at only $40.00 each. Ticket details are available at J-POP Tickets.
JAPANKURU provides the latest and deepest travel content on Japan via their multilingual online platforms which highlight the charm of Japan through first-hand experiences shared by travelers of different nationalities and perspectives. Official website: JapanKuru

J-POP SUMMIT is one of the world’s biggest Japanese pop culture events, held every summer in San Francisco, CA. By introducing the latest in Japanese music, fashion, film, art, games, tech-innovations, anime, food, as well as niche subcultures, the festival has become a landing platform for new trends from Japan.
Please visite the  official website: J-Pop
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All images images are courtesy of J-Pop

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